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  1. What is her job title..I cannot see it.? genuinely interested. Just to add, anyway it all helps ad to the sentiment that prices are going down and there is a lot of rubbish for sale at silly prices, even without that cladding..it puts people off. Like buying a nylon shirt in the fifties....seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, until they strated riding up out of your trousers...
  2. GinAndPlatonic

    bargain booze going bust

    Yes Aldi is great, or three bottles of Echo Falls red for £10 from my corner shop...that`s good enough for me to.
  3. GinAndPlatonic

    So many chairs

    Ha..they even squeezed one into the toilet...
  4. GinAndPlatonic

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Select is next. Pardon the pun http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43542813
  5. GinAndPlatonic

    Living the dream?

    Indeed. Turning a blind eye to the financial realities of their own lives, just to obtain short term personal gratification. It is insane behaviour just to appear well set up and sucessful to others. I believe she turned a blind eye, & basked in her perceived personal success while he struggled with the reality that he couldnt give her what she craved. Known as Spock by some colleagues because of his lack of empathy with others, McKie’s crime was all-the-more shocking because it appeared to be so cool and calculated.
  6. GinAndPlatonic

    Living the dream?

    All this has a lot to do with male pride and not wanting to let the wife down...plus sheer human stupidity of course, but I found this section very telling indeed. FACEBOOK....."In one post, Mrs McKie gushed: 'My island. So happy I persuaded Darren to go for it! Love it!' Another £6,000 was spent on new windows and £4,900 on bathroom suites. New sofas and carpets were bought on credit." ................ Personally I was in a relationship where my partner at the time, wanted this...wanted that...wanted the other..A lot of pressure can build and partners ( like it or not) can influence in good or bad ways..I left my crazy empty headed partner of that time, but it is not so easy when couples have kids and a regimented lifstyle..
  7. GinAndPlatonic

    The perfect storm....

    The moral of the story really, is DYO chuffin R.
  8. GinAndPlatonic

    Eating out?

    I hate eating out unless there is lots of space. I`ve never enjoyed being cooped up in a room full of strange people (I`m strange enough on my own). I have enjoyed some meals & Wagamama in Birmingham is was one such place. I ducked out of eating there today however, and my wife is oh so pi**ed. She went in there with the littlun & I have the house alone...so bacon,eggs,toms,beans,fried bread,toast and apple juice all to myself while listening to music.....ahh bliss. The best restaurant in town.
  9. GinAndPlatonic

    Pervert Fraudster The " Reverend" Paul Flowers

    City watchdog bans ex-Co-op bank boss for sending emails about sex and drugs The disgraced former Co-operative Bank boss Paul Flowers has been banned from the financial services industry by the City watchdog for inappropriate use of the bank’s phone and computer systems to access premium-rate chat lines and trade sexually explicit messages. The ban comes more than four years after the bank came close to collapse due to a £1.5bn black hole in its accounts. Flowers, a former Methodist minister, was the £132,000-a-year chairman of the “ethical” Co-op bank from 2010 until June 2013, when he stepped down after the full extent of its financial troubles became clear. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/mar/06/disgraced-ex-co-op-bank-boss-paul-flowers-crystal-methodist-banned-from-financial-services
  10. GinAndPlatonic

    Biggest annual drop in car sales since 2009

    I move furniture for a living and have done for 35 years. I have lost count of the times I have used my Luton van for personal use. I also have a 2002 Honda CRV (4x4 but not enormous like the crazy Mercs) that I also use for all sorts of work picking up slabs, bags, bulky items. All for my own use. The passenger area is still spotless & will carry five in comfort. I havent drove a saloon car for the past 30 years. I think they are of very little use, and many are way too low on road, so afford a very limited view in front.
  11. GinAndPlatonic

    Biggest annual drop in car sales since 2009

    Yeah get me a bag too please!
  12. GinAndPlatonic

    Universal Credit New Thread.complete Disaster.

    It is said now that it will be 2022 before its all finally rolled out. If they are not putting new claimant families onto UC then surely it is dead before it starts.
  13. GinAndPlatonic

    Universal Credit New Thread.complete Disaster.

    DB, what is your opinion of the way UC is (or not) being rolled out now. Is it coping with families now, or still concentrating on single people.?
  14. GinAndPlatonic

    Universal Credit New Thread.complete Disaster.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-43257000/benefits-system-overhaul-as-universal-credit-is-introduced BBC reporter Ben Moore has been been travelling around the UK meeting those who are on the front line of the change, and hearing from those who have experienced problems with the system.

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