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  1. Despite policy, I amongst many, believe in the current buying of votes will be overtaken by World economics.
  2. They (mainly him) thought much the same about Dump - look what happened to him.
  3. Joe can’t even spell inflation or liar, and just wants to borrow the max. It will collapse within a year.
  4. What don’t you think is true? The HK bit requires thought = not Old Saps speciality.
  5. Perfect Old Codger seat. Massive Brexit vote, wrinkles paid for house with loose change, and taken in by a liar. What will they do when addled, smelliest croak?
  6. From a fully mulleted Trump supporter this is to be expected, let’s embrace liars.
  7. A chavtastic accessory that goes well with meaningless words on walls - classy.
  8. I agree that all sorts of rubbish are taking the opportunity for a punt. I hope this is one last hussar before the Krusty Brigade waddles off to the Industrial epilator. Now where’s that tulip bulb...
  9. I hope you’re right Bruce. I fear you’re giving to much credit to the greedy, thick Unwashed.
  10. The attempt to bring in soft furnishings, or his squeeze is simple distraction politics. He is a liar. End of. And if you were dim enough to vote for him.......... bless.
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