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  1. Just the sort of thing DM reading trash like to “read”', and get excited by.
  2. Anything but reality, the “Market” is staying on the pot, hoping not to have a bowel movement.
  3. It is another tease from the “independent” BoE, like their meaningless forward guidance, or linkage of unemployment - talk is cheap, and show a bit of ankle.
  4. I smell another lockdown before year end. “Irreversible” was another sound bite lie.
  5. +1. Put money on it. After the By-election they will pay pretty well any price to buy off.
  6. I too have shot, fished and ferreted. Satisfaction is a lot better description. The whole idea is not to cause pain - quite simply instant kills, pain is failure.
  7. About 30 - 35k, SE. Basically shelf stacker wage, made liveable with overtime and with the added spice of being able to wipe out a bus stop. No wonder there’s a shortage of candidates.
  8. What’s the betting there is juicy video in someone’s safe - should he return to Cabinet? Too stupid to be given anything sharp - let alone the NHS. .
  9. If Boris followed this he could not employ anyone. I was surprised Hancock did the dirty with a woman. He is toast with his comments about Ferguson, and won’t be able to brass this out - even with Johnson “in charge”.
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