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  1. I can't talk to someone who has no idea of how the British Constitution works. Keep licking the boot.
  2. I've already said what's worse - the boot stamping on your face or the sycophants licking the sole each time shouting 'BuT cOrByN.....'
  3. 2016 Brexit Voted Jan 2020 - Withdrawal agreement passed on 4th attempt Jan 2021 - Transition period ends 4 f*****g years and 4 attempt to agree what the 'oven ready' 'sunny uplands' would be Another f*****g year to get ready ..and here we are over 6000 pages of posts and we still have no idea....
  4. True. Lucky the Tories don't have a cabal of hidden backers whispering their wants into Ministers ears..
  5. Wow I've been called a Right wing reactionary and woke. Keep the name calling up, its the only thing you have since you made no point. Where did I say "Regan, Bush and Trump are not responsible for the "woke" PC BS that is infesting Western Culture at present". I gave you credit for a point (which by the sounds of it, you had no idea you were making) that the US is no longer seen as the ideal set of values to follow. Why should young people support a culture that see's them as nothing more than a resource to be farmed?
  6. Doesn't look like those who had jobs 'stolen' are taking them back.
  7. Look, I was trying to give credit to the Tories and there you go spouting facts
  8. The current shortages of people for jobs shows how quickly people want / can change
  9. I'll take my hat off to you when you post a picture of yourself turning down Chemo
  10. Furlough has been a success against its original objective to prevent mass lay-offs and company collapses. I will credit Rishi for putting Tory dogma to one side and going full on State Intervention - a lesson to be learnt that the State can be used to support the economy, if the costs are accepted. Costs that include huge overpayments and delinquent loans way over the usual 'Benefit Scrounger' trope, but I suppose it's OK if it's Rishi's mates are in the trough? Right now, the Tories are riding the economic momentum of Furlough - There is simply no way everyone is magically going back to their old jobs, at the same amount of work, at the same pain. Assuming the Tories don't extend Furlough, the question is will Furlough's economic momentum be short lived with immediate job losses by December or longer lived to push the pain to April 2022 ?
  11. shhh they don't want you find out their secret
  12. What they don't degrade by next Tuesday as foretold by all our sudden EV experts here ? (also knowledgeable in Virology, Economics, American Politcs etc)
  13. Problem is Tankers need to do fewer runs as pump demand drops, which in turn impacts refineries and imports. If you were an oil shipping company do you want regular business with the EU or a shambles with the UK?
  14. The Tories have inflicted more economic damage on the UK than any other party - yet the loons still go BuT lAbOuR....
  15. Erm minimum wage was a NuLabour Blair / Brown flagship Link Cameron did try to do a Blair and take the centre ground, but b*llsed up with his attempt at the triple referendums of AV - IndyRef - Br*xit, he shifted straight to the populist neo-right. The middle ground is up for grabs ... the problem is the middle ground needs HPC but doesn't want the pain
  16. Snapped up - Yes. Bought on sound financials -No Only takes a shake from IRs, Job Loss, Divorce, Mortgage rates and a lot of people will find themselves sh*fted wailing to the Daily Heil about how they are being 'cheated'.
  17. If that happens, how many of the bitc*in loons here will gloat about 'getting out just in time'? IMO I think it'll become a formal asset class, only usable by large institutions and internal markets - individuals will get pushed out to use it via 3rd parties, similar to shares. Going to be some tears when folks can't use their wallets other than back to institutions at the price the institutions want
  18. This little gem buried away... https://news.sky.com/story/motorists-told-to-carry-on-as-normal-when-buying-fuel-after-bp-shut-some-petrol-stations-12416215 BoJo Cap in Hand.... Meanwhile, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has claimed that Boris Johnson asked him for an "emergency" agreement to supply a food product that is lacking in Britain during their talks in New York earlier this week. Mr Bolsonaro did not name the product, but said he had passed on the prime minister's request to his agriculture minister.
  19. Pretty sure staff have a Sanctions target - I know people sanctioned with Hospital appointments or attending treatment FFS. Only loons that have never used benefits moan about 'scroungers'
  20. Bitc*in down 7% from this morning - queue the usual squad saying BuY tHe DiP
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