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    Ireland Redux

    Totally agree. I have recently inherited a share of a house from a relative in rural south west Ireland and it is valued at barely half what it was worth 10 years ago. But if anyone wants to buy a 3 bed detached house for 70,000 euro do let me know - it looks over green fields and the nearest house is over half a mile away. And a mere 30 mins drive from an airport with daily flights to Luton, Frankfurt, Stansted and Dublin!! Property buying processes in Ireland are very slow with probate taking up to 5 months and more for inheritances let alone some of the legal requirements - the local authority search doesn't operate in the same way as here as you have to approach the local council for various bits of paperwork separately re water, roads, sewage, septic tanks etc etc.
  2. Even Crossrail wouldn't make me want to live in Ilford, Romford or Stratford - nor Hayes/Harlington or Abbey Wood. So those buyers are welcome to them. And the new trains are very noisy and the seat cushioning is non existent - you feel like you are lying on a plank of wood. Not sure where the 17 billion and rising quid has gone - but the customer experience clearly wasn't a priority. The c2c line trains for example out from Fenchurch St are far superior and cost a fraction of the price.
  3. Nearly one in three people in London are on welfare in some form, a large proportion of residents of inner and central London live in social housing. It consumes by far and away the highest level of welfare spending on working age people of any English region - most notably housing benefit. There is a difference between London as an entity - and London residents 'or peoples' as you call them. Many of those who generate the wealth in London don't live there.

    Halifax January 19

    Don't forget to add 'and in spite of Brexit'. Because people who take out Nationwide mortgages aren't as influenced by Brexit as those with the Halifax.
  5. Yes - that has always been Dennis Skinner and Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Benn's secret plan - after all they all voted against the EU/EEC at every opportunity during their political careers (well until June 2016 in Corbyn's case!). The EU didn't invent the NHS - the UK did as an independent country.
  6. Reminds me of that spoof you tube video during the Referendum campaign - with 'Claire Voyant from the highly respected independent EU funded think tank Vested (Interests) announcing that following a survey of eight wealthy businessmen every hard working family in the UK would be £4.5 million a year worse off' if we voted to leave the EU. Can't say I have noticed I am £1,500 worse off - I have had a promotion at work since we voted to leave so I am better off! These fictional numbers based on meaningless averages and dubious data didn't work then either. Still good to sea the usual measured responses on here 'Brexiters will do more damage than terrorism ever managed?😏

    I think the wait is over

    There are lots of people who need somewhere to live in desperately poor countries - but that doesn't mean that sustains people paying £300k for a one bed flat in those countries. Its about the ability of money and wages to chase the prices. Perhaps they will but its not a given.

    I think the wait is over

    I wouldn't bank on anything while Mark Carney and Phil buy to let Hammond are still in their jobs!
  9. Where was the option for remaining in the EU in all but name - or paying 39 billion euro as an exit fee after giving two years notice. If I leave a club with due notice I don't expect to keep using the facilities permanently after I leave and keep paying for them. Most of the world isn't in the EU single market and customs union - they seem to get on ok,
  10. Exactly I was amazed it did not say where he lived - not even a region or a county. Seems others have found out here anyway, A couple on nearly £70k could afford a nice house in reasonably nice area in the north east - in London they would struggle now to buy a one bed flat in Dagenham! Its just a meaningless article. And despite earning £70k they can only afford to put by £300 a month for emergencies (like a boiler repair - which would cost six months of that saving. Rather sad indictment really. Shouldn't a qualified engineer and his teacher wife warrant something better than a small house in a rough part of town. What hope for those without professional jobs. Is he that desperate for self promotion anyway he has to do a piece for the Guardian about his earnings and housing.
  11. So voters in Northern Ireland would count 50 times more than voters in England?! The UK is the member state of the European union - and the UK decides collectively whether to leave or not. I don't really see why Northern Ireland has any more say in that than Essex or Lancashire which both have more residents.
  12. MARTINX9

    Australia ahead of the curve

    Brexit is responsible for everything everywhere. It knows no boundaries and has no limits!
  13. The shared patio area looks tiny - how many flats share that tiny space. Presumably you queue in summer until a space becomes available?
  14. No - the Cooper amendment which would have ensured no deal didn't happen (by actually changing the law to stop us leaving without a deal on 29 March!) and agreeing article 50 would be revoked (for 9 months - perhaps forever) if May's deal wasn't passed by mid February was defeated. The Spelman amendment on no deal which was passed has no legal effect at all - and changes nothing. A risk free vote from MPs - we don't like no deal but we aren't going to do anything to stop no deal. Unless the law is changed - and only the government can do that now (i.e. Mrs May brings forward legislation) - no deal still remains the default position if a deal is not agreed! Given its politically impossible for her to revoke its now her deal or no deal it appears. So nothing has changed - and today's speeches and votes have changed nothing.
  15. And those are just the infringements for January 2019 - one month! Apparently the Slovenian government seized some European central bank documents held at its own central bank - and won't hand them back yet as they are still investigating criminal acts by their own central bankers. Naughty Slovenes - the ECB's central bankers are immune from having their affairs investigated for what they are up to in your country and if you want to investigate the ECB you must ask their permission first! Because ECB data and archive material is inviolable - unlike it seems Slovene national sovereignty! Thank heavens we are leaving this pseudo dictatorship! Commission refers SLOVENIA to the Court for failure to respect the protected status of ECB documents and failure to cooperate sincerely The European Commission has decided to refer Slovenia to the Court of Justice of the EU for the violation of the inviolability of the archives of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the duty of sincere cooperation in the context of the seizure of European Central Bank documents that took place at the Central Bank of Slovenia. On 6 July 2016, in the context of a national investigation against central bank officials unrelated to the tasks of the ECB, the Slovenian authorities seized information at the Bank of Slovenia that included ECB documents and IT hardware. The ECB had given no prior authorisation for the seizure of those items, and subsequent attempts by the ECB to resolve the matter amicably have been unsuccessful. Attempts by the Commission to clarify the facts and circumstances were unsuccessful. These attempts included a pilot letter in December 2016, a letter of formal notice in May 2017 and a reasoned opinion in July 2018. The Commission remains in close contact with the ECB on this matter. For more information, please refer to the full press release.

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