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  1. At least with tulip bulb mania, at the end you had a few flowers to show for it.
  2. I find it ironic, and quite fitting, that the prime minister of the whole country is on a salary that would be hard pushed to afford a 2 bed ex council flat in Hackney..... and that is with near zero interest rates. What was it that Naomi Campbell was famous for saying......? I also think Boris is gonna jack it in, who wouldn’t?
  3. I found this version of the article. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-independent-1029/20201008/281917365541975
  4. But..but... I thought renting was dead money? Just paying off some car owners hire purchase agreement? 🤪
  5. I saw one Shared Ownership recently where the maximum you could staircase to was 75% meaning that you could never ‘own’ your own home, be faced with paying a mortgage on top of rent AND be liable for the maintenance etc! I mean, FFS, what is wrong with people?
  6. Blimey, was playing with the figures on this graph. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/government-debt UK Debt Debt increased by 200Bn in only the last 3 months! It took twenty years (1980 to 2000) and four years (2016 to 2020) to rise by the same £200Bn amount. 😲 I really don't think this is going to end well. 🤬
  7. Relax. This is non news. This is about over 55’s REMORTGAGING, not taking out new mortgages. Remember, in the good old days, you got a 25 year mortgage with a bank/building society and stuck with them on their SVR......along with all the other mortgagees. All this flitting about trying to chase better rates with better LTV every 2 years and feeling hard done by if you don’t get a cheaper rate is a relatively new phenomenon (past 20 odd years)..... is it not?
  8. She should count her lucky stars she found a greater fool to buy the glass box off her.
  9. Regarding SIPP. Would this not be regarded as notional income and therefore disqualify you from means tested benefits?
  10. Surely, the purpose/intention of a UBI is that it would cover the costs of the basics. What adult could live on £50 a week? Assuming this Is to cover rent, council tax, water, electricity etc etc.
  11. How is this (small trading) any different to say eBay? Could happen to any of us is what I’d be worried about? To be honest, I never really thought about business/personal bank accounts..... but there again, I don’t run a small business.
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