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  1. It would probably also make sense to have different countries on standby for different sports. Moving an entire event would be extreme, but if certain elements for a particular sport weren't going to be ready then it could go to the alternative host. It's not without precedent- the 1956 games because of Australia's quaranteen rules, the equestrian events were held in Sweden, they were also held in June with the main Olympics in November (summer in the Southern hemisphere).
  2. There doesn't seem to be very much being said about the Universal Service - ie the principal that with the Royal Mail that it costs the same to post something to the centre of London, as it does to an address on an island in the Outer Hebrides. During a period whilst RM was having a lot of industrial action, the company I work for, looked at using courier services, but found the cost to send to the extremities of the UK was quite considerably more expensive than the mainland (excluding northern Scotland). Presumbly the tax payer will continue to subsidies these deliveries, because I can't imagine a private company wanting to charge the same basic rate. It must be a God send living in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest shops to be able to order from shops on the internet and not have to pay a massive premium for delivery.
  3. This might have already been covered already - but one of the points in the radio four interview with Danny Alexander this morning was that the housing bubble is much more prevalent in certain parts of the country (ie London and the South East). Isn't there an argument that this Help to Buy scheme should be targetted, or weighted at certain areas of the country - basically encourage movement of people and jobs. I can't see how prices can't rise, I know of two people who are now looking to buy, and if I was selling a house at the moment (particularly if it was attractive to first time buyers) I would be holding off to see what demand the new scheme generates.
  4. Do you know if the data prices have come down with T-Mobile - it still looks quite expensive on their website for Poland where I'm travelling in a few weeks? I've ordered a 3G dongle (unlocked) off ebay for about £20, and will see if I can pick up a local pay-as-you-go SIM (probably also from the Polish version of T-Mobile) at a reasonable price.
  5. I might be wrong, but I think Aldi is privately held company so no public offering of shares available.
  6. You only get 5% on the first £2,500 in the account, anything more than that balance, and that bit only gets 1% - there are other banks that offer more than 1% on savings account. So I see it as only worth maintaining the £2.5K balance which you get the 5% on.
  7. I see one of the high street banks is offering a current account (online/telephone access only) that offers 5% interest on the first £2,500, and 1% on anything over that balance (12 month offer). The only restriction is it looks like you need to pay in at least £1000 per month in order to get the 5%, otherwise it reverts to 1% for that month. As a basic tax rate payer I think this is worth about £100 per year in interest, so not a huge amount but for maybe 30 mins work setting up the account and doing the transfers over the next 12 months maybe worth it. I'm interested if anyone knows if the banks get upset if you just maintain the maximum balance for the offer (ie in this case £2.5K), and just transfer 1K in each month, and then transfer it out (+ any interest) again a few days later to another bank with a better interest rate? Thanks, David
  8. How much do they typically pay out? They should do a deal with the charity shops for vouchers... I'm fairly sure in my local town with it's 6 charity shops on the high street, you could easily pickup a suit, shoes and a shirt for less than £20.
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