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  1. I expect there was a massive one off purchase of office chairs, tables, pc screens. laptops etc to support home working in April. Maybe even air cons for the hot summer days. Once you are set up there is little repeat business for those.
  2. Boris might have got his costa coffee at Tesco. They never shut their costa vending machines in store even at peak lockdown.
  3. And grade II listed - a disaster for leaseholders as the insurance and building repair costs will be colossal!
  4. Well it meant they could sell those collapsible reusable ones for £10 - instead of giving you a disposable cup costing 5p for free! They know their customers - who are very 'green'! I got my disposable cup from Poundland and its lasts longer. A bit off topic - but I do wonder how many fewer coffees were sold in April vs February?
  5. Given the majority of people infected are reportedly asymptomatic and have no idea they had it no one knows the actual death rate in the UK anyway (i.e. infected vs deaths). Some people have some inherent immunity - no one knows why they see no symptoms and others end up in ICU. 1 in 88 of those identified as infected perhaps - but as we don't know how many have been infected overall it is probably way lower.
  6. I always bought a cake too so Debenhams didn't lose out - so in one sense it will do wonders for my waistline long term! The Telegraph have stopped the offer now anyway - no idea if it will be back. It is of course very unclear when in store cafes and restaurants will be able to reopen in Department stores - I also have two free coffee and cake vouchers to use at John Lewis. Maybe they will be able to do take away? Waitrose stopped selling (free) coffees from their in store machines since lockdown - but the coffee vending machines in M&S and the costa ones in Tescos remain open. Are Waitrose shoppers more infectious than M&S ones?
  7. I was a bit sad to read that story about most Debenhams cafes closing permanently. WIth my Telegraph subscription I am entitled to a free coffee after 2pm every day in Debenhams! The cafes were possibly the only reason many people still went into their stores. More generally 17 of its stores will never reopen and a further 5 are at risk. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/11727690/debenhams-to-axe-jobs/
  8. And obviously desperate that they aren't able to go on weekend breaks to Oslo or Copenhagen! You can't of course get from Oslo to Copenhagen without driving through Sweden unless you an enclosed ferry or fly!
  9. No its a licence to watch television - whether you watch the BBC or not. If you never ever watch the BBC but only Sky or ITV etc you have to pay it.
  10. And under Thatcher more council homes were built in a single than Blair and Brown managed in 13. And she wasn’t even pretending she cared about the poor needing affordable housing! I sometimes think New Labour gets wiped from history in terms of their disastrous housing record. Homes were affordable in 1997 and buy to let was what you did at your local bathroom store.
  11. And has also been noted had people actually had some cash savings - what an old fashioned concept - they could have coped for several months without government bailouts. Gotta make sure those debts debts and more debts can be serviced though! Let’s wait and see if it really ends in October!
  12. The scheme detail was changed between the Telegraph and Guardian etc last night and the announcement today. It was going to be a 20% employer contribution from 1 August last night out of the 80% - it is now nothing (bar NI) in August, 10% in September and only a move to 20% in October. Within hours it seemed Sunak and the government caved to make it more generous. Its only printed money they will never pay back anyway - the cost is mere detail! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/28/rishi-sunak-to-taper-furlough-scheme-forcing-employers-to-pay-20-of-wages
  13. It was in their manifesto on which they won a majority of 80. So they have a mandate from the voters to do so - that is how it works. As long as the election is held before 12 December 2024 - five years after the last election - don't really see any constitutional issue whatsoever if parliament pass the legislation as they will. The fixed term parliament act was not in the 2010 Tory manifesto - didn't stop the Coalition passing the law - as they had the votes based on the coalition agreement.
  14. I think the point is does it disappear over the summer and come back with a vengeance in the winter even more deadly. Just like the Spanish flu in the winter of 1918-1919. We just don't know enough to say - hopefully not as the thought of a return to lockdown in dark miserable November is too much! I doubt we can assess the full effects until these support schemes peter out and we get into 2021.
  15. They are intending to change the format I believe. At the end of every episode RIshi Sunak will arrive with a cheque to pay off the bailiffs - so all the debtors can keep their goods and their homes and everyone goes home happy! And at the very end of the series the bailiffs turn up from the IMF to No 11 Downing Street instead!
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