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  1. I posted this some time ago on the off topic forum, but feel it needs a good airing here on the main thread. The bit at 8:50 in perticular explains the bonus culture if I am not mistaken. Give it a while before removal please mods, cheers.
  2. When's those bloody pm's coming back Si?

  3. MK = Milk 'n' Beans. Q : Why are there so many roundabouts in Milton Keynes ? A : Because the planners kept leaving coffee cups on their paperwork.
  4. Exactly what I have been on about for ages, no one has a clue anymore. Everywhere you go everything you do no one has a bloody clue. Now the Royal Mint FFS, we are well and truly doomed, doomed I tells ya.
  5. Everything is well fecked, however RFD is back to cheer us all up.
  6. How ? Because Labour are fecking clueless.
  7. Thats fracking blinding TMT I like the geezer he's well safe, what's his name ?
  8. That's quality, thanks for posting. I'd like to plate the next bench along, MEW RIP LOL.
  9. The anti krust Assetz watch (AW) analysis says they lost 10% more brain cells in may.
  10. I can't read it 'coz I'm barred innit http://www.ft.com/cms/s/7962b3e2-5f71-11de...om%2Fworld%2Fuk Could someone paste any juicy bits please, thanks in advance.
  11. I was shocked by the quality house price comment from the dark bald bloke to listen carefully to the rest but did not think he mentioned BNP. Perhaps Heather5 knows him personally. Heather5 do you know him ?
  12. He's a HPC BNP plant Jimothy, do keep up.
  13. Ruth Lea reminds me of Andy Capp, without the cap.
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