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  1. They are mostly woke - and broke. And they generally support woke policies which will make them even more broke. No helping some people I am afraid!
  2. Are you referring to yourself? What is your solution to the housing crisis - just ‘vote Labour’?
  3. I think that is a bit extreme - if we had a nuclear war you wouldn't even be able to sell shite!
  4. The US Comedian Chris Rock has just disclosed on twitter he has caught Covid - and is facing a huge onslaught from the twitter mob asking him why he wasn't vaccinated and in their usual moralistic tone implying he deserves to get ill as a result. Except he got the Johnson and Johnson single dose vaccine months ago - so is fully vaccinated! Odd people still seem to believe if you get vaccinated you cannot catch Covid at all?
  5. Many of the big providers are not offering competitive deals anymore as they don't want the custom or the risk of committing to long term price guarantees - and the way things are going the big providers may be the only ones who survive in a few months unless RIshi does a massive bailout. My mother is with EDF - their current best fixed rates (the only ones on offer) cost nearly 50% more a month than the current price of their standard tariff based on her usage. Luckily she gets £440 a year in winter fuel allowance/warm home discount as she gets attendance allowance - but for poorer working age households who don't its going potentially to be an awful winter!
  6. I didn't vote Conservative at the last election - did you? I know of course we are supposed to pretend that the 13 year Labour government from 1997 to 2010 never happened. You know the Government that presided over a four fold rise in house prices and a ten fold rise in the number of buy to lets - and built less council houses in 13 years than Mrs Thatcher did in just one - and she wasn't even trying! The average house price in London in 1996 was about £70k - someone on an average wage could afford a house no bother. If you seriously think Starmer in his £2m house in Camden and his north London champagne socialist chums will do much so reduce house prices you really are deluded. As for Corbyn - well we were never going to elect a Marxist in the UK. I certainly have no time for this current government's housing policies - but the idea the Labour will solve the problem isn't really credible either based on its record. Of course perhaps the solution is just to import another 5 million+ generally low skilled net non contributors so Sir Keir and his neighbours have more cheap labour to clean their homes and cars and make their pumpkin spiced lattes in the morning. That surely will solve the housing problem! Vote Labour - for more cheap Labour!
  7. Sad for this poor woman at age 61 stuck in a private rental with no hope of paying for it. What is she going to do when she is in her 70s or 80s and can’t work at all - will she be on the streets and left to die? How have we come to this - well we all know!
  8. Just out of interest why are there no figures for Ireland (NI and Republic).
  9. Liz Truss is my bet (foreign affairs so she can strut her stuff for global Britain without having to worry about domestic issues) - or if Boris lasts a lot longer than we expect maybe even Kemi Badenoch. The Tory grass roots love them - and being women helps as they love tough women even more! Rishi has made the easy decisions over the last 18 months - now he is going to have to make the tough ones and upset lots of people. I don't think it will be him in the end. But it does of course depend who the Tory MPs put in the final 2.
  10. London was 99% white British/Irish in the 1960s. My mother was a nurse/midwife in east London then - Call the Midwife you might say - her and her friends could walk safely through places like Hackney and Tottenham late at night with no worries at all. When my mother was born there were only just over 2 billion people in the world - now its closer to 8 billion and is likely to be 10 billion in less than 30 years. A five fold rise in just over a century. Even posh areas in the south east will eventually see their areas change - as they get concreted over to provide much needs new housing. I fear we are experiencing the impact of living on an increasingly overcrowded island - well England anyway - that isn't self sufficient in the key necessities of life such as food and energy and lacks sufficient affordable shelter. And as resources become more expensive and in short supply there is potential for some form of societal breakdown in some areas - as we saw briefly in the summer of 2011 when for 3 or 4 days and nights in the capital order collapsed and the mob took over.
  11. And - bar a hiccough in 2009 - 12 years of Labour HPI before that. Even the Tories haven't managed the eye watering percentage rises Blair and Brown did. When John Major left office average house prices in London were about £70k! Why would the current Labour party want to solve the problem, upset their asset rich north London base, and create more homeowners? Their leader is a Camden MP. The Tories need homeownership - without it long term they are done. That is of course partly why they now do so well in red wall seats and not so well in London (bar zones 5-6). More/most people own their homes - or at least if they don't believe its possible. Not in London! Just don't think either have any real answers.
