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  1. ...they will not care ...as long as he makes sense...which he does....
  2. South Lorne

    The Pound Sterling..Carney...

    ...a few privitisations are hardly Corbyn's extreme ideas of socialism...think Venezuala whose leader he backed from the beginning and you are nearer the mark ... .....hardly a debased currency ...that is more likely if Corbyn becomes PM.....
  3. ....they will be happy as we steer towards a hard Brexit as the EU implodes.....
  4. South Lorne

    The Pound Sterling..Carney...

    ...hardly ...they follow Corbinista socialist style policies ...we can have a Venezuela economy if Corbyn gets in ...
  5. ...as we already know and why remainers never talk about it...
  6. South Lorne

    30 Risks to market in 2019

    ....what about .....?
  7. South Lorne

    London property selling like “hot cakes”

    ...buyers from Germany...?
  8. ...seems a good idea...where will Germany and France be then ..? ....trading Marks and Francs...and no EU.....bring it on...
  9. ...are you some kind of Troll against democracy ...the vote has taken place and we will have delivery ...the loser's poll can take place after Brexit by which time the EU will have imploded....
  10. South Lorne

    The Pound Sterling..Carney...

    ...forget Carney ...this is a winner for exports ....and... Germany: In any bear market, there is always one market that gets hit the hardest (after the dot com bust, for example, it was arguably the FTSE which took almost two decades to claw back its 1999 level). What will it be this time around? Take a look at Germany’s DAX. It has already been one of the most miserable performers of any developed country index. It is down 22pc from its 2018 peak, compared with a European average of 16pc. Even worse, almost half its members are in some form of crisis, from the auto-makers to Deutsche Bank, to industrial giants such as Bayer. Its giant car manufacturers account for 30pc of the index, and the chemicals companies for another 20pc, and those are both very challenging industries. Over this bear market, investors will come to realise how hollowed out and backward-looking the German industrial machine has become. A bear market is never much fun for anyone. It exposes a lot of flawed business models, over-hyped trends, and inept, incompetent management. Companies that were unsustainable get found out, banks that have over-stretched themselves run into trouble, and central banks have their nerve and skill tested along with ordinary investors. This one won’t be any different. It promises to be a rough ride – and it is only just starting. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/12/28/bear-market-coming-five-possible-victims/?li_source=LI&li_medium=li-recommendation-widget
  11. ...worth noting for the misinformed.... Italy was on a collision course with the EU over its budget deficit "As Theresa May is apparently now going to propose an extraordinary arrangement with the EU in order to secure “access” and fend off supposed disaster for the UK economy, it is worth reflecting on the outcome of our exclusion from the euro. Since 1999, compared with Italy’s 9pc, France and Germany have grown by 32pc. So not much convergence there. Perhaps most strikingly, the UK has grown by 42pc" https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/12/23/italy-collision-course-eu-budget-deficit/?li_source=LI&li_medium=li-recommendation-widget
  12. ...only Germany and France your current masters ...the rest of the world and waving trade deals to us....are you an "EU bot"?
  13. ...they are democratic voters who have a different point of view from you ...who are you to judge and deny democracy....?
  14. ...that's debatable...zero is your opinion....
  15. .....what plan does the EU have as it crumbles...Germany has a plan ..to live off and rule the rest....

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