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  1. Agreed. My pointless opinion is that a second deadly wave is baked in, so our illustrious leaders may well have managed to inflict the worst of both worlds upon us. I'm only bitter because i never got furloughed and not allowed to work from home in this beautiful weather.
  2. Just heard a protestor on the radio saying that the issue was more important than her health. *her* health. This sums up the problem with the current coronavirus scenario to me.
  3. This has been going on for years, hasn't it? My parents lived through decade after decade of living standards improving. My generation (unless technology is all you care about), not so much.
  4. There was an article in the Guardian about how people in different demographics had been affected by the pandemic. 'High earner', 'middle earner', 'not so much' etc. Guess who represented tbe High Earners? An investment banker? Nope, a plumber. They never told me that at school. Top be fair some Pimlico plumbers are making an absolute mint. Seriously, plumbing was sold as a job you dropped out of school into when I was a kid.
  5. Well the response to the last crisis was along those lines, and that 'worked', so why not?
  6. 🤣 thanks for the chuckle, and whatever you decide, good luck.
  7. For what it is worth, a house on my estate has gone SSTC in the last few days. No chain, not an expensive area, but people still seem minded to buy even now. I was astonished... Maybe the sellers accepted a ridiculous low offer, or maybe the buyer has a gazunder in mind for the future? But clearly not everybody thinks like us.
  8. We're past the peak BECAUSE of lockdown 🤦‍♂️
  9. I'm just pushing 40 now but my parents encouraged that type of thinking too. And, in the words of Doug Stanhope, that's why I drink.
  10. I can see prices falling overall, but within that can imagine a rebalancing away from expensive cities to more rural locations. Will people lose their appetite for high density living? Especially those that have been trapped in an apartment for a month.
  11. The numbers are only 'low' because of shut down..
  12. You know the world is screwed when you read that and go phwoarr! How high!?
  13. My tuppence is that you could end up stuck with a back garden on public display, and nothing you can do about it. You might have to put up with it for years. That would be a deal breaker for me.
  14. I know people that have claimed a 'refund' on student loan overpayments, which was then immediately added to their outstanding loan 🤪 This is a GREAT DEAL.
  15. Nor me, and experiences of the last decade make me feel that it is an un-learnable subject. All the rules that seemed to exist go out of the window when it suits. One thing to maybe bear in mind is that background demand for housing is still largely there. If prices do fall it will probably be because houses are more difficult to pay a lot of money for (as per credit crunch)...which is a great situation for those with cash ready to press the button but not necessarily everyone else.
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