  12. Apparently you have to pay £60k extra if you want somewhere to park the car - £60k for a garage (which will be too small for most cars no doubt) in St Ives! Luckily its near the station!
  13. Problem is Boris likes to spend, spend, spent. Rishi like the BoE is always worried and concerned - but they will do f'all about it until its too late. And it may be already. Of course we are only talking about cutting the deficit and new borrowing - not paying the existing £2.5 trillion debt off!
  14. To be fair Lloyd George and the Liberal Government of 1906 were keen on a land value tax - its nothing new. What I of course love about the UK - is how people are so outraged about taxes on accumulated wealth they (or more accurately their 65 year old kids) will never pay especially given the £1m exemption now for a family home. But putting up taxes on actual hard work which they do is just fine. The current council tax system is disgraceful and regressive - even more so when you consider that an oligarch living in a £100 million mansion in Belgravia actually pays less council tax than an elderly couple in a semi detached in Croydon. Because Westminster's council tax is less than half what most authorities charge due to their parking income etc subsidising it (not directly but because it pays for things which elsewhere have to be picked up by local taxpayers). And if the oligarch in Belgravia lives alone and its his main home - he even gets 25% single person discount so barely pays £1,100 a year (or only £1,500 if his maid lives in). In California or Manhattan he would pay closer to £1m in property tax on a similar house. No wonder the global elite like to park their money in London real estate. Its comical - but no one dare reform it. More bands and doubling the tax on high value prime London homes just won't cut it. In equivalent bolt holts they would pay 100 times what they pay in the UK! If this government wants to truly level up and help the red wall they would reform the system - but their snouts are too heavily invested in London real estate so they won't! Make the minimum waged pay more NI instead - instead of reforming council tax to fund social care (a local service). https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2019/12/12/lachlan-murdoch-reportedly-buys-150-million-bel-air-mansion/?sh=2db857293d1f
  15. No definitely not used for that purpose. Top floor flats can access both lifts via a walkway on the top floor - one being broken is fine but two!
  16. I was thinking of buying a top floor flat in London with a lift in a (non social housing) block I am renting another flat in - only 5 stories high (so its on 4th) but the block is 16 years old and the lift is coming to the end of its useful life. I gather from a neighbour they have seen a report which suggests the lift might cost £100k to replace! There are 35 flats - but most are on the lower floors where a lift is a nice to have but not a necessity as it is on 3rd and 4th. So they might not be too happy about paying £4,000 for a lift they don't use! There are two halves to the block - the lift in the other block has been out of action for 9 months in the last 12 (can't source parts apparently) including the last 3 months. Because a broken lift in future probably won't help with selling it or renting it. I think I am talking myself out of it but would welcome any thoughts!
  17. Saw this Sunday Times article yesterday - sorry behind a paywall - about PAS 9980. This is a new regulation that will require intrusive surveys of the walls of ALL flats including conversions - to address potential fire risks etc. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/new-building-safety-form-could-make-all-flats-harder-to-sell-in-england-ts05trvfx Apparently it is going to be mandatory to have a 'pass' before lenders will lend and nearly all properties will require some remediation work to bring them up to standard - whether they are blocks or conversions. And who will be left with the remediation works bill - leasholders/owners. In the article below cladding expert Jonathan Evans said this could be a disaster for flat owners and could lock up the market for years - and offers some thoughts. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pas9980-when-you-thought-things-couldnt-get-any-worse-evans-fimeche/ Anyone heard much about PAS9980?
  18. Anyone watching this programme on ITV now? Shocking tales of damp and decay in multiple council flats across London and Birmingham. No big surprise though and no real answers as to how we solve the problem.
