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  1. When I talk of equality, I don't mean that everyone should have the same. I just mean that all people should be free to work as best they can depending on their talents, energy and enthusiasm and should be taxed for what they take from society (land and natural resources) and not the contribution they make to it with their labour.
  2. I understood him to mean exactly what he said, which is absolutely true. The problem is inequality. Enormous inequality. Inequality of wealth. Inequality of income. Inequality of opportunity. Inequality of taxation. What he didn't say was how to solve the problem. In my view, it is simple. Land value tax. And I would go the whole hog and scrap all other taxation and have taxation on the value of the land only.
  3. Annest


    I'd lose my job if I did! And I can't even send you a PM as I'm not a member yet!
  4. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I was given the name of a good landlord today and so, next time, I'm going to go straight to him and beg. On my knees. Like a good 18th century peasant. 'Newly refurbished' has just become my idea of heaven!
  5. I correct myself. I went to the doctor and it seems that what I had was an allergic reaction i.e. hives and it seems that that's what I had years ago as well. A very nice man from a cleaning company came over to give me a quote to do the whole house. He was disgusted. He found an enormous ancient battery (about a foot square) in a cupboard and explained that it was dangerous and that that's probably why I had had an allergic reaction. Any advice other than 'get rid'???? Thanks!
  6. Annest


    Indeed... interesting times ahead. There are quite a few rumours.
  7. Annest


    No, I can't see Aber surviving a UK housing crash either. But I've found a few more reasons why house prices have stayed so high so far: - infestations - due to lack of housing and high number of people looking for rented properties, landlords don't have to make an effort to keep nasty bugs at bay. Tenants therefore find themselves living in infested properties with landlords who couldn't care less. Now that's an incentive to stretch to buy an overpriced but clean house!!
  8. Right... have been on a rollercoaster for the last week or so... and the journey is far from coming to an end... As a synopsis... - agreed to take a small house far away - 23 hours before we were due to meet landlord to sign contract and pick up keys, were offered a large house with a spectacular view in a perfect location and immediately agreed, signed contract, got keys, paid first rent - spent days clearing rubbish out, cleaning etc but weren't allowed to get rid of landlord's stuff - found clothes moth infestation and pest control are due to sort it tomorrow - landlord's agent
  9. I know! Thanks for trying to do some research for me! I'm touched!
  10. Thanks. Good point - I'm tempted to do a House-Doctor-ish makeover on a house that I intend to stay in for 6 months... maybe a bit silly!
  11. I will definitely check this out tomorrow although when I talked to a local housing association some time ago they didn't mention this...
  12. Yes, I suspect you're right but we can't wait that long - the stress is just too much!!
  13. Yes. I'll have to learn more about these. So far, I have thought of the following steps: - to protect against bank default, ensure that there's not too much money held by one bank (no more than the government will assure) - to protect against inflation and currency devaluation, perhaps buy silver, perhaps put some money in an account that follows the rate of inflation (if they exist now...) - to protect against global financial collapse, buy a lot of beans??? Was this what you had in mind? Grateful for advice.
  14. That's a good idea - I will definitely offer to redecorate, recarpet and do a few other things in exchange for a small reduction on the rent. It's interesting that you found a place via a Housing Association. I thought it was only possible to get help from a Housing Association via the Council's list and that that was impossible unless you'd been made homeless? I wonder whether we would be able to get help that way??
  15. You've really cheered me up! That's exactly what I'd like to do. Unfortunately, there are absolutely NO expensive choices!!! Not one!
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