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  1. Yeah, they just disintegrate when you get snot or saliva on them don't they? er, no actually. They're not baby nappies of ladies' hygiene products with water reacting chemicals built in. They are close woven or non-woven matrices that will pass gaseaous molecules but hold on to bigger stuff. If you are employed as a technical scientist by 3M, Kimberley Clark or someone else making masks, then I bow to your expertise. Otherwise, a snotty mask left hanging in the sunshine will still be a snotty mask next time you put it on.
  2. Synthetic materials (i.e. masks) won't generally heat up in a microwave. But we all know water does. Spray mask with water, chuck in microwave, water boils, kills virus and anything else in there short of mad cow disease (a non-viral, non-bacterial pathogen). Allow freshly steaming mask to cool before putting back on face. One word of warning - beware masks with the little bit of metal at the top to bend around the bridge of your nose. Like all metal placed in a microwave it could cause all sorts of problems, up to and including blowing your microwave to bits. By the way, microwave communications are at a different frequency and at a far lower effective power than your kitchen microwave, which is basically a cavity magnetron tuned and focussed to heat small volumes of water. Having said that, the big, golf-ball, cold war radar domes at Fylingdales in North Yorkshire used to have a "do not fly" warning for private aircraft. It wasn't because of the risk of aerial spying, it was to avoid GA pilots who got too low and too close getting fried by the massive power they were pumping out across the North Sea.
  3. Twice the land mass and a population of 8 million. It would be a tough sell. It's not even like they have much in the way of mountains stealing space, Norway got most of those. Add to that, the houses are knocked up with wood and they've got trees all over the place so building materials aren't exactly in short supply oe expensive to procure. .
  4. It's just the simple chemistry of youth and romance. What you don't know is attractive, seductive, must have. After 40 years of marriage you know better and even small problems can tee you off. Sometimes the marriage has to end, even if it upsets the kids. Of course, when you are young and someone steals your vision of perfection you get mad about it and want to punch someone. When you see her 20 years later you're glad you dodged that bullet. They'll get over it in time. .
  5. I have an OTM alert for a particular postcode that I'm interested in. Instead, I get e-mails with every bit of tat and dog kennel within a couple of miles of the single street I want. Result - if I were selling my own house I'd insist the agent was using Rightmove and Zoopla, anyone insisting on OTM would be dead to me and I never even bother looking at OTM for houses. .
  6. Anyone who takes on a bridging loan without a firm, time limited deal to provide an endpoint might as we bend down and kiss thier family tackle goodbye. They didn't ought to be allowed to breed. .
  7. Her best bet is to move the house ownership to BoMD, either directly or indirectly but in such a way as to ensure they have a call on the value of the house. In extremis, the only people who could challenge this would be the mortgage provider and (presumably) she would be happy to capitulate. If not, why doesn't she/they just enter a formal loan contact with BoMD at 0% interest so that they can call back the silver spoon money on demand. That way, it becomes a joint debt on marriage. Or else, just re-mortgage to take out some equity and put it in BoMD. House prices can only ever go up so it's entirely risk free. Disclaimer - this financial advice comes from a non-legal, non-financial professional and is offered on the express condition that and is valued at exactly how much you paid for it, zero. Marriage advice is also from someone with only 35 years experience so is equally worthless. . .
  8. If they go bust, even if you get the cask you've probably got to pay the tax man for the duty. Worst case, they go bust and HMRC insist you pay tax on "your" property. .
  9. It seems indecently early to be mounting a leadership challenge, but if he's going to outflank Teresa May and Boris he needs to start cultivating the swivel-eyed loons pretty vigourously. Be careful what you wish for, Osborne. But the other side of the coin is that in an environment where Junker is sticking two fingers up and saying, "no renegotiation" it does no harm to fly a kite. . .
  10. She was warned about big bang, poll tax, selling council houses (without allowing replacement stock), and a dozen other disasters. And yet, still worshipped by too many numpties. Makes you understand why people like Pinochet, Marcos, Peron got away with it so long and are still missed, even though they turned their countries to $hyte. .
  11. Just built a very modest sized lean-to extension behind my garage. Getting hold of bricks was absolute murder - literally I was chasing the last pack of matching bricks around the country to find out who had them. I even tried brick factors - £400+ for a pack of unremarkable bricks was a joke, Some of the types I wanted were on 4 months+ order or not available for the forseeable future because they were closed down. Two builders' merchants told me it was permanent hassle to source stuff and when I went down to the bottom end of one yard it looked almost empty. It seems that a lot of sites/lines/kilns were shut down when the market dipped and as you might expect, peeps aren't keen to turn them back on for the odd 10k bricks or so. The uptick in building means that they're happy to make money by jacking up prices but still don't have confidence to go full tilt. As for importing bricks - someone tell me the logic of transporting something heavy with relatively low value, that can also be a bit fragile, from the other side of Europe. .
  12. Don't panic Labour-phobes. It's all turning to $hyte in Russia -the global economic shock is going to hit long before the May 2015 target that the Tories have been clenching so hard to reach without an unfortunate, home made (and well deserved) accident. Oily Dave will have someone else to blame it on and once again, it will be those nasty socialists. .
  13. You seem to be mentally conditioned to the idea that a rent increase is appropriate, if only the place was tarted up a bit. We live in a low inflation environment, with no justification for a price hike. Just move. They probably won't get the same price without making it decent and you might get better digs for less moolah. .
  14. Could I just correct the idea that this is a 5 day a week job? Brickies invariably do 4.5 days, with Friday afternoons in the boozer. If it rains after 10am they'll be on their way before the doors open. Saturdays are reserved for private jobs or in the very worst cases, for overtime on the job they should have been pulling their tripe out for all week and it's now running behind. It's a peripatetic career where all you need is a trowel, a piece of string, a bucket to carry them in and a spirit level to lean on while waiting for your morning pick-up. If you get rained off, tough luck, come back tomorrow. Building firms no longer bother with apprentices, let alone brickies on the books so it's hardly a surprise that they milk it when times are good.
  15. Some people would be happy to only earn £10k a year if they got a roof over their heads and access to all the beer slops they could drink. Personally, I'm overjoyed to find the same limited range of fizzy rubbish in every pub. It saves my guts and palate from having to adjust to different ales, plus all the gas helps to stop me drinking too much before it goes through me like an armour piercing shell and I get caught out in the underwear department, so to speak. .
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