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  1. Oh yes. Got about £38k at 3.7%. Not bad. Bet they knobble these again soon.
  2. May tried to extract some unearned gainz out of middle England to pay for the **** wiping, that the go getting offspring of London boomers, don't want to do. Look how that went.....
  3. She'll need to be picking out a house in Tuscany if she does that.
  4. You haven't even mentioned going after the boomers equity. Is hard not to conclude that there are some odd forces at work here. Are Mays advisors all remainers?
  5. McDonnell in Number 11 should sort that nicely.
  6. Mr Fish Finger, the fella who is taking on Farron up north said on Twitter 2/3 weeks ago, that May would phuck this up on purpose to fudge Brexit. Whatever the merits, or not, of her care proposals, that's never, ever going to be a vote WINNER. Why on earth bring this to table in a campaign? Are Mays policy wonks all remainers? Very very odd way of going about things. That cant be denied.
  7. I turned off after 15 minutes. Stratospheric levels of denial and virtue signalling. Unwatchable.
  8. This would have to be the biggest political balls up of modern times surely? Have no fear, i think Emma Barnett et al at Al Bajeeba will have studied the garden tax proposals, and will commence full monstering soon. The BBC won't put their stashes at risk.
  9. So much of middle England voted for Brexit and next they get Jimmy ******ing Krankie telling em they cannae have it? Flippin eck Tucker.....
  10. My 82 year old dad lives with me. In my house. I gave up a decent crack in London to come back to the shires to keep him up to speed. I love how flocks of doubtless Remainiac London types, baulk at the idea of taking personal responsibility, or losing their inheritance. When Europe has a culture of families sticking together. I guess thats the only bit they dont like. Just want to keep the weekend trips to Venice coming, while somebody else wipes their mothers ****. ****** off.
  11. Ive spent too long on Twitter these last few weeks. I had a quiet boycott of this place due to the islam thread being pulled, but this really is the only forum where these matters are pulled apart properly. Without being attacked by every single ******ing virtue signaller known to man jumping on your head.
  12. Have you seen the BT Sport equivalent of Jeff Stellings show on a saturday afternoon. There are about 10 ex players sat as pundits. Its truly mental. Money flying everywhere.
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