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  1. AteMoose

    £1M Many-Bedroom House

    That seems quite expensive I thought the US was supposed to be cheap. you can get similar (perhaps bigger?) houses in better locations in the uk for a similar price within a similar driving distance of the uk's second city (comparing this chicago property to a brum) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46220915.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29365632.html?premiumA=true The rest of the UK is still on a different planet to london...
  2. Backs up the argument that wage inequality has been very large until very recently
  3. Politics is about moving the norm, if germany moves to a normalised position of wanting to leave the EU then the politics will move. There will be many politicians who want germany to leave europe but they will be keeping there poweder dry.
  4. AteMoose

    Serviced Offices

    reminds me of the bloke who build an apartment inside a wall/void inside a shopping centre and lived in it for 4 years... http://www.trummerkind.com/theone/Residences.html http://consumerist.com/2007/10/03/man-builds-secret-apartment-at-mall-gets-away-with-it-for-four-years/
  5. AteMoose

    China Buys £900M Pizza

    Back of a fag packet calculation that sounds about right/possible a bit cheap? Each restaurant has between 50->100 tables that tend to be full at peak times. Average seating for about 100 people? not busy all the time but I would guess 5 hours per day at close to full capacity. Average head price £20? Turnover of £10,000 per day? a 75% profit margin? £7,500 profit per day? 436 restaurants takes this to 3.27m profit per day? 360 days per year, 1.17 Billion profit per year?
  6. You just described how the birth of banking occurred ;-p
  7. with money printing the bank wouldn't run out of money. If you play a medium/long game of monopoly with a large number of players than bank runs out of money but there isn't a bank run because in the game the bank doesn't act like a bank. This is because there is a fixed money supply, prices don't really float that much, the bank hands money out on each run round. A more realistic model is too hard to achieve with a board based non electronic system. Printing money (in the fixed game of monopoly) would mean the bank doesn't run out of bank notes. A better game would be a more realistic/electronic game that has the understanding of interest rates and risk, that game would work very similar to a capitalist economy
  8. AteMoose

    Vince Cable - 3.5 To 4 Times Salary

    Bizarre, would guess it is now impossible to get a mortgage at 4x. don't the MMR regs essentially enforce salary multiples of much less than this?
  9. sooo the facts.... They recieved a 6 figure advance (£100,000+) for writing a book with the other girl, they received a 3k kickstarter to relaunch the blog which is keeping her in work with the guardian and other newspapers. She .'. earn't a minimum of 50k last year we know about lets assume she earnt 15k on other stuff 65k (although I would have thought more given how she keeps on being invited to talk on radio and tv, and a 6 figure advance could be more than 100k) 65k is a take home of £3,736.77 70% is £2,615 a month to rent a room. She needs to move a little further out of london The moving to london to get a job and living in her friends airing cupboard bit doesn't match with the "About" section on the magazine where she is an impoverished student living in a North London flat above a pub with her friend. She appears to have come to london as a student and created the blog when she was a student. http://vagendamagazine.com/about/ N.B. Interestingly for a femanist blog the site http://whois.net/whois/vagendamagazine.com is registered by a man "JOHN FRASER WILLIAMS" from CAERNARFON. John appears to be a TV producer from london..... http://www.theabsurd.co.uk/archive/2009/thoughts/apr09/poem_jfw.html John Fraser Williams A Londoner, John Fraser Williams has produced television current affairs programmes in Welsh and English. Since settling in Caernarfon, and thanks to a Welsh Academy bursary, he is to trace his grandfather's journey to North India and research the effects of the Welsh Mission. A book of poetry will follow. Google returns a whole heap of stuff on the ex BBCer http://lmgtfy.com/?q=%22JOHN+FRASER+WILLIAMS%22+CAERNARFON
  10. The most incredible thing is this site exists. I'm Thinking about the intentions of the person who Created this site... 1. It was Created Yesterday 2. The aim is to discredit George/The conservative Party .'. I'm assuming this was setup by the labour party (Site is identity protected), and this kind of thing is aligned with the dirty tricks that happens in US elections. What is in incredible is because it also discredits Gordon! Incredible, completely Incredible.
  11. I guess one way of calculating afforability is to take the average % of income it costs to buy an average house for a FTBer given the average wage of a FTBer household. Turns out the graph looks like this which shows the historic unaffordable level is more than 50% of your salary. Today on average the value is 32%. The people who set Interest rates aren't idiots, they manage the situation carefully
  12. went into a new development in west mids to have a look around and was offered help to buy. I was surprised to find out you are eligible if you are trading up. Prices of these houses were 300-400k which is a little out of our price range. Low interest rates have alot to ask for, a 400k mortgage at 2% IO is £668 per month, (£1,700 a month repayment). In practice for many people the thing that stops them trading up from there 100k house getting a 400k mortgage for a £450k house and paying out 668 quid a month IO is not having saved up 40k. For other people the thing that stops them from doing this is the fear interest rates will rise and they arent paying it back!
  13. Interesting the headline is shocking but clearly the savings of the top 20% make isn't equal. The top 1% save more than the people just inside 20%. Thinking about it I am surprised the average number people are saving in the 20% bracket isn't higher. The average annual savings of EVERYONE right of the 40k is only 18k per year? Thats alot of very wealthy people who are spending almost all of there income. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_in_the_United_Kingdom

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