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  1. I dunno, I'm seeing 5 yr fixed rate mortgages for 0.5% less than my 2yr fixed rate I took out last year.
  2. Thanks for the maths lesson In 1947 the USA had a debt to GDP ratio of 120%, by the 1970s this was down to around 30%-40%. tbh I am more worried about Japan and Italy than the US. If the US wants to reduce the debt it can do but why when you're the reserve currency and money is cheap?
  3. In 2017 their rate per 100k people was comparable with USA, slightly more than France, Italy and Germany and significantly lower than South Korea. What's you point? Suicides causes deflation? Why didn't that have that in Korea and Russia then? France's rate exceeded Japan's for virtually all of the 1990's. Then you've got some cultural issues too since it is tolerant to the practice. I'd also say they're fairly successful given the low crime rate and the third largest economy in the world. Pretty smart bunch. But we're talking about monetary policy and the impact on inflation, or n
  4. Fair point, but lots of stimulous, NIRP (effectively) and govt debt at eye watering levels and still inflation is stubbornly low. That's all before Covid.
  5. Clearly derailing the thread but I'm tempted by these. A friend of mine is into classics and rode an Enfield around India. He had a few in the UK and bought old ones and repaired them (all sorts) but just bought an Enfield Interceptor. I like the look of that but these are something else ............ sexier than gold
  6. £30k off capital. I am a saver like you. I always saved hard even graduating with my student loan in an ISA which was less to pay interest on. I put down £70k when I bought. The dream is being mortgage free for sure and I did miss the freedom of having so much saved and being able to just tell work to stick it and up and off if I ever needed too... not that I ever did of course. But there is something nice about being rooted in an area you like and that has much going for it. I only bought when I was 100% about the town and wider area (spoiler it's the region that SpyGuy thinks th
  7. It wasn't, the big mac index was always the big mac index and was specifically for reviewing purchasing parity of varying currencies. It was introduced by the Economist as a laugh a while ago but actually turned out to be a pretty good indicator of the direct of travel of a currency pair. Shrinkage or Shrink-flation to which you refer is reviewed by the ONS and where practice package sizes are reviewed and a price per unit weight or volume is used.
  8. The usual suspects told me not to buy in 2017. £30k paid off the mortgage and an LTV of 70% versus initial deposit of 15%. Seemed like the right thing to do then and still now. I think the penny that really needs to drop is that the total cost of buying a house might well stay the same but in any crisis the govt will step in to puke out cheap money and support for this, that and the other. To your rather specific example could someone in insecure employment even get a mortgage? If the answer is yes then are they better off having bought 12 months ago and taking a payment holiday v
  9. Yipee! I said +5% though. Do I win anything?
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