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  1. I think it is disgusting. With £100'000 saved in a High Interest account with First Direct, you get a measley £300 per month Interest. No wonder people can be bothered to save and would rather spend, where is the motivation.
  2. Maybe, but their other policys are weak. You can't win any way you look at it, they are all as bad as each other.
  3. Because they want to tax higher income earners more heavily. No Thanks
  4. Could be 200'000 more if those caught by this new Social Housing (read "steal you house) order come into affect.
  5. Clutching at straws it is. Korean Missiles will have absolutely zero affect on U.K housing, exactly as they have limited affect on the stock market. The rubbish yesterday that U.K stocks fell because of the missiles has been cleared up today with stocks more than making up for the profit taking yesterday. I think you should have to provide 50% deposit for 2nd homes, and be taxed at 50% CGT on selling them, but won't ever vote Liberal.
  6. Does make you think. I don't think I went wrong not buying a house, but I do think I made a mistake saving all that money up, when really I should just have been borrowing it.
  7. But the interest rate you get from the bank has gone down? What is that all about?
  8. It is a great deal..... for the Company offering it. I might do the same here. I'll find some granny, give her £30k to see out her days and get her to sign me over her house once she's died.
  9. I think losing the deposit is the legal minimum. If I were the Sellers I wouldn't be too miffed at that. They get 30k and the chance to sell their house again. If the worst came to the worst they could stick it on the market for 10% less, offsetting that against the £30k they've just taken. I do agree, I would be on the Sellers side completely. One of the problems in the U.K at present is that people feel they shouldn't be held accountable for their mistakes.
  10. There isn't really anyway the Solicitor for either party should have allowed the deal to go ahead without knowing funds were there. When we sold ours the FTB's were supposed to pay 10% deposit, but could only scrape together £1000! We had the choice of taking it and progressing, or calling it off. We took the risk but set the completion to 10 days after exchange to stop any messing around.
  11. Maybe their only way out would be if the Solicitor didn't advise them thoroughly and they can put pressure on them. Other than that they have 2 options. Stick tennants into Grandads place to help them pay the mortgage on the new place till its sold, or get a bridging loan and hope to God they sell quickly.
  12. I don't think there is anyway they could, or should get out of that one. When they paid their deposit they would have signed a contract. It wouldn't really be fair to the sellers either for them to drop out now with no legal consequences.
  13. Wrong. The wife says that she used the place as her Primary Residence during a trial split from her husband. There is no capital gains tax on your Primary Residence.
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