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  1. even if they did, they certainly wouldnt be selling asteroid silver at $30 per ounce...
  2. maple leafs are 25.46 inc VAT at coininvestdirect.... buy at least a roll of 25 to spread out the £18 deivery cost, and thats not a bad deal all things considering...
  3. thanks for the very useful info! Could you clarify what you mean by GM? im new to this...
  4. if you cant see the significance of this, then you are in trouble... the price of a uk house in pounds may never fall much if QE continues, as it is just bits of paper and numbers on a screen.
  5. i was in town yesterday and noticed a closed down shop in the shopping centre had been partially reopened as some sort of "cash 4 gold" type set up which consisted of a cardboard cut out sign, and two blokes behind a desk. It struck me how as the price of gold has risen, gold ownership by the "general public" in the UK has probably dropped massively as everyone "cashes in" I genuinely believe the majority of people have no real gold or silver, the only person i know who owns any gold is my wife, and that is because she is chinese thai and they all seem to hold a significant portion of their wealth in gold.
  6. might have been a good call - gold and silver both just had a massive spike, how high can it go?
  7. right on! let the whole stinking pile of poop go under and leave only the viable stuff standing.. why aren't game or mothercare getting bailouts? hmmm.....
  8. spot on, dont see why so many people view these big name closures in a negative light. It's not sad at all, they are unable to offer a service people want so they go bust, its about time we got away from malinvestment and started focusing our labour and capital on industries that can perform... This is capitalism in action, shit companies go bust, good ones make a profit.
  9. please keep posting, I'm reasonably confident that gold will increase in price however i like to hear all views to avoid getting emotionally attached to one position. Do you believe that governements (particularly the USA) can go on running these massive trillion dollar deficits indefinitely? i.e without ever paying large amounts of it back? surely it will reach a point where the interest payments alone are greater than tax receipts? Or where people just lose faith in the dollar? How do you see this playing out? I am struggling to see how this can be resolved without some sort of dollar collapse, or at least backing up the dollar with gold to restore confidence. Sometimes, the more i research this stuff, the more i wish i could go back to blissful ignorance, scary times! Thanks
  10. lets be realistic, the huge government debts are never going to be paid off "honestly" are they? populations simply wont stand for the increased taxes and decreased spending needed to pay off the debts, which in my mind leaves 2 options 1 = default 2 = inflating the debts away what do both of these options mean for the price of gold? my meagre understanding is that in both scenarios the price of gold will skyrocket have i missed options out? Interested to hear opinion from both gold bulls and bears Thanks
  11. just picked up a few krugerrands, along with a fair amount of silver maple leafs. Feels good.. At the end of the day i asked myself a simple question - do i think that the printing/qe, bailouts, debts and inflation are going to stop - my answer was no, so i decided to buy.
  12. agree - no change for the individual, just will make it easier for the big builders to source new land
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