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  1. The big problem with figures showing prices going up is people who would have taken a lower offer will now think I will hold on.
  2. Yes but they can be wrong for all your lifetime so during your lifetime you were wrong..
  3. Do BTL mortgages come with a rule from the lender that the house will not be rented to DSS?
  4. Start looking for a new rental. Hopefully the void period will teach him a lesson
  5. Just waiting for the next government intervention to get the market going again. We all know it’s coming..
  6. Are rents high outside of zone 1 flats? I am currently renting in zone 6 romford a 2 bed flat and it’s cheap compared to the price of the flat. I would much prefer price controls.
  7. As a long term renter I have to say not all land lords are scum. 95% are but the other 5% can be OK. My current land lord is ok.
  8. Happy about fees worried caps on deposit will prevent me being to rent with my credit history.
  9. What about people with bad credit? I have a really bad credit rating for reasons I will not go into. When I need to rent a place I usually get asked for an increased deposit or a guarantor. A guarantor is not something I can provide. I am slightly worried what will happen when I need to find another rental with these changes.
  10. The most obvious move is to add stamp duty to the mortgage
  11. The only reason shit like this is built is because people buy them. Why do people buy this shit is the real question.
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