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  1. Reminds me of this HPC classic. https://soundcloud.com/user-844026673/the-great-hargeisa-goat-bubble
  2. Love that everyone on here talks with authority about Bitcoin either booming or busting, but no-one predicted this massive ******ing rally.
  3. Whats going on here then? Says 24hr high of $6.31mil! Hope someone got to sell at that price!
  4. Interestingly I bought in about 5 years ago. If you told me then, we would be where we are now after 5 years I would have told you to ****** right off with your crazy predictions. Been a mad 5 years. Loved the crashes as much as the gains, what a ride.
  5. I think you posted in the wrong thread by mistake. This is the XRP thread:
  6. Can we hold you to that? Run along to the existing and busy XRP thread and we'll see you back here at the end of next year. Byeeee
  7. For me the value and backing for Bitcoin is maths, cryptography and algorithms. After observing the actions of central banks and governments in the last couple of decades, I would prefer to entrust a portion of my money to a decentralised currency that relies on maths, cryptography and algorithms, rather than humans.
  8. Just googled when the Euro came in to existence. Was Jan 1st 1999. So at the end of this year it will have been around for 20 years. It will be interesting to see how this is celebrated given the endless and current problems with the currency.
  9. Yeah XRPs amazing, definitely gonna be the one. Lets all head over to the dedicated XRP thread to chat about it:
  10. Yeah surely if you sign up for swift, the first thing you do when you get then is trade them for a non inflationary coin.
  11. Depends what problem you need fixing. I dont need need help with day to day transactions. I can do it with cash and card. I don’t need help thansfering money to a mate, I can do it with bank transfer or PayPal. I don’t need help with online purchases, I can do it with PayPal or card. International transfers could do with some streamlining, but also not a massive problem. The problem I have is I need a savings account. No currency seems worth saving in these days. Then along comes Bitcoin, a deflationary currency. As soon as I read about it I realized what a game changer it was. And since then it’s done exactly what it said on the tin. It seems Narco is waiting for some unicorn coin that solves the non problems that I first mentioned, but you missed it. Bitcoin was the invention.
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