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  1. Bradbury Robinson

    Still crazy - invest in hotel rooms

    10% annually and 115% back after five years. I'm in!
  2. A long time ago I did my work experience in the records department of a local hospital and became very familiar with these. Rather on topic for this thread, I said I wanted to do something 'with computers' and ended up in a room with loads of carousels of records and one computer in the corner, which was very rarely used. The system was that if people were admitted then their records were on the ward or in the records room with its many carousels for about a week. There was then a storage area for older files which were no longer urgent which was an old disused building out in the grounds, like something from Resident Evil. Going down to the next level there was also an off-site storage location for older-older records, everything was moved around by car or van when required and then carted around the hospital when needed on wards, etc. There were indeed files like the one shown in the image above, in fact ones much larger as well. The only bounds for the size seemed to be the number and strength of the elastic bands that could be found.
  3. I only saw the puff piece on the BBC website, it didn't cover much, did they go into any more detail in the programme about how they got to this point at all? Did they say what type of loan they took out or what amount, etc? I think I already know the answer really.
  4. Bradbury Robinson

    why ?

    There could be similar reasons why people may want the latest iPhone as the examples you give. The people who buy the devices may need the extra storage on the device, they might want the latest spec to run certain apps that are out, the camera quality may be vastly improved, dual sim card may have been introduced, etc. It's wrong to think of it as 'just another iPhone' when there are probably lots of use cases which could justify the upgrade. Having said that though, most people probably just want it.
  5. Bradbury Robinson

    They know who you are.

    One minor point, the '141' prefix doesn't always work on all network operators.
  6. Bradbury Robinson

    My own experience at 24.

    I had a handful of pensions floating around and wanted to consolidate them into one place. Partly for ease of access and also that I knew most of them were taking quite high fees. I thought speaking to an advisor might have been the way to go but in the end sorted myself out with HL, splitting the total pot up into a number of funds split across a few regions and industries. It may work or it may not but at least now it is in my hands. The reason(s) I didn't go with the advisor were: Charging a % fee of the overall pot rather than a set fee for advice. Suggested no way to monitor their performance over the old pension or in general. Continually pushed for annual reviews which, again, charge a fee. Continually brought up other areas such as life insurance, which I had never asked for.
  7. Bradbury Robinson

    Price tracking site?

    I've always had Property Tracker installed and lately used House Prices IO for historical data: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/property-tracker/abgkpdjomdmemeefdefalbeogkmlmand?hl=en-GB https://houseprices.io/
  8. Bradbury Robinson

    My own experience at 24.

    I don't think I can add much on top of what has been said but to be in your position at 24, asking these questions and making (what seems to be) the right lifestyle choices is quite impressive. Thinking back to when I was 24 I was in a low paid job, living with the parents and hanging round with my mates, mostly acting like a bunch of ****heads. I'm now much older, slightly better paid and a lot of the mates have moved on, some would say I'm still a ****head though! Good luck with whatever you choose.
  9. Bradbury Robinson

    Rent rise or move out

    Having been a regular reader of this forum for a while I followed this advice when we moved into a place in 2008. It was nothing major, just a few small issues like a cracked pain of glass, chipped mirror in the bathroom, broken bit of wood trim, etc. I called the landlord to discuss them all but she said she knows what is wrong and not to worry. So I kept all of the pictures and just sent an email to confirm what we had discussed. When we came to move out the problems were still there plus a few other minor things that had happened during our tenancy, so we were fully expecting a bit of negotiation on the deposit and a few weeks of haggling. The only thing that got raised was a missing set of net curtains from one window, they only covered the lower half of the window and looked like they were about ten years old. When you hear the problems that other people have with renting she actually didn't seem too bad. She was happy taking the money and leaving us to it, the few bigger issues we had she dealt with in reasonable time.
  10. Bradbury Robinson

    Endoscope - Brilliant tool.

    It's an interesting question, are your insides technically nude?
  11. Bradbury Robinson

    Estate agents are useless

    It always makes me laugh when new properties get put on Rightmove with the bare minimum of info when they're trying to sell them for anything upwards of £250,000. I've seen million pound houses with a road name and price with 'More info to follow' and a placeholder picture. As though getting it on there early, rather than waiting a few days for the extra info, might make somebody jump at it. From our experience the EAs we dealt with when renting were reasonable, although they didn't really have much to do. The one we dealt with when buying was quite good but they all seem to fail on a) passing on message and b) calling you back. We also had errors from the solicitor and surveyor when buying, the ones you want NOT to make any mistakes.
  12. Bradbury Robinson

    Letting agent "exclusivity"

    Can you just have 'some kind of contract'? Surely there's either 'a' contract or no contract?! I think it's the landlady that needs to be concerned in this instance, she should definitely have something agreed with the EA and, like it or not, bypassing them to snag a tenant probably goes against the whole purpose if it.
  13. I seem to have the same recollection as you with this. There was an eviction in which this scumbag of a woman had messed the landlord around for ages, all went to court and he turned up with a bailiff and the guy from some landlord assistance group. They got her out, she took a few bits and pieces then the guy told the landlord that he had to retain the stuff for a couple of weeks or something like that, to give her time to remove them. He was properly pissed off. I'm sure there was another one whereby there was a cat involved as well.
  14. You can't leave us hanging like this!

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