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  1. They speak English. If you're going to emigrate, it makes sense to go to one where you know the lingo even if poorly. And then vicious circle - they have mates here who know the system and how to fill out the forms.
  2. Both Gordon Brown and George Osborne studied history at university. So, no!
  3. IIRC Allardyce is an "investor" in a company called The Film Development Partnership II LLP as well as the property tax avoidance scam.
  4. You could build a decent football team with some of those names, and have a half-decent manager in Rafa Benitez or Terry Venables!
  5. "You can't scam an honest man". I know two people who "invested" in the film scam - I wouldn't trust either of them.
  6. I've learnt to avoid the topic with friends. It's just not worth it - if you spout your opinion they think you're mad/jealous, and if (once) you're proven right they'll resent you. A good pal of mine bought a BTL recently after an inheritance - I shook his hand, congratulated and wished him luck. Some people can't be helped, especially when they are faithful members of the Church of HPI and the sermons come from the BBC (mass of worship every weekday at 11.15am on BBC1, other services throughout the week).
  7. Have enjoyed your blog and input on here WICAO. Will order. Good luck with the book.
  8. So it was founded to lend to sub-prime borrowers in 1472?! Does "paschi" mean "wonga" in Italian (or Tuscan as I guess it was then)?
  9. Already happened when they crapped on Greece, and are keeping their boot in.
  10. Jeez, that's got "for mugs only" written (in appalling English) all over it.
  11. That's why we're not talking about it, or indeed interested in it, in here - we know it'll give a clueless and biased view and won't rock the boat with any truths.
  12. Indeed. It's akin to Gordon Brown announcing to the markets well in advance that he was going to sell our gold. You can't negotiate a good deal if the other side know all the details and your limits.
  13. I presume it doesn't take into account those "tax payers" working in the public sector, who are really paid from tax rather than being net contributors. Would suggest therefore that about 38% of the adult population pay for everything.
  14. Never understand people buying euros at the airport. Probably cheaper if they just get euros at a local cash point on arrival!
  15. One of those anti-fracking boomer NIMBYs was on the TV earlier complaining that fracking in the field opposite her house was going to ruin the peace and quite. At least I think that's what she said - it was difficult making out her voice above the noise of the busy A road with constant traffic at the end of her drive.
  16. I think the posts above have given you a decent response to my suggestion, but the housing market is unfair and favours landlords, who always claim to be entrepreneurs and run a business, so this would force them to behave that way. There is no doubt there is also serious tax avoidance by landlords. Running a limited company is not onerous or expensive with very little paperwork (after all a proper landlord will be doing an annual tax return anyway!) and will force people who claim to be "amateur" landlords to start behaving like professionals. We will also know exactly which houses are rented out, which we don't at the moment (amazing HMRC don't check against Land Registry but then they are genuinely understaffed.
  17. I've said it on here before, but it should be compulsory that if you rent out a property you have to do it through a limited company. It is a business after all, and will stop huge amounts of tax evasion by not declaring rental income or the nonsense of the landlord "moving into" a previously rented property for a while to avoid capital gains tax. Very simple to implement too.
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