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  1. Det Con Hughes said: "The bankers deliberately targeted elderly wealthy victims who rarely checked their bank accounts. One victim had not been to the bank for over 20 years. " Sounds like yer average bank / building society's modus operandi over the last few years.
  2. Aren't NHS trusts allowed to register for VAT in order to reclaim input VAT ?
  3. Come on ! ...you would hardly expect people visiting a site called "House Price Crash" to be exactly 'content' Posters might well reasonably be descibed as malcontent. Isn't being pretty p!ssed-off with the status quo a prerequisite for debate of this type? Don't be so snotty about the HPC population. Malcontent ... and proud of it !
  4. "Federal courts have now ruled that even $1000 at your home, with a bank receipt, can be confiscated" (TV host - 9.08) Really? Or is this a bit of over-egging the pudding?
  5. Absolutely. Can't get a mortgage on a grotbox for 200k, then the obvious thing to do is go out and nick some trainers and torch a furniture store whilst at it. Oh - and not forgetting to smash the windows of a Ladbrokes while passing so you can nip in and place a free bet on the 3.30 at Newmarket.
  6. Regardless of the legalities, extreme events can lead to illegal acts, and I wouldn't want anything of mine in SocGen's hands once the SHTF. Remeber the story about the looted BCCI safe deposit boxes posted a couple of nights ago by another poster - if true, that's a scary example of having faith in a legal structure that still went wrong. Personally, I'd still switch out. I closed my Soc Gen account several years ago - they're a good bank, but forthcoming events might be beyond even them to police.
  7. Greg Pytel is shrewd, incisive, but above all, polite - especially to people who challenge his viewpoint. I really respect that in a poster.
  8. Ha ! Excellent book, wasn't it - "When the Wind Blows". Filling vessels didn't do 'em much good, though ... Get a grip, man. One riot doth not make a revolution. Not even in times of (temporary) (partial) global meltdown.
  9. Blimey - I almost took you seriously for a minute - it reminds me of my early years of fifth form debates pro / against democracy. Let's all do it, then - let's all lobby our MEP's and that should sort out this [email protected]
  10. Me too. Nigel Farage seems to have always been delivering a unpopular message that no-one in the European legislation wants to hear or acknowledge, and respect to him for continuing to put his head above the parapet, although I suppose that's both his job and his mission statement. But what a pity that Elton John in 6.43 wasn't taking the situation altogether seriously. I never did like 'Candle in The Wind' much. As for Guinness, F.U.Y., - maybe it's best drunk in Ireland to be properly appreciated.
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