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  1. Another one. following from the Lidls shower gel (which is perfectly ok IMHO) buy some frozen Donner Kebabs and a lettuce tomatoes etc there too. If your'e in the habit like me of getting wasted and blowing whats left in the kebab shop these are a handy alternative (less than £2 for 2) and take 2 and half minutes in the m wave. Includes a sachet of chilli sauce and are actually quite nice with salad. (not that it makes mcuh difference at 2 in the morning). Course it depends how long the walk home is.
  2. The worrying thing is the IMF seem to have softened their approach to lending, this seems to be be the main G20 achievement. This buys Gordon yet more time to really fuuk up the economy. This get us yet deeper in the sh1t with no real political cost for a while before the unavoidable reality eventually dawns. Were doomed I tell ye Doomed.
  3. Just saw this. This time its personal Gordon! Not too ashamed to say I did a bit of 'insurance' on the Bullionvault thing over the last few months. First the savers now the gold bugs. Still going to hang on to it anyhow as Gordons inky paper just doesn't appeal. Shades of 30s America here, wonder if they will limit holdings as the next step. Don't put it past him.
  4. Would you rather be unemployed in the sun drenched costa's or in the uk. Everything being equal i'd rather have the sun and the med anyday.
  5. Not content with destroying the economy in the short term Labour have now stolen massively from the future to keep the plates spinning for a bit longer. Nothing can be done until we go bust and that is now inevitable. The waste of resources is incredible, I read somewhere Japan has 40 government workers for every 100 we have. totally agree with the OP.
  6. Speaking of which, how long before £50 notes are in common circulation like the 20. Should wee run a pole? I give it 18 months.
  7. probably been said a million time,s on here but career politicians= looking after no 1 /snout in trough/short termism What we need is a requirement that they should be successful business people with 20 years plus experience in the private sector. Alan Sugar for PM I suppose!
  8. Thanks, for that. New to this site, but finally starting to get it. God this government stinks.
  9. What I don't understand is why is the pound rising this morning.
  10. Struck me reading this that the way to go might be to try dealing with the volume house builders. You may have read a thread on here where the guy got a really good deal by playing them off against each other. They are businessmen and will have a more realistic attitude to the market as it is today. MEWed up sellers will take years to 'get real' and will be dragged kicking and screaming to that new reality.
  11. I,m a newby god help me. Surely this is just all part of the normal denial/ bull trap phase of the bubble.
  12. Did you see that bloke being repossessed on that programme the other week being thrown out of the family home. He was telling the local housing dept they had better get their act together (ie find him a house).
  13. Trying to move the debate on a bit.... If he is in a totally asshole situatin viz his finances (and is a sandwich short of a picnic) it is easy to understand he might try to blame others such as STRs for his problems. It is difficult to admit you were suckered into a huge con. I can see this sort of view becoming quite mainstream as the recession really kicks in. . We need to get the message across that we are simply different sides of the same coin. Gordo has shown himself pretty adept at shifting blame for his actions and we need to make sure we or any one else doesn't take the rap for his bunglings.
  14. I don't believe this governrments actions are a deliberate attempt to destroy the country. its just career politiicians whose main motivation is to keep their job and lifestyle. In the past many politicians would first have a proper career in business the forces or something else which motivated them to become a politician. Because of this they had a real understanding of how economics/the world works. Also they were not primarily motivated by money/power but because of a sense of public service and a certain pride in the country. That is sadly a thing of the past, we have mostly people who did politics at uni etc and have never had a proper job. They are desparate to keep or get a position of power. Their thinking is short term and totally cynical with no real interest or motivation beyond what works today and what might help their ratings tomorrow. Chucking money at a problem is always a great crowd pleaser; someone else can pick up the tab. The fact this leads down a blind alley of spriralling debt will be denied to the last. They will bring this country to its knees but blame it on others, after all in the long term we are all dead anyway.
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