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  1. The other site barely discusses houses or the economy. It's an off topic forum set up because the off topic forum here got to the point where anything off topic wasn't allowed.
  2. I'll be honest, which will probably see me banned again. This is my third account. I can tell you my previous usernames if you wish, I can probably link you to a thread or two I started I still visit HPC, but in all honesty reading the main forum has been nothing but bad for me. I shouldn't have taken a 5 year fixed rate mortgage in 2008, I shouldn't have sold my house before going abroad to work for a couple of years in 2011. Despite the bad advice, I ended up with the house I wanted and will continue to enjoy it.
  3. Love this thread, Mr Reliable Bruce Banner never misses a chance to troll anyone who's bought a house. 10 years have passed and he's still there.
  4. Prisoners running wild No one to pick fruit and veg I have a semblance of an idea
  5. Agreed, choices 1 and 2 suit them, that's why I'm not doing it, not sure why you felt you had to justify my decision.... As for the rest, I like my heated seats, DAB, sat nav and other luxuries, quite happy to pay for it. My other car is an 8k fiat, not a chance in hell I'm driving 400miles in that :-) I'll leave 5 grand 2nd hand cars to someone else
  6. My 4 year PCP contract for a BMW 520d SE is up in 4 months, BMW have offered me 2 choices hand it back, get the new model and keep paying the same monthly payment as now (£459) - meaning I would have paid £22k over the 4 years. The interest on the new deal offered is 2.39% hand it back, get a pre-registered existing model and pay £399 a month However I've gone direct to BMW finance and I'm going to pay off the remaining 11k over 24 months with payments of £472. Meaning I will have paid £33.5k over 6 years for a car that cost £31.5k new. I will then own a 6 year BMW worth approx
  7. I left Oz 3 1/2 years ago and decided I wasn't going to pass on my forwarding details to my credit card supplier, fingers crossed but they still haven't caught up with me lol
  8. Note that BA will stop offering fevertree tonic on it's flights in January as part of it's removal of free food and drink on short haul flights, that must put a dent in it's sales.
  9. I'm working on the Aberdeen to Inverness Rail Project, only the section from Aberdeen to Inverurie (16 1/2miles) is being redoubled. The passenger numbers are easily strong enough to support it, a few redundant O&G workers won't make a difference.
  10. I wouldn't even live in Slough if someone paid me, what an absolute dump.
  11. Laura Kuenssberg on BBC News 2/3rd of the deficit has been paid off Sheesh.....
  12. Or Scotland becomes a more palatable place to stay and European move here. After 3 months they discover the weather is crap and go home again.....
  13. Exmond, as a Scot who voted for Independence and to leave Europe I really,really need some help with the mindset that is dead against being part of an British parliament but at the same time needs to be controlled by Europe. Going to spell it out for me? Any chance of also explaining why the sudden EU obsession when 2 years ago they were anything but welcoming to us?
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