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  1. I remember reading a piece by former Conservative MP Matthew Parris in the 1990s in the Independent. John Major was having trouble with his Maastricht rebels and various pundits were lamenting why-oh-why Major didn't get tough / be conciliatory / explain his position / arbitrarily put a few heads on pikes etc. Parris explained that to understand the Conservative Party in Parliament it was necessary to understand the four 'Ps': No Person, no Policy, no Principle is more important than Power. Boris Johnson will remain leader until someone else looks like a better prospect for retaining (or regaining) power.
  2. The media are not reporting that the monkeypox rash is caused by nanoprobes in the Covid vaccines migrating under the skin. Are the media's reasons for not reporting this sinister? Are they suppressing it? If their reasons aren't sinister then why are they suppressing it? Draw your own conclusions. I'm just asking questions. Maybe they're questions that others won't like. Maybe they won't tell you the truth about why they don't like them. You might ask yourself why that is.
  3. This is a good 20 minute introduction, as of 22nd May. Youtube: Monkeypox?
  4. The stuff in May 2020 when cases were falling is fairly innocuous. The stuff in December 2020 when hospitals were filling up fast because of the Kent (now "Alpha") variant is bad, but it's all drunken civil servants.
  5. From the link. My emphasis. There's nothing to debunk.
  6. Nah, that's an AVer tactic. Make the claim (or imply it, either through just asking questions or innuendo) and then ask others to disprove it. It's philosophically very difficult to prove a negative and the human imagination has no limits, so the AVer can move effortlessly from unsubstantiated claim to unsubstantiated claim, asking others to do the work of disproving them. And if others don't disprove them then the reader can draw their own conclusions, can't they? (That's innuendo and a logical fallacy, by the way.) That's why the burden of proof is on the person making the claim (or implying it, either through just asking questions or innuendo). Capeesh?
  7. Well, it's not like John Major was a towering intellectual giant.
  8. Antivaxxers never give up, but here's something not speculative. Between 39 million and 53 million people whom you've failed to frighten. That includes me, so with a click of the mouse... you're ignored.
  9. I put @The Spaniard on ignore a long time ago, but his (probably is his) post is hilarious. If he ever discovers old copies of the National Risk Register it'll blow his mind. Pandemics, riots, heatwaves, floods, even a volcano! How did they know!?
  10. Banks are very happy to lend to doctors because we're very unlikely to be unemployed. I don't think we're typical borrowers.
  11. I remember when the social workers went on strike in Southampton. No work was done, phone calls and emails went unanswered... then they went on strike!
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