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  1. We have become so short termist overall huge nation level events translated into instant impacts and benefits. Brexit drawbacks and benefits will take time to come through. House prices in the bank of England own words are mostly down to low rates so they will stay expensive (maybe up and down xx%) until a few years of higher rates filter through. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/uk-house-prices-rise-interest-rates-mortgages-bank-england-a9258196.html I dont know if thats now but you would think with all this debt being printed higher rates cannot be that fa
  2. Sales here out of the 20 or so I liked 2 have completed since July last year. would consider renting a family home but almost none within 5 miles and what is there is silly overpriced.
  3. Norfolk Broadland same. Silly prices for boring houses many SSTC from week of stamp cut and then very few of these completing as of yet. Nothing nice coming on and just feels stale and boring.......awaiting news either way I imagine
  4. Imagine you sacked and stuck in a cousins of friends rented home in the UK. 2k is not a lot of money but it could help someone get back home and sort themselves out. Its not going to help the folk on dingy as they have to pay a lot more than 2k to get here.
  5. They cannot tell the truth either loads of small business like mine have paid the xx% NI, pensions, holiday full and admin cost of keeping people furloughed. The nice kicker is that if you are closed say until end of summer and have to sack everyone, from Dec you cannot claim the notice period if they leave you or you leave them. At some stage for many it would have been cheaper to have sacked everyone....which wont look that clever if that money would have kept the business going. I have already had to let some folk go and if deaths dont come down by mid feb i will having to make mor
  6. Yep The UK property market in a nut shell on one hand boasting and on the other begging. Benefit scroungers in livered Minis.
  7. There is so much pending the end of Covid with the government spending billions keeping the plates spinning how much is any of this property or businesses worth? I got the details of a nice hotel for sale the other day normally it is something I would be interested in..... but the accounts do not take into account the last year who knows what impact covid has had on them or will have after. It almost seems a joke to list it for sale. Who would bet we dont have further lock downs or restrictions due to new strains or flare ups over the next few years. Even food shops have the valuat
  8. An for HMOs and certain landlords these will be the best paying tenants also. Working away from home (with the objective of making money to return or send back) is a different mindset and will mean sharing at a higher density etc
  9. True Tourism Visas for Londoners and hunter drones on the A11 for those seeking to escape up here. Norfolk will return to a Hobbiton paradise without those rentier parasites. Seriously though London is a black hole sucking talent and infrastructure from the rest of the country it would not exist without the rest and they benefit from having a global city. The relationship would be better if regional folks could have London jobs and actually afford to to rent and live there.
  10. There is a reason most folk are not successful you can talk yourself out of leaving bed. Brings me back to University with the change management modules you see terms like resistance, zombies and Saboteurs and the Kotter model etc etc. Until you actually enter the work place you just dont see how shitty some people actually are and so many projects fail. Part of the reason I am self employed is so i can steam roller change though if shit does not get done. Brexit is a massive threat to the SNP every day sees the UK move away from the EU making it harder to pop back into the EU.
  11. The biggest protection for workers is being able to get another job and not being outsourced away or at home via easy substitute labour. You just wait and see if COVID does not annihilate the hospitality for example once open it will be easy for a while but then recruitment will bite and labour will be hard to get = more power and respect to the employee. In a previous role viewing/and working in many hotels the number of eu staff in substandard accommodation and being sent back on the spot due to the management ordering them like a pizza. Brexit is probably not great for me as
  12. Well the conservatives have a lot of money from property companies so whom pays the piper calls the tune. Unless The donors favour volume over value. The economy is so ******ed that they cannot do anything about it Another party looks like its about to win with a lower house price mandate Someone pays them more to let them fall. Thanks to HTB we are ******ed and the government cannot let prices fall.....if they can help it the question is does COVID constitute a structural crisis so saving housing will just be like painting the walls in a burning
  13. The Khaldunian cycle. If so then to have had such a long Empire the UK has had periods of renewal and adaptation to renew its Asabiyyah. For example the amazing contrast between periods of our history like the decadent Georgian period compared to the more straight laced Victorians. Current political camps make this a very interesting time when we can almost see this play out before our eyes. For example are Brexity people the individualist fictionists with the two factions seemingly overlapping on issues such as identity politics and sexual identity. Or are they t
  14. Round my way there is a hell of a lot of amateur homes under the hammer flipper types. Too much shower wall + cheapo kitchen are usual signs and a silly asking price that keeps being listed and removed on rightmove. The gap between incomers and locals done good is about 30% so its quite dramatic when things go quiet.
  15. London often most unlike other areas of the Uk. whole business which majority eu staff etc so to feel unwelcome makes no sense to me. Crop pickers in Great Yarmouth maybe but not London. More likely that London is expensive and if your parents do not live there out you go. Many businesses in London and outside have a model of recruiting eu staff and then providing accommodation and or the staff shared accommodation in higher density than a local would endure. One moth lockdown ok but the current shit show it’s cheaper to furlough and or give money to eu staff to go home a
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