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  1. The French would never take this ********. I've just ripped down three for sale signs, after seeing a few pulled down. The only way to make the government take note is to revolt. You're just to content to complaign on an internent forurm. Take some direct action god dammit!!!! Rip sales signs down!
  2. http://www.arcades247.com/play-294-Mansion_Impossible.html
  3. lol property spasitcs oh no! my doll house is worth 40% less! Your plasterboard walls and faux real brick house has crashed ahaha
  4. think it is so good to pay so much for a crap dolls house? You do realise cheaper houses are better don't you? You would pay less council tax and the next house would cost less and you would have to borrow as much. you are all property spastics. then again there is nothing else worth talking about on this stupid island hell they don't even cut the grass properly.
  5. banks are fcking spastics man. I was late few times for barclaycrap payments and they shared my data with experian (charge you to view your credit score) yet I put over 7k into my person account in March yet i cant get a bigger overdraft than £350. Man i hate this country with a passion lol. Don't trust a) banks men with beards c) skinny chefs
  6. i asked them . How many poles live here now?
  7. I keep meeting lots of Poles. Stayed in a hotel maid was polish, waiter was polish. Went to eat out, all staff were poles. Met some on a night out also they were poles, and the doorman was polish. man utd have a pole in goal (pig) and in the local tesco two of the staff were poles. pole pole pole mole!
  8. lol spastics. I thought five was hillarious. "desperate to get a foot on the property ladder" hmm im about as desperate as a thai hooker...
  9. id like to leave to. uk houses are getting smaller and more expensive, they are roughly a third of the size of houses built a while ago. what is that sh1thole for 300+k? lol madness. im not sure where yet though
  10. Bit miffed when i see Halifax reporting increases, not the case here at buckfast village, 140+ btls and lots for sale etc. Lots of reductions as sellers aren't getting the price they want. It seems a lot have ended that initial good rate and are now paying double probably. Also lots more houses being built. There are tons of apartments here, some very small and cost £100,000. I remember a few years ago around here that would buy a detached house. Shows how much the prices are inflated. To much property porn on TV makes everyone think they are rich because their house has increased in value. Well you're not unless you downsize or sellup completely. Now some I've roughly checked have fallen from say £149k to £142k, many others have similar drops. This is all new build btw. Boom is over lol now you are left with price competition in a saturated market. It's already falling
  11. "Hey mum can i please have some more of those led paint chips - sure are tasty"
  12. So let's laugh at this house price obsessed nation:
  13. get out while you still can! I bought in Dubai nice studio 600sq 16th floor 5 star gaff @ ft 85k. Will do for me it's warm theres a pool and no crime! For work I will import bacon and sell it cheap to expats
  14. smash up some btl's. government dont give two fcks about you neither do the vi's god i hate estate agents.
  15. lots of houses just plonked on the market here lol one street has 4 out of like 7 for sale
  16. mad buying that crap - just move south of france and pick strawberries live in nice place lol
  17. weather is crap here for 5-6 months. Also forget NZ, im looking for a cool city with nice weather and low crime to be honest. I applied to Canada a year ago but they seem to take ages! So might buy in Dubai I think; lot of money there and more possible wealth making opportunities.
  18. hmm i went to city centre some nice old buildings, but all the outskirts suburbs looked third world to me - no seriously third world.
  19. This country is retarded, regressive, beaurucratic and slow. In fricking Dubai they would just build superhighways like yesterday, (no problem)
  20. they are that New York > Dubai > Vancouver > Shanghia > Liverpool lol. Scousers ey ey
  21. Been all over the UK and its depressing for the most part. I can't find one decent city at all! Could be way better country, bit sick of the property retards to! Yesterday at evening college some noob tried to describe in French how she wants to be the "next property millionaire" its a fricking disease. Places looking at: Dubai (will be like 5th element when finished) Montreal (awesome restaurants and nightlife) South of France somewhere OZ New Zealand Mexico Playa del carmen All these places ranked higher for quality of life than blighty.
  22. The cities are filthy High unemployment Shit weather Narrow streets Tony Bliar is Bush's puppet Good football league but the best players are foreigners Horrible food The locals are poor and smell and have poor education Lots of drunks Lots of smokers Lots of racists Lots of druggies The women are fat and slutty The guys are obnoxious morons and like to get into fights Most of them don't take care of their teeth Tiny little houses poorly built houses that cost an insane amount of cash Sh1t weather To much tax on everything Northern Towns are worse places to live than most 3rd world countries Gun crime is getting worse Kids carry knives Parks are full of dogsh1t and the grass is never cut It's cold half the year and rains to much It's full of paedophiles and rapists Growing hate from "within" terrorist activity growing Most of the beaches have turds and tampons No moral values anymore The motorways are a joke traffic everywhere Big brother state Cameras everywhere including "speed cameras" A lot of the architecture is eastern block looking Still thinks it's important Bland new build houses with no character what happened to building houses that last hundreds of years and look "English" The place looks like some old ass hooker. Great Britain? More like Distinctly Average Britain - needs a name change
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