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  1. This assumes the Chinese authorities let them leave and take their cash with them. They are HK Chinese citizens and as we see with dual nationals held in prisons in Iran your second nationality counts for nothing in the country of your first nationality.
  2. Could the UK’s decision to delay second doses of the vaccines be a major mistake? Seems Israel is finding that a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine is not providing the protection assumed whereas the second dose within the recommended three weeks produces a significantly improved outcome resulting in an up to 12 fold increase in antibodies. Maybe we should focus on getting the second doses to the over 80s before we start on the over 50s? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/19/single-covid-vaccine-dose-in-israel-less-effective-than-we-hoped
  3. Reminds me of that old Thatcher comment at PMQs when responding to some Lib Dem on growing ‘inequality’. You would rather the poor were poorer as long as the rich were less rich! You would rather a poor person earned £10k and a millionaire £2m than a poor person earned £20k and a millionaire £5m. The poor man is much worse off but relative inequality is lower. Even the poorest Singaporean is still richer than the overwhelming majority of people in south east Asia.
  4. Yes same old stock answers we have had from politicians for the last 20 years - put up wages, build more houses etc. When exactly? Maybe someone might actually deliver - but its a bit harder with an ever expanding labour supply and rising population and the demand for housing which results. Perhaps a super tax on Guardian readers, people on twitter and woke celebs might help - so they can put their money where their tweets are!
  5. Yes - what we (or you) seem to want is high levels of crime and anti social behaviour, a severe drugs problem with the criminality that flows from it, desperate evident in your face poverty, kids going hungry, a lack of community cohesion, a society where work does not pay and where you see the homeless sleeping on the street. Let alone our response to COVID and our failing NHS. None of which arises in Singapore - where at least it is warm enough to sleep out 365 days of the year. Maybe the Singapore model has its upsides!
  6. People who have four or five children in full knowledge they cannot provide for them and have no intention of - and expect others to work and pay taxes to provide for their kids instead - are feckless and reckless I am afraid. One or two - an easy mistake - but once you are on 4 or 5 it clearly isn't. Perhaps one might become a Premiership footballer - but that is the exception not the rule. Working age benefits cost this country over £100 billion a year - more than is spent on education, social care, police and fire and defence combined. Relatively little of that goes on the genuin
  7. And who else would they vote for - I can't see Labour or the LDs opposing a property tax hike on richer areas (which they both supported in 2015, 2017 and 2019) if the Tories propose it assuming poorer areas get more spending and the mega rich in prime zone 1 pay a much bigger bill on their unearned gains. That wouldn't be very socialist would it!
  8. The point is that the poor who act responsibly, work hard in menial jobs and only have kids they can afford to provide for are the ones who get s*****d over. The reckless and feckless can carry on getting others to pay for their life choices. Still bring on Rishi's annual property tax - under which the woke lefties in Camden, Islington and co would have to start paying a lot more tax to help fund those in need. As we saw when Labour announced the mansion tax they love to virtue signal but when it comes to any personal impact on their wealth their true beliefs come to the fore and their su
  9. 2 billion people in the world in 1920. 8 billion in 2020. A four fold rise in less than a century. The biggest cause of climate change bar far is having 4 times as many people in the world consuming but its one cause no one even mentions especially the woke brigade! 40 adults+ would need to give up air travel for life to offset the climate damage and emissions caused by just one extra baby on the planet during their lifetimes.
  10. If only - apologies for the typo! Fook all for doing the right thing and paying in for decades - better to be a lazy fooker and get paid shedloads for doing nowt but having lots of kids by choice you cannot and have no intention of providing for. Cos this isn't 1960 and having children in the UK is a choice.
  11. It won't of course be 2% a year on a £500k house - utter nonsense! It is replacing council tax - which would be barely £2,000 a year at most on a £500k house. And a bit extra for stamp duty losses. The big hit will be on prime central London - Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster have more Band H properties than the whole of the north (if you exclude a couple of posh bits of Cheshire and Harrogate)! And Band H has a cap - so those £100m mansions in Knightsbridge and Belgravia will pay a lot more than the £1300 a year council tax they do now to Westminster council (which charges ba
  12. You are an 18 year old woman and your choices are: Go to university, get a £40,000 debt, move into a low level graduate job, pay your own rent out of that, try and save for a deposit and maybe by the time you are 35 have saved enough to think about buying a 20% share of a one bed flat and postpone having kids until you can afford them. And then lose your job after paying in for 15 years and all you get is £70k a week contributory JSA for 6 months and must use up all your house deposit savings until they are below £6k (so your house buying dream has gone). Or have 3 kids as a lone par
  13. Depends how it’s set. If you pile it on in Labour voting London including the super rich in zone 1 and charge less property tax vs council tax in the rest of England outside the core Home Counties it might prove quite popular. Particularly in red wall type seats who want more public spending and aren’t so keen on London. Who are the mega asset wealthy in Bucks going to vote for - Labour and Lib Dem’s who both originally proposed the Mansion tax? Might swing a few votes to Farage but enough to make a difference in Surrey or Berks or megaBucks? Surely better than extra tax on actu
  14. Is this I assume the Bells Palsy potential risk with the mRNA vaccines? Four out of 30,000 got it in the original Pfizer trial - but supposedly that may be just random. So if you vaccinate hundreds of thousands you might expect at least 13? https://fullfact.org/online/bells-palsy-vaccine-trial/ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/15/fda-staff-recommends-watching-for-bells-palsy-in-moderna-and-pfizer-vaccine-recipients.html
  15. So you tax them after they die - by increasing the inheritance tax on their estate - so their younger kids and grandkids will in fact pay the tax. So it won't affect them personally one bit. Can I also defer my taxes until after I die?
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