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  1. That is the failure of not being in the system, opposed to it not delivering.
  2. This employer is taking the piss, the money is paid in less than 7 days after the claim is submitted
  3. my TV has always worked fine without one.
  4. As I understand it the accountant suggests, that a different business that might be better to lease space to another entity, thus reducing the rate-able value. Another business then is registered to pay rates, but gets small business rate relief.
  5. If they are registered to pay rates and claim small business relief, essentially paying nothing, then qualify for 10k. I could give a couple of examples that I know of that got 10k, one running part time business from home(catalogue rep). Another has a lock up and an is essentially just storage. Both instances council got in touch and said claim your 10k just by filling in a form. Its a give away, there are winners and loses.
  6. Nearly every employment contract I have had stated you are not to moonlight, or at least inform employer. Of course the government scheme allows you to work other employment, can't penalise those who have more than one employment should a individual only get furlough for one of their jobs. The scheme is easily abused, but realistically if your abusing to gain rather than survive the stupidity is on the employer, if you can trade at the moment, business is great as the competition has shut up shop in many sectors. The whole thing is a scam still, the issues are all knee jerk reac
  7. That's right it only the nurses who need housing and those poor care workers, last time I looked nurses pay and conditions looked far better than average incomes in many parts of the country.
  8. and then there comes the twist that its a rebate against PAYE, leaving a short fall in cash flow, it would be not popular of course and would be changed due to pressure. That aside, a system delivered by HMRC, I doubt that it will be on time, work as intended, delays and interim payments are they most likely route from here. As soon as the UK government announced these measures I was "we need to plan to survive", not just rely on these handouts. Small to medium businesses are borrowing half a million upwards, of course its mad not to take the interest free period. At the same ti
  9. 0.1% of estimated cases, or hospitalised.? The 2-3% is people who die with signs on the virus tested, not the cause of death. Note the media are now trying to combine deaths in Italy and France And Spain combined to give a bigger figure. Why do they not use Germany's figures as a balance?
  10. I do understand, I had the Aussie flu strain over 2 years back, horrific is not the word, when I was finally hospitalised with breathing difficulties, other complications meant it was months till I got back to a good level of fitness. Hearing plenty of cases where individuals are seeing a few days of fever then back to normal, the testing does seem to have a very thin criteria as in a flu virus present. Why are we not seeing the figures compared to other bad seasonal flu years, which in recent years has been recorded with 28,000+ deaths in a year. Given the higher level of testing th
  11. The pandemic has now turned into a scam that they have to play out. There is loads of questions to be answered, but if this virus was a problem, the essential workers would not be allowed in and out of work, they would be housed in makeshift accommodation next to the hospitals. No worse than a flu as I understand it and we are no where near the numbers for a bad year so far.
  12. At a glance, this is a scheme employees won't be able to understand why it is not actually worth the promise to many small businesses on the knife edge anyway(not to mention the employers that will not take a hit). The the employers that actually need it to just survive won't be able(have the access or the desire to finance up) to bridge the gap should it be a refunded through PAYE system.
  13. its being reported that the Bank Of England "has lots of tools available", is this a joke? Drop interest rates, can't be done. Only option its print, the choice left is who do you give it to.
  14. this is to stop the people kicking off, in this county we will give it to the bankers and big business. Many small businesses in this county will pocket the handouts and go bust all the same.
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