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  1. I was fairly surprised that my constituency came in at #3 on the list of highest leave votes at 72.7%. Even London was 40% leave.
  2. Poor Scots. Voted to stay in the UK even though they hate us, then got voted out the EU
  3. Here's what you're missing: Catcus is worried that ppl's ill-informed xenophobia may change our country for the worse #CatsAgainstBrexit Benni relaxed about foreigners in his garden and thinking diversity should be celebrated #CatsAgainstBrexit Hermione was cruelly treated before we gave her a happy home. She believes in sharing kindness. #CatsAgainstBrexit #CatsAgainstBrexit Pearl is concerned that ridiculously unskilled Brits could take the jobs of skilled EU migrants. Serafim is tired of scapegoating, dehumanisation, & the legitimisation of xenophobia and racism. #CatsAgainstBrexit
  4. If you need to puke, look whats trending on twitter right now #catsagainstbrexit
  5. It would be ironic if somewhere down the line the Joe Cox killer turned out to be a remainer who knew his actions would swing the vote in favour of remain.
  6. ... and something about a man and his six year old daughter lying in a pool of blood. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/first-picture-six-year-old-8100044 "The £250,000 four-bedroom house on a new-build estate in East Cowes, Isle of Wight, has been sealed off as forensics officers combed the house for clues into the tragic incident." What purpose does the value of the house have in this tragic event? Totally disgusting how this is deemed relevant in anyway. I can just imaging the journalists on the scene: Police: "we have the dead body of a man and his daugh...", Journalist: "yes, yes, yes, but how much is the house worth around these parts?"
  7. Yes I saw this on the 'Have I got a bit more news for you' show, it might have been cut out of the normal version of the show. There was chatter about the young being screwed by the older generation a little earlier in the show. Then in guess the caption, there was something along the lines of "old mice take 'blank' from young mice", and Hislop said 'housing opportunities'. The actual answer was blood and it was about some scientific experiment where injecting blood of younger mice into older mice made the older mice appear younger and fitter. Then Hamilton said something along the lines of "it would be a fitting end, we've taken your houses, your jobs, and now we're going to take your blood". The stunted reaction from the likely middle aged and above audience spoke volumes.
  8. Just came across his twitter feed https://twitter.com/ronnieo147, some recent comments: The new housing bubble in this country will again turn into a huge crash.. Baby it's coming Don't take the bait debt is debt don't get your self into more debt.. It only plays into the elites hands They get richer and the poor certainly will get poorer .. Don't take the bait.. Refuse debt refuse 90 per cent mortgages It will end negative equity making u give your home back to the banks .. Stealing your wealth is the name of the game .. Kerching£££££ Decent bloke Edit: duplicate thread, sorry
  9. And by the way, I'm all for working less hours and maintaining quality of life as some of you are describing. Example: with our finite and reducing number of jobs in the world, how about if 5 people shared one job. i.e. I work Monday, you work Tuesday, he works Wednesday, she works Thursday and the other guy works Friday. We get paid for one days work and that one day's pay is enough to keep your current standard of living. This gives you 6 days of leisure. I can't say you wouldn't get bored, but you'd have the money to at least do as you wish. Five people to do the work of one. Is that efficient? No. Is that progress? I think so. Will it happen any time soon? No.
  10. So you haven't been out of work? My point is, the drive for efficiency destroys jobs. If we carry on doing what we're doing, along with population growth, can you honestly see employment rates rising? I bet there are more people unemployed now across the western world than at any other time. Unemployment causes all sorts of problems; health, crime. So from my view point, efficiency does not equal progress. Progress for big business balance sheets and exec pay, sure, but not for the man on the street.
  11. Have you ever been unemployed? Why do some people have a hard time in retirement? Have you ever had a period in your life of about 3 months or more where you've had to occupy yourself all day everyday with something other than your place of work? If you're speaking from the perspective of someone who's always been gainfully employed, then I can understand your view. If efficiency drives you out of work, I think your view point might change. And this: "An example. Supermarkets are more efficient for us as we get all our food in one place. It drives the local shops out of business. Is this progress? " ???
  12. So due to globalisation it is more efficient for a business to employ cheaper labour abroad than to hire British, or any western national for that matter I would imagine. So did the supposedly efficient global market result in progress for the man on the street who is now unemployed?
  13. Which is? At what point in the future where the world population has doubled and everyone sits on their back sides getting fat and ill, do we say that didn't work? An example. Supermarkets are more efficient for us as we get all our food in one place. It drives the local shops out of business. Is this progress?
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