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  1. Jaywick / Corby / Peterborough / Huddersfield
  2. Not Rightmove in particular, but since mid last year I've seen many estate agent's 'sold' boards quickly put up for several houses, only for the 'for sale' signs to reappear about a month later.
  3. I was going to mention of Michael Rivero's documentary "All wars are bankers wars" as an even shorter version of Bill Stills excellent "Money Masters" and "Secret of Oz" documentaries. Nothing tinfoil hat about that.
  4. You left out 'Putin', just about everything gets blamed on him nowadays.
  5. I predict a hung parliament and coalition government. The lib Dems or Greens (parties opposing Brexit) will become king makers to either Cons or Labour. Essentially, the minority party in coalition government will become the whipping boys of any failed Brexit strategy from the main parties, especially hard Brexit; Anything, and everything, regarding Brexit will be blamed on them. It is really what both the main parties / elite want anyway; Brexit in name, but everything will remain the same.
  6. When banks are flogging BTL mortgage, you know its time to exit / do the opposite.
  7. A couple of quotes from a close friend of mine, which have all been heard before on this site. "Houses only ever go up.... / You can't lose on houses....." "You must get on with your life and buy a house...." (I don't know why he thinks I'm not getting on with my life, but I think I'm getting by quite nicely) "With the amount of money you have (which he has no idea, but it is close to a healthy 6 figure sum anyway) I would have bought several houses and rented them out...." (yeah, right) "Everyone starts from with a basic flat, or house in a crappy area, and then moves up the ladder....." (I wander why he hasn't done so then since buying his first house 10 years ago). When comparing our lives, this friend of mine is laden with debt (mortgage, CC, loans, etc), works two jobs (around 12 hours a day), and frequently switches for better deals on his outstanding loans and credit cards. God knows how he manages, the thought of the hours he is putting in day in day out and the amount of debt he has is horrifying! I have noticed changes in him over the years (for the worse) and can physically see the stress on his face. Compare it with my current lifestyle, I have contracted and saved very hard over the years. I can outright buy a flat or a cheap house (in a cheap area of the country) without any mortgage debt if I wanted to, but I chose not to. I can now work when and where I like, which I haven't done so for a year through my own choice. Last time I saw my friend he commented on how I don't seem to age very much, and asked what my secret was.....
  8. Not much into dance or techno music, but have always liked these two;
  9. Yep. She is about to grab your nuts and squeeze them hard!
  10. There were times where Kuenssberg looked and sounded as though she was about to break down in tears. I noticed this right after the victory was announced, and also when she was outside no. 10 waiting for Moron's announcement.
  11. Best documentary and straight to the point The Money Masters <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ByFfzMORXSM"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Prices would have to drop a great deal in my opinion, maybe up to 60 % of current prices depending on which area you live. Though, I look at it in these terms; When I can buy the average sized house in a decent area (not some sh1tbox, or flat) for 3-4 times of average local salary. Chances of that happening look very slim, so I may never buy in this HPI obsessed debt ponzi land. Chances of relocating / buying abroad, where I see fair value, is increasingly looking like a possibility.
  13. I wouldn't look at a fall in % terms. I would look at the average size of house available in the area and if it is available to buy at 3-4 times of local average earnings. Until then, bugger off!
  14. I have previously used FC Exchange or HIFX for currency transfers between banks.
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