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  1. SSE Energy Services transaction not proceeding Retail energy suppliers will be squeezed hard if and when wholesale energy prices rise but consumers' ability to pay their utility bills does not.
  2. Will!

    The perfect storm

    Good article. From it:
  3. Will!

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Telegraph: Restaurant Group wins 92pc backing of shareholders for Wagamama deal This seems totally nuts.
  4. Will!

    Who is Shanker Singham

    I know that we already have a Brexit thread and don't need another, and that free trade agreements are not very interesting to many people, but I think this slightly quirky story from Richard North about eggs nicely illustrates some of the complications that may not be foreseen in free trade agreements. http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=86349
  5. BBC News: Mike Ashley: Debenhams snubbed my £40m lifeline
  6. You're not thinking like a People's Voter. My simple, yes/no question allows the answers "Yes, it's not fair" and "No, it's not fair". What could be more democratic?
  7. My suggestion: "Is it not fair?" Yes or no.
  8. Will!


    Well, I bought some more, noticed a bit late that their dividend cover was less than one, sold all of them and then bought them back at a bit below 400 this time but the news just keeps coming: The Register: This ain't over, Viasat snarls as tribunal rules in satellite rival's favour Inmarsat is a strange mix of really good technological engineering and terrible Jack Welch of General Electric (hat tip to @spyguy) financial engineering.
  9. Will!

    Yellow Vest Protests

    A good write up here. https://surplusenergyeconomics.wordpress.com/2018/12/07/140-are-yellow-jackets-the-new-fashion/
  10. I don't believe that anyone in any sort of position of power in the UK government or the rest of the EU wants us to leave, but given the sheer incompetence they've displayed so far I think it might happen anyway!
  11. For a long time smoking was a net contribution to the exchequer: pay tax all your life, get sick, die a few months later. Now due to improvements in treatments smokers are living longer, more sickly and more expensive lives and so smoking is now a net drain on the exchequer. Not coincidentally, the ban on smoking in pubs was introduced shortly after this inflection point was reached.
  12. This sounds familiar. https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/19/nhs_it_advisory_board/#c_3660788
  13. Will!

    Best London commuter towns

    It means that there is a link between unemployment and antisocial behaviour and that high housing density increases the effects of antisocial behaviour.
  14. Will!

    Best London commuter towns

    Working people are not what makes London unpleasantly overcrowded.

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