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  1. And won’t any job losses in Financial Services hit the SE disproportionately?
  2. It appears he was well known in Licensed premises. Perfect Whip material when you have no morals and make Brown look competent.
  3. He should be congratulated for keeping Tory grubbiness and sleazy behaviour in the News. The gift that keeps giving.
  4. I suspect you would find A LOT of fiction, and a few people disbelieving how long they got away with it, and how gullible and stupid people are for believing it.
  5. I agree the direction of travel will flatter the predictions, and there will be fat chewed with North Yorkshire. It is hysterical to think this is anything other than an opportunity to drive their business forward.
  6. Anyone who believes self produced data by one of the biggest VI’s is severely touched. A suitably sized organ, with the necessary skill set, would have a field day crawling over the data - unfortunately there is no money in it. Funny, Business likes the DM front pages.
  7. Forceful my ar5e. I wish him all the trouble in the World. We all knew this was playing pass the parcel with a Richard under the wrapping paper. Because of their egotistical stupidity, and greed, the music has stopped with Boris/Sunak/Bailey holding the parcel, and it is too close to a GE to crash the “market”.
  8. There will be a few windy bottoms come the darker evenings, and the heating goes on - jabtastic too.
  9. “Missing the boat” or “life on hold” are at best disingenuous phrases. Buying a house is like planting a tree - best done a generation ago. I have some county magazines from the early 1960’s showing some superb houses for £6k - £8k - I suspect now they would rush you £3m. Little were we to know the Country was to be ruled by liars and criminals. I even heard one paper mulling over Shapps/Green as PM material! This Winter will be worse than envisaged. Not Mad Max, more 70’s. A shame we have septic c0ck wobbling egotistic ar5e lickers in charge, reporting to the King Liar. If this buying of power goes “pop” it will be huge.
  10. Prices remain Space Cadet Land, but new instructions are less away with the fairies. Trying to sell before IR’s bite, and reality returns as well.
  11. Presumably they’re “sticking it out” - is your offer still in play?
  12. I am rather confident IR rises, cost of living, and further Industrial Action will pish on the VI’s bonfire. I am happy to stay in my rented for now, and miss the boat.
  13. So, if the “Police” are shite (your opinion), therefore the thief is not committing any crimes, and definitely isn’t a lying, syphilatic knob jockey with a First in self abuse. Is that your opinion?
  14. It isn’t about the Opposition, whether that Labour, Lib-dem, or anybody else. It’s about a bunch of incompetent c***s. it’s all about looking down the wrong end of the telescope - why PMQ’s becomes “look over there”, and foreign property is “so cheap”. We have the biggest, most septic c***s in power, led by Number 1 liar.
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