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  1. Paul77

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    Nice find, thanks..!
  2. Paul77

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    A month later, home.co.uk has 1735 properties for sale.
  3. Paul77

    Edinbugh Latest

    home.co.uk also reports an increase, 1620, up from ~1100 January this year. No more buyers at these inflated prices...?
  4. Paul77

    Edinbugh Latest

    https://www.home.co.uk/guides/time_on_market_report.htm?location=edinburgh&startmonth=08&startyear=2013&endmonth=08&endyear=2018 Worth checking
  5. 1160 was tested and strongly rejected, if we finish with a daily pinbar we may get a short squeeze. EURUSD is potentially reversing too (yesterday's pinbar off a 1.13 level) which is good for PMs. Turkey's problems are fixed for now. I think short term signals are bullish for Gold and Silver.
  6. Paul77

    Edinbugh Latest

    The flat I currently live in is even worse, market value of approx £300k and I'm paying £900pcm... 3.6% gross yield, not much!
  7. Time to cut IR and introduce "Help to Inflate" scheme.
  8. ig.com is the cheapest and for some reason doesn't appear in many ISA stock & shares comparison...
  9. Brilliant idea, I wanted to start exactly the same..!
  10. It really depends where you live... In Edinburgh nice looking 2bed flats in a region of £300k are disappearing faster than I can arrange a viewing...!
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