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  1. You beat me to it. Forgive the ‘Back to the future’ pun, but it also depends ‘when’ you are too. 1989-1999 being case in point.
  2. If only. It’s £1000 for the poorest 10 million (according to the article)
  3. No way his house was £125,000 when he ‘bought’ it if it is only worth £250,000 now, so there was probably a bit of MEW along the way too.
  4. Really? With only 19 years still left on the lease?
  5. How long will these long fixed rate deals last though? I mean, why will the banks offer these rates when they’re going to be paid back in a gradually devalued currency?
  6. This is the exact reason I moved all my ISA savings (0.05% rate at the time) to Premium Bonds a couple of years ago. In twelve months, I’ve had about £400 in winnings. That’s part way the battle of competing against 10% inflation mind you 😉
  7. When you factor in even the reduced price, stamp duty, service charge & ground rent….. it’s still cheaper to rent an equivalent flat in the same place for 13 years. Jesus! Oh, but wait… renting is dead money 😂
  8. I had an email from my energy supplier telling me my energy price (gas and electric) is to go up by a jaw dropping £1,123 a year!!! that’s not a typo, that’s over a thousand quid!
  9. EE just texted me about passing an increase to my mobile tariff of CPI (5.4%) PLUS 3.9% making that a nice 9.3% inflation busting increase. This was just the impetus I needed to shop around for a another SIM only deal as I don’t use it that much anyway and hardly use the data.
  10. From the BBC article, they told the sellers they were gay before they even got a viewing.
  11. Why did they even tell the sellers that they were gay in the first place?
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