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  1. UP to infinity and beyond. They rather destroy the currency and make everyone miserable than allow a 10% correction.
  2. Paul77

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    Probably a bit of everything..? See the last few bars: https://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?location=edinburgh&startmonth=10&startyear=2010&endmonth=10&endyear=2020
  3. Got that book as well, great read I must admit, far superior than A Brief History of Time which I found trivial. But hey, I was studying Physics which explains a lot
  4. Paul77

    Edinbugh Latest

    I can see lots of properties coming in for sale, yesterday 102 new ones on home.co.uk compared to roughly 15-20 per day a year ago. Prices are still high, very high though...!
  5. I doubt they will confiscate gold or silver, print to oblivion is a simpler solution. In my area (Edinburgh) rental prices are roughly 10% down, lots of empty flats around, but if you want to buy them, asking prices are slightly higher than 6 months ago.
  6. According to Rightmove it's all back to normal Summary: there is no bubble.
  7. I'm glad to read about that discontent, more and more socialism will rush landlords to exit so maybe I can finally buy a property for myself.
  8. Isn't that everyone can be labelled as a key worker? I thought in a free market economy non-key workers sooner or later are made redundant.
  9. I've heard Peter saying it many times. He may say the same thing in 10 years time from now, who knows..? He also said we will return to gold standard which I think no gov will do, they'd rather implement a complex digital currency to have even more control on the society. This would also allow them to centrally influence inflation, deflation and money velocity which is every Central Bankers wet dream. And with gold standard, the US couldn't afford to pay for global military machine so that would be a suicide. Once again, it's hard for me to trust someone who sells gold for a living, and s
  10. I like gold and I had some mining stocks, sold everything for a profit. They are very risky and I wouldn't buy them now. What I'm saying is that I see gold bulls everywhere, Mike Maloney gets 2-3k new subscribers every day, Lynette Zang and Peter Schiff also seem busier than usual. I think it's too late now especially in GBP as we're at the top. Well, it all depends on your strategy in the end, I may add some holdings if we see a drop, I dislike chasing the market as it usually offers me better entries later.
  11. This was published when Gold hit the top back in 2011 priced in USD is still below it. Personally I like gold and I have a few coins but the recent mania reminds me year 2011 when everyone was super bullish too.
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