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  1. We can't go back @adarmo is right. What we can do is hold the b*****s to account for every lie they spouted and every promise they made Then, with the above, you can make a case to see if you want to join anew - BrEntry2040? That would be a very nice retirement for me
  2. I think you are more intelligent than the current crop of ToryFanBoyz, so I'm going to assume you refer to the liberalisation of the economy, removal of militant unions, and move towards laissez faire globalisation (all of which were copied by NuLabour). All of the above did make us wealthier in terms of GDP, but also embeds the idea of 'winners' and 'losers'. Without a corresponding Social Contract - you end up with the 'losers' suffering and no social net to support them. This results in a political and societal underclass that cannot / is not allowed to be represented but is co-opted by demagogues to be the VoICe Of ThE pEoPle. Now whether we'd be worse off is interesting, given France was in a similar position when Thatcher took over - they definitely haven't opened up their economy up but would you really say they are the Sick Man compared to us? The last 12 years of Government have been Tory - I hold those in power to account. Whatbouts and What-ifs don't interest me. I think the Tories have played a blinder of a political game with Cameron coming in to remarket the Tories from the 'Nasty Party' to hug-a-hoody, then falling flat on its ar*e to fix any of the problems from the GFC, Libya, Syria, Austerity, NI, Scottish Independence, and of course Br*xit. As a result they went straight to their Rabid type with 'Hostile Environment' May throwing Rudd under the bus, then getting herself betrayed by BoJo and co. Interesting I was against Blair's push against Iraq because the facts didn't stand up to any real analysis. It was entertaining hearing the ToryFanBoyz berate BlAiR tHe Us PoOdLe just as BoJo fawned over Tr*mp. In terms of actual policy wins - I guess the 5p bag charge has encouraged reuse ?? If I read this, then 1997 gives a Gini Index of around 33, peaking at 38 in 2008 with the GFC, and coming back to 97 levels with Brown leaving. You did compare that with the almost 10 basis point jump under the Tories?
  3. Post of the Day for anyone who wants to see what the Tory Legacy really is: Interesting to note Blair's 2nd Term shows a big drop, when could set is spending plans instead of being tied to Tory ones, they only go up again after GFC I guess. I can hear the Tory FanBoyz stuttering BuT bLaIr.....BroWn...GolD...
  4. I disagree, these are exactly Tories - straight from the mould of Thatcher herself. Hypocrites all of them
  5. The houses are perfectly sellable, unless you're living next to a literal cliff edge
  6. High Risk / High Return and the only real way to make capital out of China
  7. Rwanda..unless they're Tory lords then we should doff our caps hand over as many Visas and Knightsbridge mansions and never mention their Tory 'donations' </sarcasm>
  8. ...erm you know the Eurzone Debt Crises, Br*xit, and C*vid QE priting were all Tory ? but yeah keep trotting out BrOwN sOlD oUr GolD, eh?
  9. Lucky Labour were kicked out 12 years ago to allow the Tories to fix all this... oh wait.... ...why are you so quiet now???
  10. ...and instead of cornering the market in banking apps and making a fortune you decided to spend all your time on a house price forum???? cool story bro
  11. Let me summarise the entire thread: waaaa...waaaaa...bloated public sector....lazy.....deserve to be culled...private sector much better.... If BoJo wanted to really save money: How about not spending £40 Billion on TrackNTrace How about not spending £10Billion on faulty PPE How about not spending Billions on untraceable Covid Bailouts?
  12. yeah sure, and all your mates are CEOs. That's why city centre offices were growing so much til covid. but yeah, keep with your worldview if it makes you feel better
  13. Anyone able to give an explanation as to why this dropped - did a large backer cash out and **** everyone else over or is there more to it?
  14. Lets have every Tory Fan Boi charged £50K to help pay for the mess they enabled. They can claim it back from the Br*xit bonanza they will get in 50 years time.
  15. Yes any other Government should make a Daily announcement to the collective amount of Tory wastage discovered. Then watch the Tories and their FanBoyz get collective amnesia from all the mental gymnastics.
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