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Nottingham -13% Yoy: Nationwide Report

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They kept this little one quiet. ;)

On page 5 of http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical/q2-2006.pdf

Then again it must be a mistake, surely prices only ever go up. :o

The Guardian :ph34r: report that on the front page today (in small letters at the bottom "House prices suffer biggest falls for years") - but still, hasn't gone unnoticed by at least one newspaper

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Grim Upnorth with some of the biggest falls--even once booming Leeds is near the top of the fall table at -2%. Nottingham may be suffering after the report showed it was the city with the 2nd highest rate of crime.

ODPM says my area of the W Midlands was down 8.2% for the year. It will be interesting to see if that trend has continued when the latest LR report is issued. Employment is the problem in this area with car manufacturing shutting down and moving overseas. The collateral damage is far worse than the car jobs alone may have suggested.

One thing is now for certain, the market is turning with just the fringes of Scotland and Ireland still stuck in the hyper-inflation mode. People have had a very long notice period to get out if they are at risk in the downturn. That sell window is closing quite rapidly now.

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Apartment 4 lost £60k in 3 years. Great Investment

That's beautiful. There are no pictures but I think I can pretty much guess what those flats look like.

Northern Ireland's gone nuts though. Why? Did the Belfast Telegraph run an article on how to become a BTL millionairre around a year ago?

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Well, if you look at the table on page 3 of the Nationwidre report, a YOY increase of 5.65% for the UK is only 3.51% in you strip out Scotland and Northern Ireland. 3.51% is only just above the 'official' inflation rate and probably well below real inflation.

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What makes property inflation in N. Ireland even more obscene is the state of the dependency economy in which the bubble has grown. It is quite extraordinary how far from reality the mania has driven prices.

David Mc Williams on the North’s economy;

According to a new study, the Northern economy now relies for a remarkable 71.3pc of its economic output on the public sector, by far the highest proportion in the western world. Economists at the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), who carried out the study, have also warned that this dependency is growing (if that were possible).

THEY reveal that comparable figures in the rest of Britain show the next most dependent region in the UK is Wales, where public spending is equal to 62.4pc of its economic output. At the other end of the spectrum, London had a mere 33.4pc public sector share of Gross Domestic Product. According to the OECD, the Republic's comparable figure is 31pc.

Northern Ireland is now a junkie economy, hopelessly addicted to handouts from the British exchequer. It is difficult to see how it can wean itself off. Far from benefiting from an economic "peace dividend", the North has become progressively more reliant on handouts. In the past, when the IRA were bombing and maiming, it was possible to explain the North's financial neediness on the "war".

David Mc Williams

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As I mentioned on one of my previous posting's yesterday - a friend of mine just buying a new build (show home) in Beeston is having to wait until at least November to be able to move in as the other plots haven't attracted any interest at all for over a month!

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The stats from 'home' look great, nottingham seems to have been slipping for a while and it looks like the pace is picking up. Semi detached property appears to be holding, all other stock seems to be slipping...


It gets even better. Paragon Mortgages BTL Index Jun 2006 show return on initial investment since 2005 for East Midlands is down -15.38% (-£27,306 / year)

Headline!!! RENTS REMAIN STABLE AS LANDLORDS CONTINUE TO BUY... :lol: and loose the money


Paragon Stat Pages

Edit: Map attached


Edited by Pakard

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