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  1. Don't know about the average block, but isn't it the case that the glamour buildings take decades before they are fully taken? How many units have shifted so far in the Shard?
  2. Lose heavily in London. Lose heavily in Scotland. Still, chin up, we'll always have Hartlepool... Certainly feels at this point like everything is about to crash.
  3. A lot of use of modal verbs "can", "could", and "may" in that article. Of course we don't know at this stage whether that proposed power will have a contradictory, unintended effect - people leave sooner, while they are able to do so. All we do know is that Crony UK Ltd has laid out the welcome mat. Interesting times.
  4. It is highly annoying to see folk working for nothing as volunteers, when the execs take several 100k. But their choice I suppose.
  5. Hard to know for sure, isn't it? I do know that when we needed key workers last year - the delivery drivers, the nurses, doctors etc a good proportion of them were from migrant families. But I'm in London. Different no doubt in Grimsby or Hartlepool. Would those posters who continually moan about migrants consider moving to Grimsby or Hartlepool? That's where you'll also find lower house prices. Or could it just be that life is better with a mix of people?
  6. Maybe Barclaycard are getting tired of the smart cookies who "pay off every month without fail" as they make no money from them.
  7. It's an inevitable outcome of a capitalist society. The big football clubs know there is a lot more money to be made by bringing together big teams from around the world, and raking in the money from broadcasting and merchandising rights. We'll see a lot more games like Man U vs Boca Juniors or Barcelona vs LA Galaxy. Yes, a lot of tradition will be lost, but remember some of that tradition included gang violence, obscene chanting and football day vandalism. The worst off will be those clubs just on the edges of success - the Leicesters, Evertons, Wolves and West Hams. Their future will be dim
  8. Hits the nail. The proposed new super league will not be confined to the big Euro teams eg Barca, Man U, Milan, Real Madrid etc Teams from elsewhere like Galaxy in the States, or certain Chinese clubs, will get an eventual invite.
  9. One or two places (Malta, and Galicia in northern Spain) are paying people to holiday there this summer - I understand Malta are paying 200 euros. I suppose the fear is that with higher air fares and costs of testing etc., many people will be deterred from holidaying abroad.
  10. Seems the government wants to pump more money into local businesses Check if you're eligible for a coronavirus Restart Grant - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) As someone who may benefit from this, it does seem very wasteful. Maybe it's an attempt to stop small businesses either going under/laying off staff/unable to pay rent...
  11. Strangely though, people appear to be getting more loyal to the current regime. Poll ratings for the incumbent government remain high. Their support can't be all from house-owning over 60s.
  12. Afraid most pubs are going to charge premium prices from now - unless they are big Wetherspoons type operations that can cram in enough customers. The budget and local pubs have been hit hard over the years by competition from supermarkets and the like, plus the rent is sky high. In order to survive the average pub has to maximise revenue from its fickle customers, whether from serving expensive burgers and pints, or doing events like quiz nights or karaoke to bring in the punters.
  13. Internet access is always a consideration, even here. But isn't one of those multi-billionaires, Musk or Zuckerberg, going to provide world wide web access from satellites? One thing Brits (coming from a maritime climate) always underestimate is how cold it gets in winter in the Med countries. Some of their places up on high ground can see -30C in a harsh winter. Probably worse in the Balkans. I thought a couple of Brit business contacts in Madrid had cracked the "earning a good living" issue. After years slogging in the teaching English game, they started providing "experiences" on
  14. In the early 90s a decision was taken by the banking establishment worldwide to relax credit controls. All stems from that, really.
  15. It's been a staggering achievement. Red China looks at the western capitalist world, and decides it will take them on at their own game. Not just that, but they wipe the floor with us.
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