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  1. Thank you for the advices. Deal was my first choice but still too expensive for me. I didn't like Dover, if Margate is worse now, that's not good news! I already looked at Hythe which is probably the best Cunard spot but it's even more expensive and they told me that Southampton is one of the worse cities in UK (insecurity, traffic jam...)
  2. Hello, Finally I may have found a house with sea view under £200.000 to spot cargo boats and ferries and enjoy british lifestyle (I'm a french retired). Can someone tell me more about Margate? (security, quality of living). I used to go there on holidays but it was 30 years ago and I suppose things have changed a lot since then. I will go there in august to view the house but I'd like to be sure there is no show stopper this time. Thanks for your help
  3. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was talking about Southampton area although I really enjoyed holidays in Kent too (another great spot for ferries)
  4. Hello, Still looking for a quiet place to buy a house/flat with sea views (I'm a great admirer of british liners), I was wondering how the life is in Hythe from a retired point of view. Is Hythe a nice place to live? thank you
  5. Thank you for the tips. I will check Hoylake and West kirby but I really enjoy cargo ships and liners traffic from Liverpool haven, that's why I choosed New Brighton at first.
  6. Lytham seems to be a nice city but away from Liverpool airport and there is no direct flight to France from Blackpool.
  7. Thanks for the answers, I must be crazy but I have always prefered to live in England rather than in my own country! I am just looking for a quit sea view flat so New Brighton seemed to be a good place. Is New Brighton so awful? Is it a problem of insecuritiy?
  8. Hello! I am planning to move to New Brighton (near Liverpool ) and I would like to know what the life is there? I am French (retired) and would like to settle few month there. Thanks.
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