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  1. Was Farage talking about another vote after the people's vote if remain wins that (i.e. best of 3). Or a third referendum taking into account 1975 and 2016? Of course in order to have a people's vote you need to get parliament to agree what is on the ballot paper and pass legislation - the last one took 7 months to organise and the Govt had a clear mandate from the 2015 election and a majority to pass it. Even the people's vote people are a little vague about the ballot paper question. Cos if Brexit is complex then a simple binary choice as in 2016 isn't really appropriate? If you have May's deal vs remain then millions including most Tory voters who want a clean/real/hard (take your pick) Brexit won't have an option they can support. And if its deal vs no deal the remainers won't be happy. So I doubt a second referendum will happen - cos Parliament cannot agree on anything!
  2. The Unionist/Republican apparent divide becomes all the more ridiculous given both sides are 'Irish' when you bear in mind that there are upwards of 600,000 non Irish citizens south of the border and Varadkar wants another 1 million by 2040! Ireland is becoming less Irish every year and yet they still fight old meaningless battles about two sets of Irish traditions. Maybe they might join together to preserve both their cultures which have more in common than they think! Still having customs controls - which existed from 1922 to 1992 anyway (most of which was before the troubles) is hardly an excuse for terrorism and murder?
  3. Plenty of millienials were dollar trillionares in Zimbabwe until recently. Did their Us counterparts mean as measured by the ZImbabwean dollar?

    Halifax Nov 2018

    Or they just cut the figure in November as no one buys before Christmas so they can ramp it up again in the new year when buyers start house hunting again.
  5. How many of them were dumb enough to vote for the elitist, globalist, former banker Macron in the first place with his former schoolteacher as first lady. Still I see the media has got the line now - they are not shop workers, cleaners, farmers and nurses complaining about fuel price rises but far right fascists and populists driven wild by Russian twitter accounts!
  6. First sentence of the 2015 European Union referendum act approved by parliament 'A referendum is to be held on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union.' Fourth and fifth sections of the 2015 European Union referendum act approved by parliament 4)The question that is to appear on the ballot papers is— “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” (5)The alternative answers to that question that are to appear on the ballot papers are— “Remain a member of the European Union Leave the European Union”. Of course Parliament would need to decide the purpose of the referendum - the Electoral Commission merely agrees wording and phrasing based on the options agreed by parliament not the choice on offer (i.e. leave or remain last time). Any act would need to specify broad options - so the Commission had the authority to design the wording. Its not the EC's job to decide the options asked but how those options are worded on the ballot paper - its a quango! It can't be an act which merely says lets have a vote, any vote - it needs to say a vote on what!
  7. I think its a good idea to implement the results of the first one before you hold another one - otherwise whats the point of holding them if they are going to be ignored. So you wouldn't actually propose offering the deal which has been agreed with the EU Commission and other 27 member states because MPs dont like it. Isn't the point to ask the people if they would like it - as otherwise why bother holding the second referendum if MPs are going to decide it anyway. Most MPs wanted remain and still do - voters decided they wanted to leave. May's deal is perfectly credible option - its leaving (of sorts) and its been agreed with the EU. Remain (as now or lose rebate) and no deal are not firm destinations either. I wouldn't be surprised if the question you would really like is remain or remain!
  8. I suggest we keep having votes every two years until people vote to remain/rejoin the EU and then stop having any more EU referendums. Sounds about right! There are quite a few options of course for any second referendum: May's deal with backstop vs May's deal without backstop vs no deal vs remain using AV May's deal vs Boris's deal vs Corbyn's theoretical deal inside customs union vs remain using AV May's deal vs no deal vs remain but we lose our rebate using AV Stay in EU customs union or in a customs union with the EU or leave the customs union using AV Keep NI in the single market in all respects and GB for just goods or leave the single market (or GB stay and NI leave the SM) using AV May's deal vs No deal by FPTP May's deal vs No deal vs remain vs remain but lose the rebate using AV Deal or no deal by FPTP Leave or remain by FPTP Canada vs Norway vs Turkey vs remain Canada + vs Canada++ vs Canada +++ vs Canada ++++ vs no deal vs remain Lets just say if Parliament cannot agree on a deal I rather doubt they will ever agree on the wording for a second referendum!!!

    Yellow Vest Protests

    Its a protest against fuel price rises linked to a green agenda. The metropolitan elite in Paris who travel by metro/do short journeys by chaffeur/uber vs the poor and those living in rural areas who need cars to get around. It certainly has some parallels to Brexit.
  10. The five permanent members were selected in 1945 - only one then had the atomic bomb (the USA). They were seen as the victorious powers. As long as course as it suits the US the UK will never lose its permanent seat as we are its only reliable ally.
  11. Never understood why France got the fifth seat anyway - they were no more deserving than any other nation conquered by the Germans. China, UK, Russia and the USA were the winning powers - France was liberated by the UK/USA and the empire forces.
  12. The then Taoiseach Eamon De Valera signed a book of condolence at the German embassy in Dublin on 2 May 1945 when he heard Hitler had committed suicide. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/ireland-and-the-nazis-a-troubled-history-1.3076579
  13. Most young people want low wages, the right to go and work in nations with 45% youth unemployment and to rent for ever - why on earth would they support a hard Brexit?!
  14. It is now almost impossible for the average Brit to retire to Australia or NZ now – 20 years ago it was easy and you got free medicare. Now you need to invest £750,000, have a pension of at least £45k a year (how many have that) and have to provide your own health insurance. And Australia/most of NZ isn’t cheap to live. There are of course other options e.g. south/central America, Thailand, Malaysia, Philipines who offer retirement visas but they don’t give you much long term certainty, offer no free health care and some are renewable annually. We did of course have no issue with FOM when it was with western European/wealthy nations with high wages/generous welfare systems pre 2004. Of course its more problematic when it becomes a route for importing cheap labour from eastern Europe. I saw somewhere that only 1,400 Brits had taken advantage of FOM to move permanently to an eastern/central European EU member state post 2004 – compared to 1.5 million moving to the UK. We just have no interest in living in Slovakia or Latvia or Romania. It will also be interesting to see how reciprocal social security and health arrangements work in future. Under current arrangements a EU/Irish citizen who works all his/her life in the UK and then retires to Spain or Greece for the warmer climate has their pension and healthcare paid for by the UK government. What happens in future – does the nation they are a citizen of cover the S1 health care costs in retirement? Or can they utilise FOM to retire but have to get private insurance as they never paid social insurance contributions in an EU member state. Its complicated!
  15. MARTINX9

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    The owners car is also too big for the driveway - its sticking out onto the pavement. In many areas - perhaps not Richmond - the Council would fine you for that. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40729398

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