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  1. Admittedly, I have never worked for a Water company, been a Chemist, or Analyst, only fished the Thames for 40 years. In recent years the fish population and water “quality” is awful. Didn’t Thames Water get a record fine for a specific pollution incident?
  2. They will ignore the obvious, support the Establishment (Tories), and remain “independent”.
  3. Just checked - it includes a form designed to ensure NO referrals, or prosecutions are ever proceeded with.
  4. I think (?) such a thing exists. I have saved a link, in case such a stink is attributable to my LL. If ANY doubt - DOB.
  5. I expect so. They are tightrope walking, even with a huge majority they are close to falling off. When is the next bi-election? We might see rapid Southern Boomer Masterbation, or a Northern tug job.
  6. You can’t please both NIMBY Boomers and the Red Wall. Another example of having cake that can’t be lied about by blaming C19.
  7. Any Party that had Nicky in charge, and went into coalition is the ghastly pretend Conservative Party. I would much prefer to put my junk into a food mixer.s
  8. Signs are a very poor indicator of market activity - blocks of flats are game for “ghosting”, with little ownership between apartment and sign. Also there’s a lot of hurdles yet to be faced, a Sold sign is almost irrelevant.
  9. VI Fluffer’s Delight - nothing more than a few quotes from an EA. I would expect more than that drivel.
  10. Liars lie. It’s what they do. Who would guess that when you vote for liars, they tell fibs.
  11. And the Earth was really flat, and only a couple of thousand years, and the Queen a lizard...
  12. Saying Left/Right is not correct - they are Establishment feathering their own bed. I wouldn’t pish on them if they were on fire.
  13. Looking at SE Wales, an awful lot are English immigrants from over the bridge, who intend WFH and saw what appeared VFM.
  14. You make things up. I really think you believe what you say, a shame it is fiction. I said: 0.3% is nothing. Kabul is an example of the Establishment facing a surprise - I didn’t suggest it was a good thing.
  15. Is your selective ability to interrupt what you like, an inability, or skill? The parenthesis is there for all to see (apart from those who want to pretend).
  16. Unfortunately, a very long way to go. Heartened (in a way) by Kabul, by how quickly the accepted norm. can go to sh1t.
  17. Despite pretending to be human, and wrapping themselves in the NHS flag, people are very near to gagging seeing Thatcher, Camoron and Boris attempt a threesome whilst pretending to be normal.
  18. From what I see it is how quickly the vaccine bounce has disappeared, the fragility of the blue wall, Boris’s “joke” combined with Camoron’s greed.
  19. Don’t like to agree with MCC, but this walking abortion can best be summed up by smarmy Dave’s behaviour.
  20. I read it as a long way short of what was anticipated - not a comment on getting back to where we might’ve been.
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