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  1. Young people lacking motivation to work, i'm sure has nothing to do with depressed wages and leaders calling them useless. Allowing in MILLIONS! of cheap workers to undercut them, is a total coincidence..
  2. In other news, PPI idiots given free money to burn to keep themselves warm..... 7 F**king years of this now!
  3. The headline of the page says "Net migration to UK rises to 260,000 in year to June" .. and I mentioned the gross figure in the next sentence. Did you read the bbc piece or indeed my post? Doesn't look like it.
  4. I did, and I summarised the gross figure "half a million per year" in the bit you deleted from my post. My point was to question the sense in using a net figure as the headline, as it can lead government to the perverse incentive of encouraging Brits to leave simply to keep the 'net' numbers down. We want Brits to stay, and not feel pushed out.
  5. I think it affects all industries. The reason there's so much competition in the higher end jobs is because everyone is 'bunched higher up'. Low paid work done by immigrants, forces Brits to have to aim higher. Brits have no choice if they want to buy a home. The EU has essentially restarted the slave trade. It's happening right before our eyes. These immigrants are being exploited. They come thinking they can have a western style life. When they get here they see what the Brits have already worked out. Those low wages will not get you home or a western style lifestyle. In fact you'll be living in worse conditions than back in Romania etc. It's big business and the "management/political class" exploiting cheap labour, pure and simple.
  6. ..and your wages will keep going down.... Never mind we have liar loans to plug the gap.
  7. Why are they always using the Net figure? Essentially it amounts to Government saying "as long as we can get enough Brits to flee the UK, we can keep on letting in half a million per year" ... "then we use the net figure to make it look like only a 1/4 of a Million have come in." Brits leaving is dreadful for our economy. After years of educating, feeding, protecting, and raising them to be good decent law abiding citizens with British values and outlook. The moment they become productive, we lose them. Great!
  8. I'm sure the slave trade was good for our economy. Didn't make it right though did it? There are things more important than money. Like democracy and living in a free sovereign country.
  9. Everyone who has been dismayed by the banking/political corruption that has wrecked our country should cheer this speech. Speech begins at around 2min 45sec.
  10. http://news.sky.com/story/1345749/ex-tory-supporter-boosts-ukip-donation-to-1m
  11. Arron Banks announces £1 million donation to UKIP. Breaking news on Sky, BBC Just heard Farage call Grant Shapps Michael Green.
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