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  1. Fromage Frais

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Rent and or mortgage and business rates, ppl, minimum wages and pensions, insurance, utilities, safety certification, fire systems and testing, commercial equipment testing and repairs, wastage, mistakes and theft etc etc. For the margin over 80% your restricted to possible pasta, pizza and noodle places.... Its very rare to see a restaurant than makes more than 15% profit at the end of the day....often owners do not factor in their own time. When you read the particulars and they say "adjusted net profit" they mean some poor ******* works 70 + hours a week. It's such a pain in the **** that some hotels try and get rid of this function. You may well be able to pay 3-5 for the ingredients for that 16.95 meal but if I wanted you to make it for me in your home, clean it up, then I use you loo.....then take photos of you and then slag you off on trip advisor because I wanted it for free how much would you want for that 🙂 The real stress is that you turn you back and someone serves a customer the wrong dish or a chef decides to add his own twist, they have an allergic reaction and it possibly kills them ....
  2. Thank god you're not in charge. We live in a free country if i want to start a campaign for any subject it should be allowed (unless illegal). How about the house prices should be 70% lower in 12 months referendum. i truly want this to be the case. it will crash the economy people will lose their jobs a lot of vested interests will be out of pocket and angry I however believe the country will be better in the years to come Should I be "silenced" for that opinion the economic damage would actually be worse than brexit possibly. I have relatives in undemocratic countries let me tell you the people electrocuting your testicles or pulling out your nails think they are in the right and are the "good guys".
  3. This is the problem when they have been visited by the remain side and advised what to do. Their game is to hold back and see if the chaos works out in their favour and the result is reversed. I dont blame them for one moment they could get a top ten economic and military power back in the club paying subs just by saying NO.
  4. So in essence give the people who won the full fat version of what they voted for. They can then either enjoy or despair at their adult choices made. = Democracy May tried her best th EU are prepared to walk if they cannot have a perpetual backstop so they have called the bluff.
  5. Realistically can you tie up a country to something legally without end? Its dead as despite the obfuscation the average Joe can understand that and logic tells you a contract you cannot get out of is seldom a good contract. During the referendum people where told voting leave would be an absolute disaster by remain and by the government officially. Ergo they knew it would come to walking out if a deal could not be made. If the government cannot handle that situation then a GE it should be.
  6. I cannot see another way you cannot win an election with X position and then say screw you I feel like doing Y or at least you cannot without the full support of your party. It's not binary on the brexit side so a GE with a new Conservative leader can shed itself of remaining doubt. Labour have a more difficult path to tread as replacing remainer MPs is easier than replacing the 30-35% of voters concentrated in constituencies labour cannot afford to loose. This would then force Corbyn to pin his colours to the mast vote Tory get actual brexit with a new leader and patriotic drum beating vs another referendum after this if you vote labour? you may get voters who want to just get it all over with on the tory side. if they do tories leave vs labour stay hmmmm labour would probably need a new leader who believes in it. Can you win an election based on "project fear" ie negative campaigning? The underlying theme would be faith/pride vs submission/defeat.
  7. I would be happier with a GE > with a party running on a second referendum mandate than two parties elected on a brexit mandate reneging on this because they cant be arsed to make hard decisions.
  8. Fromage Frais

    The perfect storm

    The storm starts with the US base rate and ends with it. The rest are just details which are important but not as important as near zirp. This all began with easy money and that is how it will die.
  9. Fromage Frais

    Who is Shanker Singham

    I love that term again "disaster capitalist" What is a disaster capitalism? Is is when you disagree with Mark Carney? Is it when you want house prices to fall? Is it betting against over inflated currencies, companies or governments? Is it me wanting to pay 300k for a currently priced 450,000 house with a person who has borrowed a stupid amount of money to do so? My happiness would be built on a reduction of their wealth. It's a ******** term capitalism without disaster is not capitalism as no creative destruction can take place. I counter that theme that anti "disaster capitalists" = the ***** who got us in this mess Nobody allowed to lose money on property = bubble blown screwing over the market and the young Don't buy gold or other currencies = You should morally hold £ so we can print them to dust. Banks not allowed to fail = debasement of the money and bubbles all over the place = financial crisis Evil short sellers prevented taking down bloated zombie companies = suppression of productivity and creating a bigger crisis down the road. Rates must not rise = fiddling with inflation measures screwing over the poorest. Brexit must not happen = Status quo which upholds the temple of debt must stay in place. So in essence if you use the term "disaster capitalism" as a pejorative to an opponent you logically should be a) Someone with financial interests/objectives contrary to theirs (your disaster is their blessing) and without a sense of hypocrisy b) A socialist who believes under their superior management nobody would ever fail and you would decree who the winners and losers are.
  10. Fromage Frais

