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  1. bomberbrown

    EA hyperbole

    That’s was my immediate thought too.
  2. bomberbrown

    £500K off in Northampton

    Grade II listed as well, don’t overlook that high maintenance chestnut!
  3. bomberbrown

    Latest LSLacadata HPI

    Ripple effect from London outwards in a year or so’s time?
  4. bomberbrown

    Help to Buy Negative Equity

    The way I see it is this questionable £50k valuation is a way for the government to take almost all of the hit from negative equity looming and not her. Anyone really think that the highest that flat will sell for is £50k? Once again, tax payers being taken for cash cows.
  5. New HMO licensing regs come in October this year. No longer has to be three storeys or more. http://www.insidepropertyinvesting.com/new-hmo-rules-licensing-2018-official/ More regulations for slumlords to flounce and local authorities to turn a blind eye on. 😕
  6. bomberbrown

    'second commuter belt'

    At some point surely, people must begin the think, “What’s the ******* point?!”
  7. bomberbrown

    Nutella price crash - new recipe

    Just had to reply to this. I went to Italy skiing on school trip in February 1983 and Nutella was all the rage. I brought 4 jars back with me to the UK and the empty jars were designed to be used as whisky glasses.
  8. bomberbrown

    Just broke my service charge record

    This is no more than key money for retirement homes, in the same way Shared Ownership (or any other prop - take your pick) is key money for First Time Buyer homes.
  9. Same here. I was going to start new topic on main forum, but remembered there were other sections on HPC forum. Its not just the brexit poll, it’s the whole advertising space taking up a third of the screen. On an iPad it’s horrendous! Mods, please reconsider. Ironically, I’ve getting adverts for Battersea 1, 2 & 3 bed apartments starting at £595k for gods sake right in my view as I’m scrolling up/down.
  10. bomberbrown

    Rightmove Dec -2.6% m/m

    Front page of the Metro this morning.
  11. bomberbrown

    Pitchfork moments

    All this painting sale demonstrates is just how utterly worthless money is becoming.
  12. bomberbrown

    £40,000 bed in a shed!

    No mention of whose back garden was it put in either.
  13. bomberbrown

    big drop examples

    LOL at the photoshopped sofa in pic 32
  14. bomberbrown

    Work hard!

    No mention of their salaries tells me all I need to know.

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