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  1. Given events so far, who'd bet against that? A timely post, all should ponder that possibility.
  2. If they're such a burden, maybe we should let them have their independence. Didn't end up too bad for the Irish. Mind you, they don't have all that oil! Irish GDP per capita: $77,771 UK GDP per capita: $41,030 2019 figures.
  3. One of those situations where it could go either way. If people on e-bikes are forced to share roads with cars/vans/trucks etc then unfortunately I can see a lot of accidents+deaths that will understandably deter riders. It does seem to be a positive move, but a lot will depend on how councils and government respond.
  4. Less likelihood of riots from unemployed folk come November or January if it's cold and wet. If too many people got their cards in May, they could misbehave all summer. Still, next year they'll get the unemployment figures down by forcing people to pick crops (or build that NI bridge)
  5. "We want you back" - call from UK government. Seems those pesky EU workers were helping the country function, after all.
  6. We were known as the sick Man of Europe in the 60s/70s before joining the EU. Maybe J&C plan to avoid this happening again, by their "Singapore-on-Thames' experiment. Could get interesting.
  7. Wasn't there talk at one bit by (a minority) of Leave supporters, about creating a Singapore on the Thames?
  8. Maybe our "wise leaders" are looking to fill a jobs gap, where Brits don't want to work... Maguire I suspect it's a bit of a bluff game being made by J&C. I fear they really don't understand the consequences if their bluff is called.
  9. Could be that some of the larger well-established companies will benefit from all this (in the longer run). Smaller competition gets wiped out, and then the remaining firms increase their prices to a captive audience. Plus, you just know that certain big enterprises will be deemed "too big to fail" and get bailed out by the govt. Let's hope that it's not the tax avoiding giants we all know and love.
  10. The argument should not be along the lines of "they are criminal/disruptive" people - the vast majority, as normal, are not. But the debate should concentrate more on whether such a large influx of people will put pressure on services, reduce the available housing stock and thus increase the cost of accommodation for all.
  11. Despite the coming slump, I can see an upsurge in demand for cars. It's not just that travel on public transport entails the danger of catching the disease. People have to work out if they are allowed to travel by bus or train, or if the Stasi will demand to see papers/justify their journey. A little bit of freedom has been taken away.
  12. All those NHS workers (many from migrant backgrounds) who gave their life during the recent pandemic, are worth thousands of the xenophobes led by Farage and his ilk, who genuinely are the real destroyers of our way of life.
  13. We didn't have 4-8 million people about to become unemployed back then. Nor were we looking at whole sectors - hospitality, travel etc - being wiped out. I agree that TPTB will do their best to revert to "the norm", and notice that talk of allowing 3 million Hong Kong Chinese is being proposed. But I suspect that this time sentiment as well as the reality will prevail. It isn't going to be pretty.
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