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  1. Peugeot 207, 2006, bought new on PCP but paid off and 232,000 miles later that's all long forgotten. Petrol 1.4, Peugeot 406 3.0 V6 petrol, 2002, cash, cost the same as about four months average PCP.
  2. One of the many moments I knew "I'd really f***** up" was when we held off buying a home after the so called crisis, because Carney had said rates would increase again once x y and z conditions had been met.... Conditions were met, but rates stayed low, house prices rocketed - game over.
  3. This quote makes me uncomfortable. No need to say "like all donations". Just another Tory casually telling us the right way to think.
  4. A level remotely approaching inflation would be a novelty..
  5. I can sympathise to be honest, but should be a refundable deposit instead.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a definitive wage inflation, preferably presented between two dates please? After just over two years without a pay review my employer just handed out a wonderful 5%... I'm not convinced how happy we should be about that.
  7. It had better do. Made sense at first but now it's just billions of pounds being thrown at keeping asset prices high, among other things. Also I resent people being paid huge sums to do nothing and thought Tories wouldn't countenance such a thing. I've said before, but imagine the gnashing of blue teeth if Corbyn was in power and had introduced a furlough scheme as generous as this!!
  8. I don't like this notion of 'temporary' inflation - things don't suddenly get cheaper again once it's over!!!
  9. Jeez the person that designed the keyboard really didn't factor in predictive text 😕
  10. Without wishing to sound contentious, had anything really changed? The same applies, but moreso...
  11. To be quite honest, I think I would. The market back then rewarded the frugal, or those that saved up a large deposit. Now it only rewards the reckless.
  12. Are 'housing costs' not very different to 'cost of a house' ? I'd be more than happy to take a pay cut of 50% if houses were 2 or 3 times my income rather than 6+ (or whatever it is now)
  13. Worried about losing money on a house, but happy to spend thousands a year on a "YOU WILL NOT OWN THIS VEHICLE"
  14. Sorry to read that and I can empathise. Hope all is well in your new(ish) place. If only there was a way to blast a bit of spirit-sapping reality back at the ******* responsible for causing so much heartache.
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