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  1. No, because it's prohibited by statute making the Royal Mail a state-protected monoply leading inevitably to the abuses we see. Fortunately the cosy arrangement contains the seeds of its own eventual destruction - but not before imposing a severe rent on all the other citizens - as with all other similar situations throughout history.
  2. These days you can get you own back by lending to the bank, not only forcibly as a tax payer or a current account holder, or derisorily as a depositor, but voluntarily as an investor. Look at ticker RB53 (5.3%pa RBS Bond).
  3. Some hate the English. I don't. They're just *****ers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by *****ers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We're ruled by effete assholes.
  4. Want something a bit racier. Otherwise how can I get back on the property ladder considerably further up than I stepped off it? Of course there's a risk I'll never get back on . . .
  5. So to bring the story bang up to date (if anyone's interested) the sale completed today at £480k and I've moved into the rented place (£1650pcm). Already a kitchen drawer has come off in my hand but it's a pleasure to phone the landlord's agents and put the problem onto them. No more trips to the local Wickes for a while. And the garden's lovely. But . . . what to do with the money (£250k)? Plan is to buy in this area or maybe a bit nearer to London in 2 years.
  6. Sorry I haven't been on the site for a while. http://www.crystal-claims.co.uk/Motorway-a...statistics.html http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/statistics/datat...gchgvfsheet.pdf http://www.freightonrail.org.uk/FactsFigures.htm In summary HGVs have a lower accident rate per km than cars (not what I said) but a much higher fatality rate which is what I was getting at.
  7. Seems like killing people comes easily to truckers. Not content with thinning out the ranks of prostitutes, killing around 600 a year in accidents (far out of proportion compared to cars to miles driven) and deaths caused by particulates and poor air quality - 1000s a year, now they regret not starving us. Thanks.
  8. All of this stuff about SW London somehow being different because its upper middle class citizens are immune to the new economic situation the country finds itself doesn't cut it for me. I concede that the area remains affluent and a decline in house prices will probably pan out over a longer time but there are just as many shut-up pubs/shops as anywhere else. All we are seeing is a lag effect, which also happened in other economic slides (as far as I know). It remains the case that, despite being in the very fortunate position of having a salary in the top few % of the UK population, and substantial existing capital, I can barely afford a modest terraced house (albeit bigger than average size) in whole swathes of the capital. As I believe Time magazine (or similar) recently said, London has become too expensive for its own middle-classes. This is unsustainable. Most of the money going into buying property in the area or anywhere else remains recycled money from existing housing and every time a sale takes place at a lower price (a slow process) some of this evaporates. I think it will be a slow but sure process, likely accelerating when higher envy taxes kick in over the next few years.
  9. PP = 490 + 14.7 + 1 + 0.3 = 506 SC = 4.8 + 1 (legal) + 0.6 (physical move) + 1.5 (allowance to buyer - damp works) = 7.9 result = (480 - 7.9) - 506 = 34k loss Offset against this the mortgage was about £700/month cheaper than equivalent rental for 30 months = 21k brings loss down to 13k (not counting what I spent in Wickes doing the place up!!). But remember, as I pointed out in an earlier post, I put £200k capital into the purchase, which would otherwise have been in the stockmarket where it would have lost more.
  10. Nothing out of the ordinary. In my mind they were effectively zero, since I was planning to upsize at some point in the future anyway. I managed to cut good deals with the EA and solicitor bringing down the costs down. At the very most 1.5-2%.
  11. You really are a silly person. The marginal transactions costs are only those associated with the rental. At some point in the future I would have moved upmarket anyway and would have incurred all those transactions costs at that point. I really thought that was clear.
  12. I've already learnt the hard way on the score, the first we ever had, missus chosen, was double-sized and chosen, unlike everything else in the house, precisely for lack of aesthetic quality . . . now fortunately the internet makes the whole exercise more 'democratic'.
  13. You're not right. The extra transaction costs are minimal compared to selling and buying another house: - 1 x extra physical move, say £600 - 1 x odds and sods associated with tenancy say £500 tops - (at very worst) 1 x costs at end of tenancy eg cleaning etc, partial loss of deposit say £500 So at the very most say £1500. Granted there's the extra hassle of one extra move. But I'd say all of that and a lot, lot more would be recouped by the extra bargain-power, come buying time, of not being in a chain. I have undoubtedly been foolish and mad, but that was when I bought the house in 2007 against my instincts, not now. If HPC proceeds at only 4%pa that's the rent fully covered compared to my previous situation: it's going to carry on going faster than that, I suspect. So I'm not that worried about my ar5e, whatever that is.
  14. The thought crosses my mind frequently. Like every day. But sadly not hers or the missus'!
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