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  1. The series follows this one firm of bailiffs who it seems only evict from rental accommodation. I doubt the High Street Financial Industry would welcome a fly on the wall documentary such as this. Although that said there is much educational benefit to be derived from it. The BBC of late have moved into programs where you can be issued fines in the street, diversifying from their usual property porn.
  2. Eh? Your figures are still wrong From the Horses Mouth https://www.gov.uk/call-charges
  3. Except you fell for the spin and lies. The allegation by Corbyn that calls to the Universal Credit line are 55p per minute. To recap the UC number, 0345 600 0723 is a low rate number. From a landline it costs up to 9p per minute. Corbyn was referring to the notional charge from a mobile phone - which, as is likely in the large majority of cases, the individual has a contract, the cost is FREE. Unlike 087* numbers, 03** number are included in the contract bundle. Once again Corbyn tries to make political capital out of the very few not the many... Once a liar always a liar.
  4. Strange the I does not number the Labour MP's who also have landlord interests..... The years 97 - 2010 were hardly bad news for HPI for owners either were they..... Both major parties are at fault.......
  5. The EU has already and will continue to parrot a line that they see this as an internal Spanish matter. Farage yesterday at the EU parliament made a point of mentioning that the head honcho's Juncker ect, had not even condemned the violence the Guardia National used against the Civpol. But then they were only casting a vote something the EU would rather not happen at all. All very nasty and yet another reason why we are better off out. In debt terms, Spain is in a poor way. If it loses Catalonia it will be harder to service it's debts as more or bigger is better. Of course, there will be nil discussion on how much of this debt Catalonia should take on. This may well yet be the Black Swan no one saw coming which brings down the EZ.
  6. I would say nil chance of success. Spain will oppose them joining and it only takes one to oppose. They first need to establish their independence and gain third-party recognition for legitimacy. That isn't likely to include current EU member nations.
  7. Spain is the member with EU membership. If Catalonia cede (subject to all the legal wrangles) they will be a new nation outside of membership and will have to go through the joining process. We hammered all this out around the time of the Indyref in Scotland as they (if they had voted for Ind) would have been in exactly the sameboat.
  8. Anyone member can black ball a new nation joining. It is inconceivable Catalonia would be granted membership. This is in the founding treaties Lisbon for this one I think. Catalonia's first hurdle will be credibility. If they declare how many nations will recognise them and establish diplomatic ties? Not many I wager.
  9. Bit of an explanation here on PPrune of the transition from airbus to Boeing..... For the smaller types and Ryan Air operate 737's it shouldn't be too much of a drama. http://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-366817.html As for the rest of the doom and gloom in the UK budget airline industry, it makes one wonder how Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair, Flybe are not following them down the tubes. Not to mention the dozens of other airlines across Europe. Monarch being an older airline just had it's debts catch up with it, not to mention poor structuring and having to pay everything in Sterling.
  10. http://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk/ At what point do you think those who lend to UK say bullocks to it and pull the plug. But then we could always print it I suppose. That would work in your world.
  11. Where do you get Bankers Bitch from? Yes the banks have issues but they are afforded far too much credibility than they deserve. Brown was at the Helm (and responsible for the previous 10 years of financial regulation) when they went pop in 2008. There may well be a circumvention but you still haven't answered how it will be paid for.
  12. No he has bankrupted the Country dozens of times over..... And that's before you get to his nationalisation plans. How do you think this will be paid for? Not to mention this seems to be at odds with the earlier policy of remaining in the Single Market..... The EU simply won't allow it.
  13. Silly semantics over the numbers which has little meaning 1 Would be too many in what is supposed to be a regulated industry. All the players who want to ply for hire either get on board and comply with the law or they **** off into the sunset. Simple as. Unless you are happy for that 1 to be your wife or daughter? In return for a handy cab service?
  14. Uber allegedly don't remunerate their drivers correctly. Often they earn below min wage. They are subject to the one size fits all contract. Black Cab drivers probably have more leeway in negotiating their t&c.
  15. Black Cab Drivers are subject to background checks as part and parcel of their personal licence. Not to say some have offended in the past as I would expect some have but the figures are not comparable with Uber. The article may well be white noise designed to confuse. It seems to be short on facts and long on allegations.
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