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  1. cypher007

    What Should We Do?

    that was our original idea, but our semi is in a tricky area to sell, as its out of the golden mile from asda that the eu people like. plus after 20 years wed have two properties. also if the poo hits the fan and we cant pay the mortgage the bank gets the semi.
  2. cypher007

    What Should We Do?

    oh and one property needs to be a 3 bed detached at least. which will be about £140k up.
  3. cypher007

    What Should We Do?

    our current position: 3 bed semi paid for, worth about £110k. £50k deposit saved. we want to have one property as a rental and one to live in. the rental market in Boston UK where we live is hot, due to eastern Europeans constantly moving in. what weve found so far, when weve offered on a few properties, is the estate agents/vendors are not very keen dropping from the asking prices. more so since the HTB2 scheme was announced, not that the Help The Bubble scheme will drive up prices no no of course not. so should we continue waiting, been waiting 6 years. or take the plunge before we cant afford to trade up at all.
  4. cypher007

    Prime Location App

    emailed them. apparently its a service they used to offer, hmm sounds like a cover up.
  5. cypher007

    Im Supprised To Be Honest

    been waiting for 6 years for crash and its just not happening. isn't it time to just accept the government (which ever one is in) will do what ever is needed to keep the economy/house prices high, as so much of the UK economy relies on the housing market.
  6. im bgred if I can figure out where on there app it shows number viewings a property has already had. though it says in the blurb it can. any ideas.
  7. has anyone been watching the 70's program on BBC2? talk about history repeating itself. house prices rose 70% in two years!!!
  8. cypher007

    Krusty On Newsnight Now

    sorry to reignite this thread, but watching Kirsty pratically foaming at the mouth was priceless. i think some bands above 300k would be a good idea. actually i think the poll tax taken at source would be a good idea. think of how much you would get from a 3 bed thats being rented to 9+ eastern europeans.
  9. cypher007

    Boston's House Prices

    yeah but when yopu can buy a 2 bed terraced place for £70k and rent it back out for about £500pcm, you can see the attraction.
  10. cypher007

    High Street Very Quiet

    mmmm excellent, in a Mr Burns way. all fuel for the HPC steam train.
  11. cypher007

    Itv News

    asking a shopper in London if he thought people would rise up against inequalities in the UK said: "as long as people have got X factor and booze, not much will change in this country" says it all really.
  12. went shopping in Peterborough's Queensgate with the family last weekend and it was quiet, i mean really quiet for a Christmas shopping day. then we visited the big Tesco's on the outskirts, and that was the same.
  13. cypher007

    Breaking....26 Countries Agree

    wasnt the whole idea of the EU devised by an ex Nazi?
  14. cypher007

    Boston's House Prices

    tell that to the boomers in detached land. some i know are buying BTL to rent.
  15. im waiting for a HPC, but the market seems to be going the wrong way where i live. i have a semi-detached which has according to this data risen 0.7% over the last quarter. compared to the detached market, which we want to trade upto, that has risen 11.8% over the same period: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/uk_house_prices/html/32ub.stm?se#table http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/uk_house_prices/html/32ub.stm?d#table ive even seen it locally, where a house nearby has sold for £192k this year, and one in similar condition in the same road sold for £189 in 2007 .

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