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  1. Det Con Hughes said: "The bankers deliberately targeted elderly wealthy victims who rarely checked their bank accounts. One victim had not been to the bank for over 20 years. " Sounds like yer average bank / building society's modus operandi over the last few years.
  2. Aren't NHS trusts allowed to register for VAT in order to reclaim input VAT ?
  3. Come on ! ...you would hardly expect people visiting a site called "House Price Crash" to be exactly 'content' Posters might well reasonably be descibed as malcontent. Isn't being pretty p!ssed-off with the status quo a prerequisite for debate of this type? Don't be so snotty about the HPC population. Malcontent ... and proud of it !
  4. "Federal courts have now ruled that even $1000 at your home, with a bank receipt, can be confiscated" (TV host - 9.08) Really? Or is this a bit of over-egging the pudding?
  5. Absolutely. Can't get a mortgage on a grotbox for 200k, then the obvious thing to do is go out and nick some trainers and torch a furniture store whilst at it. Oh - and not forgetting to smash the windows of a Ladbrokes while passing so you can nip in and place a free bet on the 3.30 at Newmarket.
  6. Regardless of the legalities, extreme events can lead to illegal acts, and I wouldn't want anything of mine in SocGen's hands once the SHTF. Remeber the story about the looted BCCI safe deposit boxes posted a couple of nights ago by another poster - if true, that's a scary example of having faith in a legal structure that still went wrong. Personally, I'd still switch out. I closed my Soc Gen account several years ago - they're a good bank, but forthcoming events might be beyond even them to police.
  7. Greg Pytel is shrewd, incisive, but above all, polite - especially to people who challenge his viewpoint. I really respect that in a poster.
  8. Ha ! Excellent book, wasn't it - "When the Wind Blows". Filling vessels didn't do 'em much good, though ... Get a grip, man. One riot doth not make a revolution. Not even in times of (temporary) (partial) global meltdown.
  9. Blimey - I almost took you seriously for a minute - it reminds me of my early years of fifth form debates pro / against democracy. Let's all do it, then - let's all lobby our MEP's and that should sort out this [email protected]
  10. Me too. Nigel Farage seems to have always been delivering a unpopular message that no-one in the European legislation wants to hear or acknowledge, and respect to him for continuing to put his head above the parapet, although I suppose that's both his job and his mission statement. But what a pity that Elton John in 6.43 wasn't taking the situation altogether seriously. I never did like 'Candle in The Wind' much. As for Guinness, F.U.Y., - maybe it's best drunk in Ireland to be properly appreciated.
  11. I know - he's Chinese, but he speaks Japanese too.
  12. Excuse me. I import little plastic tambourines from China, and you should see the joy as the little kiddies' faces light up as they see them. Don't be so cynical. Just think of the children. Don't you like children?
  13. Blimey - don't you two realise that memorising passages from Robert Heinlen is taking up valuable brain space that could be used to store miore important data such as gold price resistance levels, etc. G*d help you when the 'head for the foothills' moment arrives. Ken - Hainoreno sugoi desukedo atarashii hon o yomanakereba naranaiyo !
  14. Already on 2.95% with the P.Office. Not sure if I can be a*sed to fill in their form for another 0.06%.
  15. You'd never win, but it raises some interesting points. If you walk in the rain, are you technically committing theft if you stick your tongue out and catch a raindrop? On a (slightly) saner note, as water rates have been sky-rocketing year after year, I've been wondering about rigging up a rain water capture system > filter > pumping into a separate storage tank for servicing WC's, maybe bath, washing machine etc. The water will still end up in the water PLC's system in the end, but would deprive them of some revenue if it caught on.
  16. Here's some more pictures of beautiful Penhill.
  17. I see a butt tax coming - making it a criminal offence to store unlicensed water which belongs, of course, to the PLC that operates your water supply. Probably a French PLC at the moment, but maybe a private equity outfit soon. Even now, you can't abstract water from the stream at the bottom of your garden (unless you're an HPC'er in which case you don't have a garden since you STR'd in October 2007). Yep - a butt tax. edit - wrong emoticon
  18. I assume you're living with parents or similar, since the average flat rental is £500 - £700 per month; ie: £6k - £8k per annum, which is also about half your earnings. Are your earnings £15k gross or net?
  19. Totally disagree with doccyboy, even if he is a revered mod with a mega-score. Chancel Search is a great little earner for the solrs. with the same old infamous 2003 scare story (Gail and Andrew Wallbanks) that they trot out on eveery occasion to help justify the search and subsequent purchase of indemnity insurance. Fact is, the number of claims above £5000 in the UK in the last 10 years can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The chances of a claim are miniscule, and the whole Chancel shenanigans will be brought to an end with new legislation on 13 October 2013. Stll not sure? Ok - try this. Try to find another story anywhere on the web, other than the Wallbanks' case.
  20. They can't. You lock into the rate at the time of signing.
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