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  1. It's the wailing and gnashing of teeth that cracks me up. Can they not see the damage and suffering caused by massive increases?
  2. Would this package only be offered to those with children already? If not, what if there are no kids to pass on to, or what if they have special needs? Surely this idea is as unworkable as it is undesirable.
  3. Quite an aspirational name, that. I used to work with a guy called 'King' (real forename) until quite recently.
  4. Scared this is a dense question but where did the money go then? Presumably the price movement represents a loss of 'on paper' millionaires caused by others crystallising their holdings to become 'real' millionaires - or transfer to other assets?
  5. This is great... We used to go to stay near a quiet loch up toward Inverness, and a decade ago it was unbelievably quiet, with wildlife everywhere. Went a couple of years ago and people were camping all round it. Didn't see a red squirrel all week, when there were loads per day before. Some right chavvy looking individuals, literally smashing up some of the scenery. Hopefully it will be able to recover one day.
  6. Thanks to the genius of help to buy, are the government not also on the hook for any negative equity that occurs to affected homes? In that case they'll probably want to spend money to save money, the question is, how much?
  7. Haha, this was my first thought too 🤪
  8. Things will only get interesting once selling ceases to be optional for many. That situation seems on the cards before too long?
  9. Missed this earlier, but exactly. Retirement on a non defined-benefit pension terrifies me. The sacrifices required for the average bod to save up a decent pot are disproportionate and can actually impact upon the financial here and now. It's even less motivating when you realise you're kind of gambling on making it to retirement in the first place.
  10. Speaking as a layman I think I understand what you mean The key would be getting vehicles to coalesce (as it were) as an aerodynamic procession on higher speed trunk roads, then splinter off closer to the destination. I was thinking the other day, if the system was robust enough with car to car telemetry, if they were designed to work together then queuing at junctions and roundabouts could be almost a thing of the past.
  11. Everybody bitches about the state pension being crap, but at the same time wishes for it to be progressively reduced in real terms. The state pension and its adjustments throughout your working life will become *your* state pension in the future!! Careful what you wish for...
  12. Rail travel just feels like a flawed concept when you take a step back, great when it was initially conceived and there were literally no practical alternatives. Nowadays, it's just the expensive but inferior option, with massive overheads. Instead of many Billions on the likes of HS2, we should be investing in revolutionary alternatives, like collaborative autonomous vehicles. Options that can efficiently get people from door to door.
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