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  1. Off the top of my head I am sure there are others. Now some of these may not happen but it does not mean they cannot happen. This is a list and not an endorsement 😉 Conservatives Reduced payments to EU Ending freedom of movement and the concept of EU citizenship (EEA FOM is slightly different in this respect i am told) Ending the top court being the ECJ Enter into independent trade deals with other countries and not being part of the customs Union Avoid bailouts under article 122 if that ever to be the case. Regain control of fishing waters etc. Out of CFP CAP etc not be part of an EU wide refugee settlement programme or at the mercy of another member state unilaterally inviting third country immigrants. Leave before power are reduced via EU voting reform or financial vetos are removed (has not happened does not mean never will) ie ending the veto. Avoiding EU army issues. The UK being a sovereign nation(or more so) once the above taken into account. Labour as above + Ability to start a programme of nationalisation in contravention of single market rules etc Not being part of the growth and stability pact and being able to run up debts to spend on public sector salaries/nationalisations and infrastructure.
  2. Terrible news. I always enjoyed the blog. RIP
  3. When the BOE are asked about housing they refute there is a bubble. People who should know better spout "supply and demand" The common man does not understand QE and the tomfoolery but they listen and supply and demand = less people cheaper houses....or actually being able to rent a house. Wages not rising = less people = higher wages. it may not transpire to be the case but if you tell a lie and the give the option to people to action on it...expect things like Brexit. Not the arguments for Brexit itself like the bus but over the many years before, so it has become a proxy for anti globalisation. I find those "be careful what you wish for" house prices must not be allowed to fall articles in the media the same as the Brexit = armageddon articles. Obviously if life is good for you brexit is a disaster. If you life is a disaster already ****** it screw you. Thats the folly of expensive houses its wonderful up to a point for owners/speculators....once more people have it in for you your screwed. You should have given/cared a bit at the start social security was your security, not theirs. They are now going to have to deliver Brexit and then good or bad rush to address some issues which they could have done before, lest Corbyn is the next stage.
  4. How about this for an angle. its all ******ed and its all going down. Better we go cold turkey first than bail out others and go down still addicted. Second slowest runner in a bear attack situation.
  5. Irrespective of what happens with Europe where where going to have a humdinger. I have been on this website for ages a piffling 20-30% crash and the whole system went down and the banks got nationalised and bailout out. Whats going to happen when HPC is right and house prices correct to even 4/5 times household income. Those 30+£ million houses in London could be 15 million and what difference would it make to 99.99% of people yet the banks would be buggered. If we stay in the EU (or indeed if brexit never happened) can anyone promise we wont have a humdinger either way?
  6. From what i can see prices have been going moribund for months. When a house is correctly priced ie sub/400 not 450 it sells right away so for me in my target areas its affordability. interestingly the lower end is now weakening and a starter home is cheaper. In areas where there is more stock for sale for example the Dussingdale estate prices are also weakening and what was near 400 is now lower and a 4 bed house can be had sub 300k. You have a choice of 4+ houses at a time there. So in the nicer areas in which i am waiting the prices are being held up around 400k by the sheer lack of homes for sale. If vendors are waiting to list (which I have been told is the case) once a deal is done the market will fall I am 90% sure. it feels like a holding pattern atm overpriced houses, in limited supply with cheap credit. if you are desperate you buy if not you wait.
  7. Ask me in April. Especially not in some mega complex negotiate everything at same time in a few years scenario. Better to pick something off the shelf and take it from there. The WA just makes no sense at all they should have had an idea and then applied article 50. I am not saying EFTA/EEA would have been any better re the backstop but choosing that route and then having 2 years on one issue better than all this shit. This WA is just ******** why pay all that money and be at the same place in 2 years. Either TM is doing a mega job to get us out no deal with a remain parliament (if thats her plan) or she is doing a shit job and can kicking. A lot of people are very confused they think this is the brexit deal its not its just 2 years more gravy for 39 billion
  8. So with 60% of Ire trade taking place with the UK.... would it not be better to move the border/extra checks to mainland Europe.
  9. Thats my feeling.....but It happens and Ireland is compelled to do so by the other 26 members. Would that border be attacked?
  10. Are there any. If remain had realised brexit was not about money they would have been able to win. I am sure high house prices are good for the country but I want them to come down. You cannot fight feelings with facts! not being an expert about Ireland in the hypothetical situation... Uk leaves no deal EU forces Ireland to put up a hard border. Would that border be attacked?
  11. If you say so i am sure your right....but I am sure that the fishermen, lorry drivers and factories will just stay home because some pen pusher has not signed of section 457 of document xyz. If there is a policeman in the way stopping what happened before yes... if not they will keep going until told no. https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/uk-news/2019/01/09/brexit-will-not-cause-delays-at-calais-insists-port-chief/ medium term I agree but the new rules need people to be informed and be enforced.
  12. My maths is terrible I always assumed our GDP actually increased. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46151172 Or are you saying because of brexit hypothetically we would have gown 2 more. Just like my house would have gone up by 20% but it didn't... so its that pesky brexit.
  13. They are in trade surplus. Ie they sell more to us and million of EU citizens work and send money home from the UK. They are not going to stop that as stopping it is 60% worse for them. Maybe I am wrong but I dont think the EU management have the mandate to close ports and immediately lay of thousands of people in the EU. protest the single market via a hard border in Ireland yes for sure but instant border closure an termination of all exports....unlikely.
  14. I dont think is brave at all. Who is going to enforce the rules in the short term? nobody is going to write anything things will carry on before and then enforced as they get round to it. We start from a position of convergence as we are already in the EU enforcement and divergence will gradually occur. Thats not a remainer or a leaver angle thats just the way it will be as people are not going to self enforce to their own detriment.

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