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  1. It was a threat used by the Establishment to scare the greedy into voting remain. It was not used as a hope noise of leaving. It is too early to come down on either side - as all bets are void and the timing is off. Of course it ensures the punch bowl remains topped up.
  2. No - it was the threat of Remain and the mantra of greed e.g. Osborne
  3. We have only merely sniffed Brexit and already the EU is having a beady on vaccine exports will any future dip be blamed on Brexit or the eppy? Whatever is more convenient for the Establishment at the time.
  4. Wasn’t Camoron the “New hope”? I suspect the Budget simply repeats the status quo, and furthers the gap between Establishment and the machine gun fodder. It is too early to suggest he might be anything than another self centred toad.
  5. SE and Welsh Border, little selling - the Titanic has sailed already, and the Stamp Duty (and more) is now appearing as reductions. Will Runny kick the can or bite the bullet?
  6. Why the regret is setting in, and why people hate Tories.
  7. Wasn’t it 12-2? I remember waiting for the Local to open it’s doors. Betrayal - one thing the Tory Party has made into an Art. Remind me, who is the boss?....How many children?.....
  8. Seeing Trump leave the White House by Marine 1 reminded me of the last helicopter out of Saigon - equally successful.
  9. It would be interesting to compare the same data England vs. Wales - whether something magical happened, or the EAs decided they could get more Instructions by letting the attempted seller trouser the money
  10. It is the beginning of the end of Boomers, and to be much celebrated the end of the Tory Party. There is hope if the fuktarted and mulleted rednecks can see Trump for what he is.
  11. The pseudo militaristic Police Force Will shortly find out fat, white, mulleted Trash bleed too.
  12. Any country that voted that loser in Power deserves everything it gets - we’re little better off.
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