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  1. I have no views on them currently and am not that interested in trawling though all the various opinions on the subject to form a conclusion. Things can be taken out of context and not be what they appear. It's the investigators job to explore all the evidence and come to the appropriate conclusions. I'm not going to bother to pre-empt what they will find. They are paid to do it, I am not. The whole situation seems pretty complex, with multiple happenings arranged by different people under different situations, with different people knowing different things about different things. Which is why I think its important to have an apolitical investigation to assess everything and come to a conclusion.
  2. Did he ask for an investigation and was he refused one ? Or did he just resign ?
  3. No I'm not saying that. I'm saying first I would prefer it to be established what he's actually done. The investigation to me seems a reasonable route to establish that. Then I'll judge him on those findings.
  4. I believe people can forget stuff. I don't believe I am capable of knowing what people can forget and what they can't. Whether he forgot in this instance or not I have no clue. Others clearly believe differently. I doubt whether our opinions are going to co-incide on the matter, so probably no point in debating it any further.
  5. I didn't say anything about whether or not I thought he should have resigned or not as far as I can tell. Simply that it was his choice ?
  6. No, because it's not the same job, and it's not the same situation.
  7. Everyone has a choice yes. What they choose to do is up to them.
  8. Yes people forget stuff. I forget stuff. The older you get the more stuff you forget. And the better you get at forgetting stuff that is not important and retaining stuff that is. Maybe you are young. If you are young you have less stuff to remember and paradoxically your brain will be better at remembering it.
  9. It's the best part of 2 years go. People can forget stuff. Especially when they have loads of other information and things happening to them at the same time. As far as I'm aware quality of memory is not something that PMs are selected on. If you don't forget things and have difficulty finding empathy then congratulations on your amazing memory. The rest of us are human beings.
  10. He has a right to process like everyone does. Given the fact that wallpaper gate had 3 separate investigations and all found nothing, despite the amount of noise on the internet about it, do you not think that it might be possible that the same outcome might happen here ? Or somehow have you managed to assess all the evidence and come to the correct conclusion without any sort of investigation ? You're welcome to post the findings of your comprehensive investigation. Hopefully you'll understand why I'll wait for the official one to make my judgements. If it turns out that the investigation produces evidence that he engaged in activity that he should resign over then I will be happy in calling for that.
  11. I guess if you lead a very limited life a party at 10 Downing Street might be something that would be stand out in your mind. But these guys attend hundreds of events per year. Do you really think that they remember every place they go to or every meeting they attend ? I'm not saying that he doesn't remember. I'm just saying that it is plausible that he doesn't. One of the amazing things I find about politicians is that they can somehow be instantaneously idiotic, of low IQ and unable to be capable of running the country, yet simultaneously have a photographic memory of everything that happens to them over the past 2 years.
  12. Err. I'm not. I'm saying there is a proper process to be followed and he has his own rights and choices as to how to act during that process. As I said before, I AFAIK there were three investigations into "wallpaper gate" and none of them came up with anything (there is one ongoing I think, maybe that might come up with something, who knows?) I'd prefer to wait for the facts rather than leap in with some pre-judgement based on limited evidence and internet ranting.
  13. Well it's probably about 2 years ago, and yes not remembering is probably plausible considering he attends hundreds of engagements per year. I reckon Biden and Reagan would have struggled to remember something happening 2 hours ago, let alone 2 years.
  14. Kind of similar to impeachment. Ultimately the HoC would have to vote on it, and I doubt whether the Tories would go for it because it would mean another election. If the Tories in general feel they are doing badly now, then they would be unwise to vote for an election. Be better for them to depose Johnson via party means and then spend a year or so recovering before calling it.
  15. I don't believe there is anything legally possible beyond election, party removal or impeachment. I don't believe anything further is necessary. Impeachment is unlikely because it is likely party removal would come first but remains as a last resort.
  16. So you're basically saying if many citizens want something to happen, it should happen. We have a process for that and it's called an election. The parties also have the opportunity to remove/replace their leader at any time if they wish.
  17. So long as he is open with the enquiry I don't see it's an issue. Ultimately it's up to him whether he wants to release any information in advance, and he'll be judged by the public on doing (or not doing) that. I doubt very much what his political opponents want him to do at any particular time to suit their purposes is something he considers.
  18. So how do you expect to hold him to account then ? If he is accused of doing a serious thing, then that merits a serious investigation surely. If he isn't accused of doing a serious thing, then it might not necessarily need it. But then the thing isn't serious in the first place ? So take your pick.
  19. They need as many as people seem to want ? I haven't really kept up with "wallpaper gate" but I believe there have been or are ongoing 4 investigations of which 3 have not found any significant wrongdoing, and 1 is still underway - happy to be corrected on this. I'm pretty sure if you asked Johnson he would be happy to have to do zero investigations re these issues. Ultimately if someone is accused of wrongdoing you'd expect them to have a right to a proper investigation ? Or maybe we could just do a HPC poll and have them locked up/abide by the results of that ?
  20. Never been a fan of mob rule personally, or trial by social media. Basically if the guys done something wrong then that will come out in the investigation and he should be judged on that. It's hard to tell from all the noise what went on when, who new about what and who was actually where.
  21. I don't think you have any clue about how Downing Street works. Yes, maybe next time he's in a meeting with the foreign minister of god knows where he breaks off, storming into the garden with Dylan the dog and the copper off the front door to round up loads of pissed up cs's off the back lawn and kick them out through the front door, giving them a quick clip round the ear as they go. Yes, you would expect the people that work for him to make sure everything that goes on on the property is conducted properly and within the law. No you wouldn't expect him to personally oversee everything. At some point you have to delegate and assume that everything that is being done/organised/delegated is being done correctly. Should he take the rap when it turns out those people aren't doing their job properly ? Arguable. As to whether he was there or not, he's said wait for the investigation to conclude. Which seems fair enough to me.
  22. Don't agree. They dominated the space at first because everyone else was asleep at the wheel. Ultimately everyone else will catch up. I don't see Tesla as being the Apple of EV cars - there are two many other brands in that space that have historical value/brand equity in the car market.
  23. Not really. Got better things to do with my time ! Johnson will be gone probably by the end of the year or early next I reckon. Not that it will make much difference.
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