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New Homes Plan Revised After Tory Backlash

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Any plan for more building has to go hand in hand with concrete (pun intended) plans for stopping that from happening ever more. Whilst some people fail to see that there could be too much development whilst there's still space somewhere to squeeze another one in it's really denial to pretend that the existing levels of development haven't seriously knocked quality of life. You can argue that not having a home to live in knocks it even further, and fair enough, but only looking at that one sets you down a path of no way of improvement, just slower decline.

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Somebody let him know that the governments schemes over the last few decades have assisted HPI.  He needs to get rid of the 5% deposit idea he was going on about a few weeks ago, shutdown HTB and get rid of the stamp duty holiday mainly taken advantage of by people who can already afford to buy a house or second homeowners.


Start charging the land bankers fees as well, that might motivate them to start building, rather than the drip feed situation they currently do to maximise their profits.

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