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  1. People have realised the game is rigged. Whatever happens, the chumocracy will get their contracts. The UK has been a corrupt cesspool for decades now, but now everyone knows it. And of course on a global scale the likes of Musk, Bezos and Murdoch control the agenda. The only threat to their hegemony comes from China, which is why we'll hear more and more anti-Chinese propaganda.
  2. It will depend as always on location though. Here's an example. Go up the Edgware Road and as you pass the flyover you will see lots of new flat developments, both on Edgware Road and in the Paddington area. Now if the pandemic has scared people off from central London, then these properties will be difficult to sell, and that will depress the housing market for miles. However it only takes a few score HK Chinese (or rich Arabs) to buy up these million pound flats, and sentiment changes 100%
  3. Bookings with the likes of airbnb and homeaway will soar again from the Spring, as vaccinated people regain their freedom to travel. Unfortunately this will renew demand for property in tourist cities like London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Paris etc.
  4. All those Lleavers who talked about "going global", this is what will happen. Been said before- if we'd joined the Euro we would have had a house price correction,
  5. London house prices must have been very cheap by 1945. Not as low as Berlin, obviously.
  6. Does anyone know offhand if house insurance covered a Doodlebug landing on your property?
  7. Full flights maybe, but with only 20 or 30% of prepandemic traffic, and many destinations off-limits.
  8. I think for once the govt have made a smart move (not necessarily a correct one). They are telling the Brexit supporters (more likely to be taken in by anti-vaxx movement) that by taking this vaccine they will be getting one over on the remoaners. Naturally they won't be emphasising to the marks that it's made in Belgium.
  9. The thing about Asda (and it applies to Tesco) is they are reliant on location to attract customers - if there were 5 different supermarkets on the same street, who would choose Asda? If you wanted low prices you'd go for Aldi/Lidl. Mid quality Sainsburys or Morrisons. High quality Waitrose. Not sure how they can overcome that. Maybe go down the Costco route and offer insane discounts for bulk buyers?
  10. Aren't there still clothing shops doing ok, but the foreign regiment? Zara, Uniqlo, H&M? When they are allowed to open Primark do well.
  11. You forgot the other option. All those "arty" perfume adverts we get at this time of year.
  12. No one wants to put vulnerable folk at risk of catching covid. However we're now at the point where extending the lockdown will put so many businesses under the bus, that suicides and criminal acts will rocket. The only reasonable action is to shield the high-risk groups (until vaccines do their stuff) and allow the rest of us to judge for ourselves what is risky. I can't see that a supermarket open for 1000s of customers each day is riskier than a local pub or restaurant where people can at least seek out empty corners (or drink outside)
  13. This documentary turned up the other day. Fascinating and horrifying. A younger me could well have got caught by this type of operation.
  14. Covid Marshall. Lockdown warden (put that light out!) Statue rescue response officer. Drone defence militia (in response to gangs bringing down delivery drones with nets and other weapons) Speakeasy staff.
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