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  1. Sorry you forget that there are many causes of increased house prices - but the number of people requiring housing and the annual increase in that number has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing at all!
  2. Looks like it will be a flat rate £400 off energy bills for every home. Presumably Rishi will therefore qualify himself for the rebate - its not cheap heating 5 homes when you are down to your last £750 million. The logical approach would have been to target it at the poorest via the warm homes discount - but instead we have a scheme whereby millionaires and biillionaires will get the same handout as those in desperate poverty.b https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-rishi-sunak-announce-400-27067575 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/05/25/money-energy-bills-every-household-rishi-sunak-rescue-plan/
  3. I think we want to know a bit more about the famous Sue Gray - perhaps they will write a Channel 4 drama about this whole saga. Is she a bit of a party animal herself - or does she prefer a more sedate G&T after work as she sits in front of the telly.
  4. Your post intrigues me? What are your concerns - that Rishi might announce another stamp duty holiday today in order to help people pay their energy bills and help deal with the cost of living crisis. No such plans - as far as I am aware - but who can tell these days.
  5. Good to see some of this may better targeted such increasing the warm home energy discount for poorer households which directly cuts bills. Perhaps they might even reverse their plans to stop the warm home discount for 200,000 vulnerable households with disabilities including those claiming attendance allowance and DLA from this winter? https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2022/march/disabled-claimants-set-lose-warm-home-discounts
  6. No matter what the people say they are never giving up nor giving in! A bit of good old fashioned Europop from 1983 when Labour were campaigning for the UK to leave the Common Market!
  7. UKHSA announces close contacts of confirmed Monkeypox cases must isolate for three weeks and not travel anywhere. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/monkeypox-close-contacts-isolate-three-weeks-guidance-b1001663.html Close contact means living in the same household, having sexual contact or contact with bodily fluid in the eyes, nose or mouth. You can catch it via infected linen, exhaled droplets or skin to skin contact. The latter will be a bit hard to prevent and police!
  8. In this latest story in the Sun we are informed by experts that it’s not a sexually transmitted disease but could be passed on through skin to skin contact such as occurs when you are doing it. And gay and bisexual men are being asked to be on the look out for any unexplained rashes! As you say does it require skin to skin contact or could you shed it from your skin onto a surface that someone else touches and spread it to them. Which might of course explain why a child in the UK is unwell in hospital with it. Seems to be there is some misdirection going on here - somehow blaming gay men for the spread because of a few clusters. Still not clear how we get from someone arriving back from Nigeria to the UK in late April having it to a small cluster of cases from a gay festival in Gran Canaria a week later?! https://www.thesun.co.uk/health/18646557/monkeypox-outbreak-europe-cases-island-festival/
  9. Part of the challenge of course is that the initial symptoms - aching muscles and exhaustion plus feeling a bit feverish with a slight cough. are exactly the same initial symptoms as Omicron! Only when you get the itchy rash and lesions could you tell the difference without seeking medical intervention. https://www.cdc.gov/poxvirus/monkeypox/clinicians/clinical-recognition.html If you are feeling a bit achy and run down you have Omicron or the pox - or are you just a bit stressed because of the endless global bad news?
  10. Now cases reported in 15 countries - with Israel, Switzerland and Austria added today. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-61540474 Given the first case was identified in the UK though nearly three weeks ago from someone who had returned from Nigeria in late April - its slightly odd we only have 20-30 confirmed cases but its now made its way to 14 other nations? Was our case zero really case zero?
  11. Its not hard to see how it has bridged the gap in those countries where it is endemic (its been around since 1970) - the issue here is how it seems to be rapidly spreading globally following the original case with the person who returned to the UK from Nigeria three weeks ago. Seems Belgium has now introduced mandatory 21 day quarantine for anyone who gets infected with monkeypox. They have just 3 cases - apparently linked to a recent festival in Antwerp. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10841885/Doctors-warn-significant-rise-UK-monkeypox-cases-surge-two-three-weeks.html Apparently one child - age not specified - is in a critical condition with it in a London hospital. But only 30 or so UK cases so far. How long before we see lockdowns, travel restrictions (noting the UK sourced the first recent case outside Africa), business closures including gyms and hospitality, mandatory self isolation for infected cases, banning of crowds at sporting and other events, instructions to work from home, vaccine passes for those who haven't had the smallpox vaccine, etc etc? Beyond close sexual contact in certain that sauna in Madrid and at that Antwerp festival - its not really been explained how this is spreading. How did that child catch it? And are many of those over 50-55 immune or partially protected because they got the small pox vaccine as babies? We stopped giving the smallpox vaccine to babies in 1972.
  12. Peter and Jane only keep their second home holiday lets occupied for 105 nights a year - insufficient to avoid this new second home/holiday let premium - because they want to reduce their carbon footprint? Don't tax them for the damage they do by denying homes which could be occupied by local working people for 365 nights a year - because they are in fact saving the planet!! When in fact it helps them avoid having to pay more business rates and VAT. PMSL!
  13. Are these people even real. That second couple seem to have their pictures superimposed on their house. And David only seems to have a two bed house in a relatively expensive part of Greater Manchester - yet appears to have a huge ornamental pond etc in his back garden. And the couple seem to have had nine kids? Maybe that is why they haven't paid off the mortgage by now - too busy releasing equity to fund their kid's house purchases.
  14. I love the way they advertise the gym, pool and spa facilities which probably cost you hundreds in service charges as a justification for paying £2m for a flat in Tower Hamlets. There are several 'luxury' gyms within a short walk of there in the City etc and you also get a free towell.
  15. Spain has also revised its Covid entry restrictions - all unvaccinated international visitors including from the UK can now enter with a negative LFT test within 24 hours of departure. Before this entry was restricted for most visitors to the boostered (assuming your second jab was more than 9 months ago) or those who had proof of recovery from Covid in the last six months. Good news for the Spanish tourist industry - which is presumably why the change is being made. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61535204
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