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  1. They speak English. If you're going to emigrate, it makes sense to go to one where you know the lingo even if poorly. And then vicious circle - they have mates here who know the system and how to fill out the forms.
  2. Both Gordon Brown and George Osborne studied history at university. So, no!
  3. IIRC Allardyce is an "investor" in a company called The Film Development Partnership II LLP as well as the property tax avoidance scam.
  4. You could build a decent football team with some of those names, and have a half-decent manager in Rafa Benitez or Terry Venables!
  5. "You can't scam an honest man". I know two people who "invested" in the film scam - I wouldn't trust either of them.
  6. I've learnt to avoid the topic with friends. It's just not worth it - if you spout your opinion they think you're mad/jealous, and if (once) you're proven right they'll resent you. A good pal of mine bought a BTL recently after an inheritance - I shook his hand, congratulated and wished him luck. Some people can't be helped, especially when they are faithful members of the Church of HPI and the sermons come from the BBC (mass of worship every weekday at 11.15am on BBC1, other services throughout the week).
  7. Have enjoyed your blog and input on here WICAO. Will order. Good luck with the book.
  8. So it was founded to lend to sub-prime borrowers in 1472?! Does "paschi" mean "wonga" in Italian (or Tuscan as I guess it was then)?
  9. Already happened when they crapped on Greece, and are keeping their boot in.
  10. Jeez, that's got "for mugs only" written (in appalling English) all over it.
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