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  1. My mum bought an £8k terrace with a £1k deposit at the age of 21. Min-wage factory job. Crazy interest rates and a deadbeat husband stopped it from working out, she sold it (before the bank had a chance to repossess) and spent the cash on a multi-year holiday in New Zealand while the UK was in the grip of the early 90's recession. Doing a similar thing today would take a fair bit more effort. That same house now costs £130k.
  2. Awesome, glad you remembered that. Only thing that has changed from my second post in that thread is its now clear that the UK is going to make feck all from graphene, China will get there first. What's interesting is how far the tech has come in such a short space of time.. the stuff I posted was a very basic concrete laying affair mainly intended for rough single-storey third world country usage, this one looks much more involved and complete, capable of easily making a western home with all the luxuries. I fully believe that technology will eventually be the thing that causes the HPC, n
  3. Not bad, but I'd rather see forced purchase of all the derelict undeveloped brownfield first (for building the homes on), and refurbishment of boarded-up existing council property. I've seen lots of places knocked down over the last 5-10 years and the land just left there, presumably with the developer holding on to it as an investment. Having 100% of the council newbuilds out beyond bowthorpe sounds more like an outer-city ghetto. I imagine they'll all be sardine can 1-bed studios, too. That said, any building at all is good and should have been done ages ago. Not going to fix the inhere
  4. That 1 mil ticket is pretty easy to figure out when you realise that a lot of people buying those will have already bought a s**hole london flat for £100k-£300k, sold said s**thole london flat for £800k+ to some idiot, are very very familiar with what London is like after having lived in their s**thole flat for 10 years, and want out of the place. The money from London is starting to seep out to those who want to get the hell out of London, for obvious reasons. Of course, you'd be an idiot not to simply retire with the cash, but some people are tied to the city 100% and don't want to live to
  5. We have over a million empty homes in the UK as it is, so really we're not far off China, and with a much lower birth rate too.
  6. You want Branston, Heinz are crap these days, just as watery as crosse and blackwell, you open a can and half of it is sauce, takes a while before you even get to the beans. Definitely something to keep in mind for building your tinfoil hat stash.
  7. I have actually been doing this recently. Due to being really ****ing poor, and the electric bill being 150 ****ing quid per month on top of all the other crap that needs paying. Food draws the short straw, it's the only thing I can cut back on! Here's the contents of my last ASDA shop, £33.69 in total (after multi-buys, which aren't included below), so only a few pence over £1/day.. £1.08p to be totally exact, all of this was eaten in January: Qty Product Price 3 ASDA Battered Pollock Fillets £3.00 3 ASDA Breaded Pollock Fillets £3.00 1 ASDA Choco Cornflakes £1.48 2 ASDA Cucum
  8. This isn't really an energy club in the sense of what you're all thinking. It's simply a thing where you sign up, plug in the numbers off your leccy bill and it tells you whether to switch or not. It's simply an automated system to make sense out of the confusing crap that energy companies throw at you.
  9. This is exactly what Finland does, shoves it 1km underground in geologically stable basalt. Here we shove it in a rusty old warehouse and try to forget about it. Or leave it in the reactor pool which is even worse.
  10. Fantastic to see a "get the knives out for the benefit-scrounger scumbag class" attitude in this thread in full force. Keep blaming the unemployed and poor, the government is entirely right, they are the cause of the recession. Never mind the tax dodging from multi-billion pound corporates, never mind the government continuing to throw cash at banks. It's a little depressing to see that a large proportion of HPC posters have turned into your typical DM-commenting stereotypes. FYI, I am currently living in an private HMO. I do not have any particular desire to see those who are less fortun
  11. Surprised y'all haven't heard about this yet, a lot of councils are rolling this out to reduce their benefit bills, and it charges certain people a *lot* more than the upcoming council tax benefit reduction if they're not crammed in like sardines. My mum will be paying this too (Norwich), she's a carer living alone in 2-bed council flat, will soon have to pay an extra £10/week just for having that extra bedroom. And of course, there aren't any 1-bed properties in the entire damned city, pretty much everything is 2-bed minimum. The 1-bed stock is generally sheltered accomodation, tower blocks
  12. Well, I'll be paying more. I make bugger all from my work, and therefore qualify for a 50% discount. I intend to protest by cancelling my direct debit, messing them around and only eventually paying the bill quarterly, in cash right before the bailiffs are due. A giant jar of spare change will be part of the payments made. If they complain, I'll mention that I'm desperately poor and only just managed to get the money together by going without food/heating.
  13. The British are ****ing lazy and love to use snow as an excuse for not doing anything. Case in point - near me there are 5 large recycling bins.. went out half an hour ago to recycle stuff and they were covered with 8 inches of untouched virgin snow, which had clearly built up over the course of the last 2 weeks. Naturally, this blocked the holes you put stuff in, but instead of clearing off the snow, everyone had simply dumped bin bags full of recycling next to the bins (which were also covered in snow..) Not one lazy fecker in the entire fecking 100-household area that those recycling bi
  14. People buy the ticket for entertainment, not to win.
  15. So, according to your view, there's an infinite amount of the stuff in the ground? Why aren't we sucking it up instead of screwing around with shale and fracking, then? Argh, let me guess, it's all for show and it's all a conspiracy led by big oil cartels to jack up the price when they've got thousands of trillions of barrels just sitting around in a reserve somewhere? That might be the case with diamonds and such, but I'm pretty sure we really are running out of oil.
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