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  1. We're 10 years away though from the supposed EV changeover, so I don't think it is too bad buying an ICE car now. Maybe in 5 years time it might be questionable. The simple answer to why someone would replace a gas boiler with a new one is because a) the old one is knackered and you can't get the parts for it and b) the old ones although maybe more robust (that said the Worcester Bosch ones are pretty much bulletproof and come with a 10 year warranty) are horribly inefficient. You could well end up saving £100-£200 a year in gas costs.
  2. I think the fallacy here is firstly assuming we know everything (which we clearly don't) and secondly looking at activities that aliens might undertake in the terms of our limited timescales. For example, we are already sending semi autonomous robots to explore Mars. We first left the planet what, 50 years ago ? Where are we going to be in 1,000 or 10,000 years ? What sort of knowledge will we have, and what sort of activities might we want to undertake ? Is it realistic that we could be sending space probes to other star systems in 1000 years time, even if we are limited by the laws
  3. No, but I'm not arguing that aliens is a likely explanation (although I've pointed out before that it wouldn't really take much for it to be one). Simply that these things are unidentified and that is one possibility, all be it an unlikely one. The more these things defy explanation, the more likely it is that the final explanation is something outside of our current experience. The real issue with all these sorts of things is people tend to get pretty polarised on both sides of the argument, and that polarisation affects their interpretation of the evidence. I try to remain in the middl
  4. Well if they did, which AFAICT is in indispute, then it's still only one case out of many. My guess is probably 90% or more of sightings can be quite simply explained. That still leaves a lot that aren't.
  5. Yes, I am sure a lot of UFO sightings become IFO sightings, or can become IFO sightings if the right sort of analysis is performed. It doesn't change the fact though that there are some sightings that are a lot more difficult to explain. I have more confidence in the US navy getting tracks from multiple state of the art sensor types and objects observed from chasing planes that I do in the Chilean navy filming something, under criteria that are not specified. Re the above report, if it is the same one, this article tells a very different story : https://www.huffpost.com/ent
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9668977/Former-Pentagon-official-says-UFOs-repeatedly-meddled-U-S-nuclear-capabilities.html More UFO information prior to report release.
  7. I wouldn't take it personally, especially if that is your definition of "logic". Re the restrictions, either you're glass half full or glass half empty. Generally most people can now do more of the stuff they want to do, and most places are open with some restrictions. I understand that for various reasons some peoples lives are still limited. I guess the consensus will decide whether or not it is worth maintaining or maybe increasing the restrictions. I feel confident that there are many politicians cross parties who have different viewpoints and I think the maintaining/increasing/relaxi
  8. I think it would be unwise at the moment. I think the problem is people get set on this sort of stuff, whereas in reality "freedom day" doesn't actually give us that many more freedoms than we have already. That is why the government is so reluctant to lift bans. The minute they went to move Portugal there were sad faces all over the Daily Mail. For them it is much easier and probably better in terms of publicity just to keep the bans in place than it is to lift them and then have to re-impose them with the inevitable consequences. There is another issue that I think is relevant is t
  9. Well it's probably due to hard work in both places independently, not some sort of coincidence. It's not really that good news because the key issue is that the number of cases in the UK is on the rise and typically we do not see the death rate come through until 2 weeks after the spike in cases. We've pretty much tripled our case rate since the beginning of May. Better news is that the take off in case rate does not seem so dramatic as it has been in the past, but it is early days.
  10. The details of the contracts probably vary, but they might have the capacity to repurpose the vaccines to be more effective against new variants, so some of those contracts might be turned into booster ones. They can also ship the spare ones abroad as part of covax/foreign aid budget.
  11. Seeing similar in terms of electronic components. Lead times have gone up massively. There are some reasons for this (you can search on the web if you are interested). This is bound to feed into price inflation as people get more desperate and suppliers realise they can hike prices. Am also seeing some increases in sheet metal assemblies and other specialist components.
  12. I think part of the problem is that with peoples thinking on houses it tends to be all or nothing. I suppose that's because houses are relatively expensive. Instead of going all in, I went for half the house I was planning to originally (or half the cost). So far very pleased with it and it suits me fine. I have preserved investments so that if the market does crash in the next few years I will be able to take advantage of it, but to be honest atm I am not sure that it is worth it - I am pretty happy where I am.
  13. So if they think it is this "bunch of stuff" I'm sure that they will be more than happy to put that in the report. De-orbiting space junk doesn't hover. Spy satellites are visible all the time. Drones, I guess possibly, but as people say, the flight parameters are very strange, with the objects doing near instantaneous changes in direction and speed. False images generated by the electronics, this seems a realistic possibility. Not sure how this explains formations of these things being detected by multiple sensor types though. Radar generating plasma artefacts, sounds
  14. If you think that's expensive try getting hold of ICs. I have one at the moment that is on a 52 week lead time. My guess is that the prices are going to rocket.
  15. I'm sure if it could be explained by "space weather" or any other natural phenomenon the Pentagon would be more than happy to put that in their forthcoming report, rather than having to say, "we don't know what it is. It may be the Chinese or it may be little green men".
  16. I'm pretty confident that the report will not say much that is particularly interesting, beyond the fact that they have seen this stuff and don't know what it is. But what it may do is legitimize this as an area of research and allow people to take a step on the path to really find out what these things are.
  17. Would depend on how the will is worded. There are often things called survivorship clauses which stipulate that the beneficiary needs to outlive the deceased by a set time (often 28 days) before they become eligible to inherit. Then there are the clauses which dictate what happens to a benificaries share if they are deceased. I think I would first of all figure out whether the priests were in fact eligible to inherit the estate. If you know their dod and have the will you can figure this out. If one died before they were eligible it could be that the original estate is part
  18. They did drop 3 points though, as did Johnsons best prime minister rating. Is this the total extent of the "damage" imposed ? Only one of those points was picked up by Labour in both cases. It would have been interesting to find a Hancock tracker to see what the effect on him was.
  19. I bought 1.5 years ago. Probably overpaid by 10k or so. Saved probably the best part of £15K in rent though since then and a pile of money on transport, so I don't really regret it. Depends on your personal situation really.
  20. Getting someone else to do it allows you to maintain some distance. Of course it may not turn out to your advantage, but it might start some resolution on the issue one way or another. Is the EA marketing it a local small agent or is it a large chain ?
  21. Yes. But if they accepted an offer and you had to start spending money on conveyancing and a survey, how confident would you feel about that they were serious in taking it to completion ? What would happen if you reported it to some heir hunters ?
  22. Is it possible to take a piss over the side of this onto the plebs below ?
  23. From the information you have provided I would walk away from this. The conclusion I would draw is that the reason it is not being sold is because someone somewhere either doesn't want it to be sold, or doesn't care about whether it is sold or not. That someone invariably has more power over the situation than you do. House purchases are hard enough, without the fact that one party is completely un-motivated. Of course, if you feel like a crusade and have time and money to waste ....
  24. I think the "planet protecting" hypothesis is by far the most plausible explanation for alien (if they are aliens) being here. If they wanted to kill us they could have done so already. If they wanted to experiment on us or anything biological, they could just take a subset of the population and take it away for whatever purpose they wished. If you assume that the rare earth hypothesis holds, that their are relatively few planets like earth, and it takes billions of years for them to develop ecosystems like ours, then it makes sense that it would be worth protecting, either for
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