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  1. The fact an MP had to lie to get social housing speaks volumes. That’s the real story.
  2. Even with a dropped kerb, anyone can still park in front of your drive if your car is not there. What they can’t do however is block you in. For completely no parking in front of your drive, the council needs to authorise a white line across your drive. That’s what I was told recently by someone who recently dropped the kerb outside their house through the council.
  3. I don’t know the area very well, nor what the service charge is, but that flat actually looks like good value for money! (Only at the initial auction price mind you) It’s a very long time since I’ve thought that. edit to add. I knew they’d be a catch. Did a search around the area. Here’s another (of many) flat in same block. Says cash buyers only so must be something wrong with the building/unmortgageable? £200 pcm service charge too when only costs £475 pcm to rent! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/73650966#/
  4. Those views (from the windows/patio) are utterly depressing! Those views are worse than any council flat I have ever seen. And this is progress?
  5. This is an odd one when you look at the description and floor plan. It says it has 2 kitchens and there are photos of two kitchens (I initially thought they had erroneously included an extra kitchen photo till I read the description) in the description and photos but not on the floor plan. I reckon the kitchen is on the third floor and this floor was made as a sort of self contained flat within the house, perfect for having a self contained lodger. The description also eludes to this when they it is perfect for carving up into apartments.
  6. I moved my house deposit/cash savings from crappy 0.2% savings account to premium bonds 6 months ago. I’ve had 5 wins already which has surpassed what I was getting in interest. And premium bonds is tax free!
  7. Jesus wept! Where to start with this one? Half a million quid for a tiny flat and communal patio right outside your living room. My one bed flat has more square footage than that slave box. The sooner London implodes, the better. It can’t be far off yet, surely?
  8. At least with tulip bulb mania, at the end you had a few flowers to show for it.
  9. I find it ironic, and quite fitting, that the prime minister of the whole country is on a salary that would be hard pushed to afford a 2 bed ex council flat in Hackney..... and that is with near zero interest rates. What was it that Naomi Campbell was famous for saying......? I also think Boris is gonna jack it in, who wouldn’t?
  10. I found this version of the article. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-independent-1029/20201008/281917365541975
  11. But..but... I thought renting was dead money? Just paying off some car owners hire purchase agreement? 🤪
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