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  1. I was talking to a friend yesterday about various bits and pieces, as you do, and they mentioned how many people had applied for a 13k administrator role in their department. I thought around 30 people had applied. I was way off, 700 people applied for that job. SEVEN HUNDRED!!!
  2. Especially when I rely on the Citi2 which is the worst route they run. On average I waste an hour and a half a day waiting for buses to fail to turn up. Just remember that Council tax is used to fund Stagecoach. I.e. to pay their shareholders. It's absolutely disgusting.
  3. I'd love to cycle, but due to a bad leg injury I received whilst cycling as a teenager I can't cycle anymore. I don't currently own a car so I endure the bus service Stagecoach provide. When I move completely out of the city where the bus services are as good as non-existent I'll be foreced to drive. The real annoyance is how the City Council are deliberately closing roads and creating the congestion purely so they can push CG charges through. Ladies front bottoms the lot of 'em.
  4. You are right to remain sceptical.
  5. If you intervene on the way up then you don't need to intervene on the way down.
  6. Terraced houses in particular areas almost continuously change hands with BTL'ers in certain areas. Bear in mind that Cambridge WILL end up with a congestion charge for driving into Cambridge city within the next five years. You'll also be charged if you live within the City boundary as well if you run a car. As for value for money, there's usually a reason why certain areas are considerably cheaper than others. Simple as that. I keep looking at property in the north of Cambridge as I prefer those areas and know them reasonably well.
  7. The thing is what did the German automotive industry do once the scrap your car and get 2k off your next car do? They increased the prices of their cars by the cost of scrapping fee. What have people done in return? Decided not to buy a new car. The same'll happen in the UK.
  8. It also doesn't help that nowadays Dell PC's really are cheap crap. I've bought Dell machines for home since 1990 and having seen how cheap the components are inside the quadcore machine I bought last year I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.
  9. In Cambridge I'm seeing: 1. All the houses I noted along my bus route to work that were up for sale for the entire of last year never sold and are all empty and "To Let". 2. All houses that are "To Let" have got at least two agencies attempting to let them. On I saw has four.
  10. That's cheap imo, but the location isn't what I'd call ideal (unless you have a thing for kebab shops and dodgy pubs).
  11. Actually it has. This may be above your IQ (you're either a very bored teenager or an estate agent) but my rent has never gone up. Not in six years. Take into account inflation and "ta-da!" my rent is infact going down. I do have to ask though, given that you're trolling in a rather ham fisted manner, is your life so empty the only way you can get any sort of gratification from it is to troll a forum?
  12. Given that prices fell over 20% in the last crash here I don't think that Cambridge is immune. Prices are currently contracting in the surrounding areas at quite a pace and it'll eventually hit Cambridge City. And yes Newmarket Road is horrible. I lived there for six very polluted months, although Stanley Road isn't too bad.
  13. Look at the US and what's happening there. We're in a much worse financial position than they are.
  14. I forgot about that and it's well worth mentioning! I have an incredibly poor sense of smell so I've never notice it!
  15. The only ones that I see sell in Cambridge are sold to BTL muppets and then they sit empty for months with a "To Let" sign in the garden. There are plenty in Cambridge that haven't even sold and they're nearing two years old. Ditto a number in Chester near to where my parents live. So I guess it depends on your location.
  16. Cottenham was quite nice 12+ years ago when I lived there but once the "travellers" moved in it went downhill fast. The first thing that happened in the first month was a murder in the, still to be avoided, "Chequers" pub. Shame as it's a nice looking village. There are some nice bits if you aim for the south west side of the village but you'll certainly pay for them. As somebody currently renting in Milton I'd say be very careful where you buy. Avoid the Tesco side of The Rowans. A friend of mine used to live on that side and their house, and others, were constantly vandalised. When he moved out and a new person moved in the house was set on fire by vandals. From what I understand it's still a problem area. The north end of The Sycamores is very nice and mostly privately owned. Butt Lane is also very nice. Obviously these two roads are pricey. Chesterton is a dump. Avoid it like the plague unless you want to live somewhere full of CCTV cameras, very bad vandalism, drug related crime and you like the sound of the Police helicopter flying VERY low from 10pm until well into the small hours. There are a few residents who post on here who get very aggressive (quite apt really given where they live ) if people talk Chesterton down. I used to live in Chesterton, for four years just before it starting turning into a right 5hithole, and I still get the bus through it daily. You could now hand me a free house in that area and I wouldn't take it.
  17. Ely is where I'm aiming to buy but, as you say, there's not a lot for sale around there other than houses in the bad areas that haven't shifted for around a year.
  18. That's well timed! I'm currently looking for a car!
  19. I completely agree. With regard to Cherry Hinton, it's pretty obvious which bits you wouldn't want to live in once you've driven through there and there do seem to be some very nice parts.
  20. Erm.. this isn't quite true given that I know of friends in Scotland who've been made redundant from their Council jobs in Planning & Searches due to the massive drop in work.
  21. I never realised the Citi1 went to Addenbrookes! That bus is always very regular. I tend to see around four 1's for every 2 I see. I hate using the 2! :angry: As for the Bar Hill comment by another poster, expect that in the crush to take you at least an hour.
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