  19. Not when another country is paying for their health care and pension - but all their spending is in the country they are living in. British pensioners living in Spain get their healthcare paid for by the UK government via the S1 (via historic EU/EEA arrangements) - that arrangement has even continued post Brexit under the social security and health parts of the deal even for those who move there post 1 Jan 2021 if they are able to (that of course includes EU nationals who spent most of their working lives in the UK). So UK pensioners in Spain (or elsewhere in the EU/EEA) are a huge net benefit to Spain - as they get all of the benefits from their spending but none of the costs associated with supporting elderly people (i.e. the UK pays for their pensions and healthcare)! Consumers create jobs - and homeowners create work for local tradesmen. I am assuming you were aware of that - perhaps not?
  20. As I have posted on another thread - everyone loves the NHS until they actually try and engage with it/use it for non emergency care! No point having a service where you can't get through to anyone (i.e. your GP) so you can't actually use it!
  21. Totally agree. It of course varies across England but engaging with the NHS (unless you turn up in A&E) isn't easy for many. The NHS is 'wonderful' until you actually try and engage with it for a non emergency reason. My elderly mum's GP practice only accepts contact by phone - no emails or electronic contact. The phone is constantly engaged all day every day - recently we were collectively trying to get through to them for 3 days without success to obtain results of a heart condition test she had had 3 weeks before. I just gave up and drove her round there - and insisted they deal with it and we finally got answers as a last resort! Same time every time we need to contact them about anything. Their systems are dreadful and they have no follow up systems - we spoke to the GP yesterday who was going to follow up for a second opinion from a consultant and were told that we should follow up in 2 weeks if we hadn't heard back. They won't contact you when they hear back from the consultant - you must keep trying them (even if you have no idea if and when the consultant has responded). So its constantly on you to push, chase, spend hours on the phone and generally make a nuisance. But if you are a vulnerable elderly person with no one to push and chase for you - you are essentially left to rot. I wonder how many elderly living alone with no one (and there are millions of them) are suffering or dying literally from neglect and an inability to engage with the NHS as they cannot get through to speak to their local surgery. And to think we spent £40bn on track and trace (the sum raised from the new NI rise for nearly four years) - how about a system to allow you to track and trace your GP and your non Covid related test results! Where did all that money go - how about a supertax on those firms and people who received that £40bn to fund social care?
  22. £86k is the cap on care costs - not on care home costs. Bed and board - perhaps £12,000 plus a year in more expensive parts of England - is not capped and is still payable on top. Indeed for those with low needs in care homes its the majority of the cost! Anyone in care for several years will pay much more. You won't of course see that mentioned in the tabloid articles - you have to look at more professional outfits! Its very dishonest of course - and misleading! And does this £86k cap get increased annually by care home cost inflation - or does it get frozen so becomes less valuable over time? https://www.professionalpensions.com/news/4036749/pm-announces-tax-rises-fund-social-care
  23. The devil is in the detail here. As I understand it all the money raised from the 1.25% rise in NI will go on the NHS - not a penny on social care - until the current NHS 'backlog' is cleared. Which will probably be years away if ever - even though they claim this will stop in 2025 (conveniently just after the next general election!). So its not for social care at all - not for now anyway! There is proposal to cap care costs at £86,000 over a lifetime (will that be increased by inflation annually?) - but not of course the costs of bed and board in care homes which account for a large proportion of the costs incurred. So it won't be an £86k cap on care home fees - just on care costs - you may still have to pay £15-20k a year on top for your room, food and incidentals. The £23,000 asset cap before you have to pay for your care is dropped - its now £20k but those with assets between £20k and £100k will get some help. That cap is pretty academic for those with a house needing a care home - but for those who just get a home help and still live at home (so their house is disregarded) they will now get help towards their homecare if they have savings or investments. as long as they don't exceed £100k. And what guarantee do all those young people earning above £9,564 who will pay this will get any social care when they need it in 60 years - zero! Perhaps they can negotiate a rent cut with their buy to let landlord - who won't of course face a penny extra in tax on his properties and investments to pay for social care! As for the costs a higher rate taxpayer is estimated to pay £700 extra a year as the NI cap goes and a basic rate one £180 when this comes in next April.
  24. The Harry Redknapp effect - his Sandbanks tv show has brought them all down from the capital.
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