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  1. Sorry but forgot to get back here. http://citywire.co.uk/money/5-ways-to-take-your-pension-under-the-new-rules/a766904 I have no other pensions as such but am secure. I will contact my sipp people this week and start to draw this cash down
  2. Hi there, I have a SIPP showing around 10k. Am i able to cash this in. I am 63 and am trying to consolidate my money. When i look at the costs i don't see the point tbh as i could use a good holiday at the moment. Thanks
  3. Their building don't have no footings either.
  4. The most sensible thing i have read in a long time. Simply put and accurate. We dont deserve the Planet.
  5. Glad you wanted the other Hythe. The Kent Hythe is practising Euthanasia at the moment. The Death pathway is rife since Dr Wiltshire of Oaklands surgery found they could get away with it.. The old in care homes are being swiftly got rid of including my mother. Sure you will understand. Good luck with the other place
  6. Yep you only get one life. Be like me I live in a detached property 2 minutes from the sandy beach plenty of fishing and trips to France. Wonderful train service to London and Paris. All for £80 a week. I can invest nearly 80% of my earnings which will stand me in good stead if i ever want to buy a house in the pit that is London. All this can be yours simples. Will post a photo it will amaze you. Right off to the Gym then a swim in my pool.
  7. I follow Blair around with a bucket to get my gold
  8. Morning all, I reckon inflation in the uk and the hidden stuff has gone up by at least 15 to 20 % over a very short time if you include this ridiculous governments greedy steal by stealth antics probably more. I for one will sit on gold because its better than pushing a wheelbarrow round full of paper. We are being shafted so sit back and smile at the people that think that they lead us.
  9. I would rather do a boot fair and take £200 on the junk in the garage than chase my tail for pennies chasing junk offers like this one lol. Stay sane i say
  10. I thought that everyone was buying gold now to avoid the insult of the savings rates. If you take the dropping value of currency i dont see any other way of preserving wealth. Works for me .
  11. Hi there, I decided to sit on the phone early one morning and was just very lucky that i got through reasonably fast. I did it all on the phone in less than five minutes. I was told by an advisor on the phone (and i quote) "All the other banks have dropped their interest rates and we are very busy with people opening accounts with us"
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