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  1. There are many empty offices in Liverpool, mainly due to high rents but few new companies investing in the area. I can't see things changing anytime soon.
  2. I haven't seen any signs of gazumping. It's just typical BBC propaganda along with an increase in daytime TV property shows to try and stimulate the market.v
  3. I think that the euro is on the way out. I doubt we've seen the last of the euro bailouts. The dollar is still a better mid term bet.
  4. I'm sure that I'll shed a few tears for the BTL vultures once they go to the wall.
  5. I would love to think that this benefits policy works both ways, and that I can simply relocate to somewhere sunny such as Spain and receive full benefits. It would be nice to spend the summer on the beach.
  6. I think most EA's ads are total fiction. They seem completely unaware of market conditions.
  7. I just love Max. He's one of the few economists in touch with reality. It's amazing how his relevations never seem to make the mainstream media. I doubt the BBC would allow Max to really tell it how it is.
  8. Crazy woman, do people really pay to read this drivel ? Philanthropists ? I don't think so.
  9. One whole penny of fuel. Wow. I wonder if the oil companies are just going to add a few more pennies back on to cover their increased tax burden.
  10. TV property porn has a lot to answer for. It definitely helped fuel the bubble. I remember the early 2000's when almost every channel was full of it.
  11. Yes, about an hour ago, and unfortunately it only gave the amount requested.
  12. -0.9% is great news. I just hope that this trends continues !
  13. If insurers can't properly assess risk then perhaps premiums will have to be increased right across the board in order to compensate. This judgement is really going to shake things up.
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