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  1. It isn’t - not any more - because there is excess demand for social housing over supply. She did not have any needs that I can see which would merit her qualifying over thousands of other people. People are of course forgetting it was a Labour run council with a Labour Mayor that reported this to the police originally! Seems to be an internal Labour in fight that spilled out into the courts!
  2. I think we were just asking how many other single childless working 22 year olds who could have rented privately if they wanted to escape their childhood bedroom, who weren't homeless (as they lived with their parents) or disabled managed to get a social rented housing flat Tower Hamlets back in 2011. A borough where 18,000 people were on the waiting list. How many of those 18,000 people were the daughter of a councillor and former Mayor? She clearly didn't act illegally - but the council's housing allocation policies at the time did seem a bit odd! Of course I would say the same if the daughter of a Tory councillor/ex Mayor in a Tory run authority with a huge waiting list with essentially zero qualifying points (single, not homeless, working so could rent privately, not disabled, not at risk and no kids) ended getting prioritised too. Surely we can agreed that council housing should go to those in most need - not those who are most connected?
  3. Is this the end of Hollyoaks and Countdown - its not as if anyone watches the channel much anyway? But it could well mean the end of the Olympics on the BBC from the 2026 Winter Games onwards asssuming Discovery extends its current deal with the IOC. Channel 4 already has the rights to the Paralympics In the end there is a long way to go before any of this happens!
  4. Perhaps someone at the council should have been prosecuted or investigated - or should be now - about why she was allocated a council flat in a borough with 18,000 people on the waiting list in the first place. The focus is on Ms Begum but who decided that a healthy/non disabled, single woman aged 22, who wasn't homeless (as she lived with her parents), had no children and was in work (so could have rented privately with HB if needed) should be prioritised for a secure social housing tenancy. Her only apparent qualifying 'points' being that one of her parents was a councillor and former Mayor?!!
  5. Much the same in my central London office - I go in once or twice a week and there are probably more security staff on duty than staff working. And the limited number of people attending are the same people every time! Some staff in our department haven't been back even once since March 2020 - and if they aren't forced to probably never will. A very small number, however, come in every day.
  6. She wasn't an MP when she got the flat though back in 2011 - she only became an MP in 2019. Ignoring the events later which were dealt with via the trial what was most surprising is how a 22 year old single woman with no kids, who wasn't technically homeless as she was living in her parents home, had no dependents and who wasn't disabled managed to get a council flat in Tower Hamlets in the first place. A council which has nearly 20,000 people on the waiting list. That perhaps suggests something was awry with the council's processes - how was she ever prioritised - were there no vulnerable elderly, disabled, lone parents with one child or actually homeless on the list who might have needed that small flat before a young and healthy 22 year old living with her parents? But then I suppose not every young and healthy 22 year old is the daughter of a councillor and former Mayor of the borough who managed to get a job too at said council? Of course perhaps the one issue that no one debates in the media is how we came to the situation whereby a social rented council studio flat in Shadwell is worth more than ten times average local wages - £350,000! Perhaps the most shocking thing of all!
  7. I totally disagree. We need more contributory benefits not less - the harder you work and the longer you work the more you get. Just like most European countries who as a result can afford to pay higher pensions and unemployment benefits as the system doesn’t incentivise fit and healthy free loaders. The state pension is linked to your working life and in a sense what you have contributed to the country. If there is no financial benefit to working and saving - why bother working and saving!
  8. Its in Grimsby - so post Covid probably worth about £750,000. Just joking - seems I am out by a factor of 10 - but nothing surprises me anymore!
  9. Tough for England tonight - but I suppose after Italy won Eurovision it was inevitable they would win Euro 2020. In the end penalties is a lottery - a foot to the left or a hand stretched a bit further out and it might have been different. Still only 497 days until the start of Qatar 2022 - our first Christmas world cup. Going to be quite strange having the finals in November and December - lots of dark cold winter nights down the pub. Hopefully Qatar will have reopened the borders by then - horrible government and laws but Doha is a great city - and Qatar airways top class! PS why has this been moved to the off topic sub forum - surely we should have a thread on what Italy winning means for UK house prices?!
  10. 'Nature' would do a better job if it wanted to wipe out lots of humans. A mere 3 million people have died from Covid globally (100 million have died from other causes since early 2020). Anything from 50-100 million died from the Spanish flu when the global population was less than a quarter of what it is now! Covid has caused huge economic turmoil and given governments even in liberal western nations the ability to remove basic rights from citizens at short notice on public health grounds. But in terms of causing large numbers of deaths - in the context of historic diseases and pandemics so far its really a blip!
  11. Seems fans have been queuing up since 6am outside some pubs to get in. Here was the queue at a pub in Jeremy Corbyn's constituency and at the Weatherspoons at Kings Cross (a handy stopping point before you catch the Met line to Wembley?). Heaven knows how many of them will even be able to stand up by 8pm when the match begins! At least I assume they will be drinking all day - is the Weatherspoon's free coffee refill all day offer on today? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/thousands-queue-pubs-uk-euro-2020-final-england-italy-b945187.html
  12. I suppose it is notable that while the viewing figures for the semi final were over 23 million - perhaps a few million more in pubs etc - more than half the country wasn't watching. I expect that may rise a bit more tonight as its a Sunday evening but quite a few people will be secretly glad when its all over win or lose and the hysteria ends. Great time to hit the supermarket as a non football fan work colleague joked to me - no queues! Still the Olympics start next week - and we can all reunite again to cheer Team GB!! Or not.
  13. What ever happens tonight I think we should extend our sympathy to all the front line staff - the police, fire brigade, bus drivers, train and tube station staff, bar staff, all the doctors, nurses, receptionists and cleaners in A&E and more. Because they are going to have one hell of a night! And the street cleaners and others who will be up early tomorrow to clean up the mess. Surely we can at least all agree on that!
  14. Apparently a woman in her 90s died in Australia yesterday - the first such person to die this year. Well you might think so from the global coverage. Such a rare occurrence that - people dying in their 90s. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/11/global-covid-woman-dies-in-sydneys-delta-outbreak-745-new-cases-in-germany Actually 500 people typically die every day in Australia - over 80,000 since the start of the year - but they don't actually matter it seems to the global/local media so aren't reported on usually as they hadn't had a positive Covid test. Most of the country is locked down - even Alice Springs which is 800 miles from the nearest city over 1 suspected case! Quite a contrast with the UK - where we will probably get more cases from people attending Wimbledon and Euro 2020 matches than there are in the whole of Australia. And from tomorrow week we are fully reopening with no restrictions. Whose approach is correct?
  15. Worth remembering the last time England won a major tournament we weren't a member of the EU/Common Market! Perhaps its destiny! But seriously folks can you drop this nonsense - this is about the England football team and not the Government. Brexit or remain doesn't really matter today - so try to forget about it for 24 hours. And if you want to back Italy that is fine as well - I expect quite a few folks north of the border will be too! I have already taken a picture of how one Scottish politician is likely to react if Italy win!
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