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  1. They haven't lol! I'm talking about CPI inflation anyway, not asset price inflation. CPI is what BoE targets with interest rates. Rental prices have increased though which sort of conflicts with your comment about no increase in wages.
  2. Doesn't work. It's not sustainable at ever increasing levels without an increase in income.
  3. Pretty much a given in a services based economy. Explain how prices can continually rise without wage increases and where this has happened in the world?
  4. I think I got stress tested up to 10% when I took out my mortgage, not fun at that level but could still pay it. For those that bought a house on the help to buy estates and then skipped down the car dealers for a couple of PCPs they might struggle but even then only when they come off the fixed rates and then they could just sit on interest only for a time. The bigger impact would be on the wider economy, rising rates would just suck disposal income out of pockets. A final point is that if we do have a time of higher inflation it would erode the mortgage debt providing peopl
  5. Yeah that works. Costs of disposal netted out before inheritance. then you add £ inherited to your earnings for the year and suck it up. Better to tax the windfall and lower the burden on your run rate of earnings. People that can't see it must be either millionaires with useless kids or retarded.
  6. Disagree. It actually does have a negative impact at a social level because it accumulates capital in the hands of those that don't know how to best deploy it and means the rest of us schumks are paying more in others taxes (fair play if you enjoy that). There's a good old phrase, clogs to clogs in three. I have friends who have parents with very strong work ethics. The kids are typical rich kid wasters. Why would it encourage people to have lots of kids? Makes no sense lol.
  7. imho this simplifies it. Treat all income as just that, income. Gifts, capital appreciation, profits, inheritance and earnings. Pure insanity that some can cruise by life gaming the system knowing they'll inherit a million in their forties while many people working far harder will never get there. I have a friend who had a wreck of a house bought for him, fair enough he used his savings to renovate it (money saved while living at home for free and doing odd jobs here and there). Now sits there claiming his grants (which aren't enough to live on btw because it's based on declared in
  8. That's not really a reform, that's virtually the UK right now lol. How about giving all inheritees a tax free inheritance allowance of £100K. This way families with lots of kids don't pay as much as the single child inherent the whole lot. Seems reasonable, would raise more money AND impact far fewer people making it politically acceptable.
  9. I'm sick of these useless millionaires envious about how much I earn and having me taxed. See how that's a retarded rhetoric? ALL taxes take place at a transfer of value. The whole 'it's being paid out of taxed income' is horsesh!t and you know it! Certainly in the UK most inheritance is made up of insane property valuations that are tax free AND unearned. Most people I know who inherit run off to buy a BTL LOL. Lower income taxes, add any inheritance in that year to the income tax calculation. You get people pleading in the Guardian about inhering a property and then hav
  10. Agree 100%. Insane that someone can inherit a £1M for doing sweet FA and pay a lower marginal tax rate than someone working their bum off to earn £110K!
  11. Yep! You free up the scarcity issue and you'll find a lot of those second homes suddenly come out for what they really are, an appreciating value home for spare cash and debt.
  12. ..... and how many spare bedrooms does he have? I agree with the sentiment but draw the line at the state actively confiscating or taking control of your assets. Tax it to make it unattractive, slap a higher CGT on it and or high CT, IHT whatever but today it's second homes, then it's second cars and then it's your spare bedrooms. The bloke is a clueless gorm but thankfully a relatively harmless one. His muppet brother seems to cause more trouble these days.
  13. Had a couple of friends with the same. After one jab (can't remember which one possibly Typhoid) I couldn't raise my arm to close the boot of my car for a few days so to be expected. Yep. Of the people I know that have had covid the one who seems to have got off most lightly said it was like a week long hangover versus the worst side effect I've heard which was a days long hangover from the jab... though he was up playing xbox with me until 2 am and drinking Jack Daniels...... Even if you don't and weren't going to catch covid it's certainly worth it just for getting one step clo
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