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  1. Also, wasn’t forever HPI expected to help pay the loan part back before the 5 years kicked in?
  2. My bold. That’s gotta hurt. Then an extra 1% + RPI a year thereafter (up to 5 years I think from memory) edit - it’s not capped at 5 years, it’s in perpetuity 😧
  3. Whilst I would really, really love for this to happen now, I can't see it happening until maybe a few generations down the line when young people (who will now start being politicians etc) start to question why the hell houses have got so expensive (compared to a generation or so ago) and that high house prices only benefit house builders and old folk either selling or downsizing.
  4. Thanks spacedin, I hadn't considered those aspects.
  5. I did the credits/benefits projection as if I was age 68 already. Or do you mean that in 10 or 20 years time there might not be a thing such as pension credits etc?
  6. Mine, USS, rose from age 60 to age 65 a few years back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved the goalposts yet again! Funny to mention private pensions, but I was looking at what my pension income might be when I retire and I would get roughly the same from my private pension as I would in pension credits and other benefits had I not saved for a pension the last twenty years. I mean, what is the point in saving for a pension these days?
  7. Ha ha. Is that a new EA tactic? Call the living room a bedroom and market as a two bed flat. 🤪
  8. I wonder just how low the interest rates will be on these loans? https://www.stoke.gov.uk/news/article/545/major_multi-million_pound_plans_unveiled_to_meet_housing_needs
  9. Thats true. However, interest rates fell from the high of 15% in 1990 to around 5% in 1995 and we still had a house price crash/correction. Now, there's no room for manoeuvre with interest rates (other than NIRP) but up.
  10. I don't say this very often, and other posters old enough to remember might agree, but with this current sentiment and with the distinct possibility of the economy going south, it really is beginning to feel like 1990 all over again. 😮
  11. From Rightmove (my bold/underline): That's some drop for London! The only two properties sold at a loss from their initial price are no where near 15% so where is Rightmove getting this data/modelling from I wonder?
  12. Shamelessly off topic - But that record is one of my all time Electro favourites! It was on StreetSounds Electro 5. I bet I could still pop a 'windmill' if you laid some old kitchen lino or flattened cardboard boxes in front of me (I'm 51 years young) 🤪
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