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  1. Only two! Plenty of directors out there with multiple businesses to the loan for every entity they had.
  2. 5% mortgages should not make a difference. If I put down 5% of the average house price in my immediate local area, £25,600 and the loan fell into the category of max. 4.5 earnings after regular expenditure, then I would need to be earning in excess of £111,888 a year. This is in an area where the average wage is around 30k. So looking at the cheapest 2 bed terrace in the nearest city, circa £170k, £8,500 deposit you would need an income of over 36k, let me tell you there ain't many of those job round here. Couples in well paid jobs can enter the market, but the numbers that
  3. ok, well average price in my postcode last 12months 530k, average wage circa 30k. suppose if ownership is only just out of reach, it is far more frustrating than being not even being able to afford a plot.
  4. the funniest thing about this thread is the seemingly normal prices being mentioned, 200k and under... and you think you're in a tough market!
  5. The Eastern Europeans who don't have the right to stay and work should start leaving over the next couple on months.
  6. see boomin.com Call the top with this mainstream advertising.
  7. East of England £407,400 Up to only 13 times average local wages
  8. Yeah, heard same round here, rock up at the local surgery and you will get offered it, regardless of age etc. Guess the financial incentives are quite good, just get them in and out.
  9. Yeah the STC are everywhere, many won't be completing.
  10. It has started, hearing about sales collapsing in every day conversations. Complete guesses... Stock market will go in the next few weeks. Cryptos will go at the same time. Gold price will be under 1500.
  11. if £50 a week is a problem, then the problem is not the SVR.
  12. surely if you get a judgment you just go for a charging order on the asset.
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