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  1. He is the spitting image of the last Tsar Nicholas II. If Putin retires like Franco he may want a monarch to replace him!
  2. Maybe - but car ownership is quite a totemic issue particularly for the Tory voting demographic. Even more perhaps than house prices falling. There will be pushback no doubt - as cars give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want and at any time you want. The government deciding this for you and restricting that freedom permanently won't be popular. Of course a lot of policy is driven by bright young things living in inner London - who have little concept of the practicalities in places without a tube service 20 hours a day and night buses.
  3. Outside London even in cities public transport isn't cheap or always plentiful. A bus fare might be £1.50 in London but £4 in Manchester. And buses all head to town centres usually - which is fine if you work in the town centre but not somewhere else. People will need cars for a while yet! The UK weather isn't suited to cycling for much of the year in the rain and dark.d
  4. Of course that means two thirds are not going SSTC within a week. Wonder what the statistic is for one bed and two bed flats with no outside space (plus in some cases cladding issues) vs detached houses with gardens. In the end the only statistic that matters is about the property you are looking to buy or sell. I expect there are many homes which won't take a week to sell but could take months or years!
  5. £95,000 for the house - with an extortionate £6,000 buyers premium to the estate agent which the purchaser pays! What's Althorpe like - seems to be a village on the outskirts of Scunthorpe with direct trains to the town, Manchester and Doncaster (for onward connections to London)?
  6. This Sun article (from 2017) is particularly disturbing and sickening - about people buying homes where murders were committed including serial killings. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2685094/inside-cut-price-homes-where-murderers-committed-atrocious-acts/ As an example: 'The North London flat where serial killer Dennis Nilsen slaughtered (12) rent boys and cooked their remains sold for £300,000 in 2015.'..
  7. The holiday is still relevant for first time buyers spending above £300k where the nil band for FTBs ends. They are still paying £10k on a £500k property and £15k over £500k where there is no stamp duty help at all for FTBs. That may be relevant for those buying in London and the south east. But for those buying homes below £300k they are in no different a position from July. What is perhaps most shocking is how so many people are willing to commit to a lifetime of debt without doing the most basic financial checks!
  8. I am sure they are probably a good investment. But not everybody wants to spend their summer holiday sleeping in a shed surrounded by a lot of Essex chavs and their unruly screaming brats next to a UK beach. At least you are guaranteed Sun and warm weather in Benidorm - and a don’t have to share a communal toilet and shower.
  9. Hard to say when the stamp duty holiday ends and all the Covid support stops. The Government seems to have no issue with printing and borrowing more and more ideas to support and increase prices. I think we are of course in post lockdown hysteria now - and it may calm down by the autumn as you say and the novelty wears off. Not sure if buying is worth the stress at the moment - too much competition and general madness. Or perhaps it is time to accept that for many home ownership will never happen - unless they inherit it!
  10. Some people would rather have a nice house, a garden, a driveway to park their car, decent schools and little crime or anti social behaviour. Life isn’t all about asset prices. Unless you could afford private schools and to chauffeur them to and from everywhere why would you choose to bring up your kids in a flat in Hackney? Don’t deny it has its upsides for those in their 20s though working in London. But it’s so crowded and busy and you never feel very safe after dark.
  11. I presume its mostly buy to letters assuming reliance on renters on housing benefit to pay their mortgage? I can't exactly imagine people rushing to buy homes in Birkenhead to live in them - and its hardly second home country!
  12. Exactly - if you want to buy your first property in cash - say a cheap £30k flat up north with an inheritance - you are ineligible to claim your help to buy isa bonus or lifetime isa bonus. Which illustrates that those schemes are more about helping banks than the the first time buyers! Someone earning £100k who takes out a £400k mortgage does get the bonuses though - even though arguably someone earning £100k shouldn't be getting state aid to buy a home!
  13. Will that right be for Irish citizens only - it’s their constitution after all - or anyone who turns up. Sinn Féin’s slogan used to be Brits out - now its Brits out everybody else in! Looking at demographic trends in Ireland - mass emigration by the priced out young Irish yet a 25 per cent population rise since 1990 due to foreign migration into the country - the old debate about unionist vs nationalist and Catholic vs Protestant is going to be rendered almost irrelevant!
  14. Well I have to agree that not everyone can be lucky enough PM of an isolated country with very low population density at the end of the world with about 3 international flights daily! Tonga - New Zealand's closest Pacific island neighbour has had zero Covid deaths - so compared to them Jacinda's performance has been pretty poor! Also given Auckland has seen 20%+ price rises in the last few months not sure how your statistic - that 90% of price rises seen in NZ before she became PM can be correct? And to be fair in Europe countries led by socialists, social democrats, liberals and co
  15. Apparently 1997 to 2010 - with a quadrupling of house prices and a ten fold rise in the number of buy to let landlords never happened either. If you seriously think the Labour north London set would have allowed lower house prices either you are a bit delusional. Is there a party committed to lower house prices on your ballot paper next Thursday - directly (via money supply) or indirectly (via support for open borders) there is precious little to choose between the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems or Greens in reality on the issue! Possibly the SDP - in the unlikely event they are standing l
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