    Who is Shanker Singham

    I find it so tiring all this ad hominem shady crap. Everyone has an angle that is democracy every self interest choosing an option to get a result. As I posted in the other thread remain have money launderers, international bribers, financial crisis instigators and politicians who have caused the death of thousands who are on the payroll of foreign banks. I however do not bother trying to disrespect people who want to stay. More time wasted on trying to smear/frustrate brexit and trump than trying to understand why they won. The key to influencing people is to listen and provide a compelling solution.
  11. You are on house price crash You are a homeowners/bankers/landlords "disaster capitalist".
  12. I am sure that's as bad as causing the financial crisis and thousands of debt related suicides. I dont deny everyone has an angle I do assert that Remain make leave look like peasants. Oh JRM he's worth £55 million etc whoopty doo. Compared to his opponents he is a looser https://news.efinancialcareers.com/uk-en/159654/salaries-and-bonuses-goldman-sachs-jpmorgan-citi-baml-morgan-stanley "If you want to make really big money, you need to work for Goldman Sachs. 32 people at the firm's London office earned more than €5m last year and 10 Goldman bankers earned equal to or more than €9m. By comparison, only 14 people earned more than €5m at J.P.M. and Citi Global Markets, only nine did at Morgan Stanley and only seven did at BAML... Average pay at Goldman Sachs is just average. Top pay at Goldman Sachs is anything but." https://www.businessinsider.com/client-gina-miller-law-firm-lost-1m-betting-brexit-2017-6?r=UK&IR=T "The investment migration industry - a complex network of law firms, accounting firms and private client specialists that help people invest in particular countries in return for visas or residency status - faces threats from a surge of political nationalism in the West. The driving force behind Brexit and the administration of US President Donald Trump "will make our industry impossible," Dmitry Kotchenov, chairman of the Investment Migration Council, said in a speech on "Walls and Fences in the Modern World."" etc etc etc Change or Status quo if one suits you fair enough but lets not delude ourselves one side is the hard done by plucky robin hood types.
  13. So Guy who owns hargreaves lansdown. An investment manager And a spread betting company. Actual people some may even say local lads done good maybe not the same as mother Teresa but they are not in jail yet. I raise you... Official pro-European Union campaign is part-funded by Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup and Morgan Stanley and France’s Airbus and Eurostar, Electoral Commission figures show https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/11/official-pro-european-union-campaign-is-part-funded-by-goldman-s/ The bank that almost crashed the word economy and central to foisting debt on to the citizens of the world. - https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/the-great-american-bubble-machine-195229/ The bank that is having alleged issues with money laundering for criminals etc. Oh and it lobbies the removal of many of the rules that caused the banking crisis https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/citibank-dirty-once-again_us_59426595e4b0d99b4c921163?guccounter=1 https://sfmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/sfarchive/2009/02/ETHICS-Did-Repeal-of-Glass-Steagall-for-Citigroup-Exacerbate-the-Crisis.pdf "A potentially vast corruption scandal threatens to overrun Airbus, with a Paris-based sales group suspected of having paid bribes around the world." http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/airbus-corruption-scandal-threatens-ceo-tom-enders-a-1171533.html J.P. Morgan’s Brexit Ace Up Its Sleeve: Tony Blair "And his duties didn’t end there. Tuesday morning Mr. Blair participated in a videocast chat spearheaded by J.P. Morgan’s private bank – geared toward its wealthiest clients -- with Michael Cembalest, the unit’s chairman of market and investment strategy. Thousands of private bank and investment management clients called into the fireside chat as well as thousands of employees. “It was a big deal,” said one person who listened in." https://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2016/06/30/j-p-morgans-brexit-ace-up-its-sleeve-tony-blair/ So in essence you can pin stuff on the Brexit donors as they are people the other side make them look like ants with their massive global machinations and power grabs. Life is shit due to global debt for many, the dealers in this are mostly on the remain side.
  14. Fromage Frais

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    Agreed. I would also bet that the first Black or Asian PM will be from the conservative party. The reason is that those who play identity politics will be viewed as toxic, as with those who play the victim card as people want a leader. A tough patriotic, conservative BAME candidate who understands people's immigration concerns could pull it off without question. And just watch that candidate get called an uncle tom by those who espouse tolerance.
  15. Fromage Frais

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    That was my mistake House prices where clearly falling and still not good value or reverted to or overshoot the historic trend to the downside. Gov intervention FLS and HTB juiced it all and my mistake was not seeing that would re inflate it all fast.

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