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  1. I think that many people consider that Cummings action was reasonable and the current fuss is a spiteful storm in a teacup. Huge numbers of people have infringed the lock down regulations with far less cause. My guess is that Boris and chums will stand firm and tell the left, the Press and traitorous Tory MP's to get lost. Anyway, a week is a very long time in politics.
  2. I wonder what the effect of CV19 will be on foreign buyers. China has been hit hard, I don't know about Singapore etc.
  3. My guess is that after this pandemic there will be less money about. Also, I expect income tax and VAT to go up to pay for it. I started work in 1960 and the income tax standard rate was 7/9 in the pound that is about 38%
  4. What a selfish, self centred point of view. So Jack, you are alright...fine. Immigration was a burden for millions of less well educated, less intelligent Britons. It led to high house prices, over crowded schools, hospitals, surgeries, Doctors, roads, etc. It was generally welcomed by left wing parties because they erroneously believed that immigrants would vote Labour or LibDem. It was welcomed by Industrialists as a way of providing cheap labour and destroying the Unions. But nobody cared about the ordinary people. That is until they rebelled in the EU referendum. Oh dear, how the elites and their apparatchiks lashed out. But it's too late.
  5. Fairy dust opinion polls. Ask David Cameron or Hilary Clinton about it. Simply untrue and not reflected in the elections. Remember Labour were NOT a remain party, they offered a renegotiation and confirmatory vote. No, if these polls were true, LibDems would have swept the board. They lost badly because the remain vote was not there, just a myth.
  6. Same old lies, Remember the 2019 EU election? Remember the 2019 GE? Funny how this invented remain majority remained silent. I had expected the LibDems to hoover up all the remain votes in England and Wales. The SNP certainly did in Scotland. The only conclusion is that the claimed 'remain ' majority in England and Wales never existed.
  7. If you live here you should respect the will of the British people who have chosen to leave the UK. No sane, truly sane person would wish the UK to be shackled to the folly of the EU. Of course it will cause temporary damage to leave, but so what? It is our choice. Obviously you don't like it, so why stay here?
  8. Told you that you have a nasty side. Even if it is a folly, what's that to you? You are not British
  9. The British people are definitely two faced. Nice as pie in front of you, but do not want foreigners here. If you live in London, you are probably unaware that London is not a British city, it's a foreign place plonked down in England. The rest of the UK is completely different. Why you wish harm to the country that kindly allowed you to stay for 16 years revels a nasty side to your personality. Time to go.
  10. +1 It is their obvious bitterness at being rejected by the electorate that fascinates me. They just hate the idea that voters can choose who they want, you know, democracy. They will never accept this rejection. They comfort themselves with all sorts of nasty imputations against the very people that they need to win over.
  11. All things are possible. I would not be surprised to see a revulsion with all things of the left and a move towards authoritarianism. Global travel, loose immigration policies, greater concern with individual rights rather than those of the people as a whole will wither.
  12. +1 So childish. It is the blinkered, Stockholm syndrome sufferers amongst the remainers who need to free their minds.
  13. The EU scheme will use the bloc's joint procurement agreement, which helps member states get the medical supplies it needs to tackle cross-border pandemics. It has also created a stockpile of medical equipment - 90% of it financed by the European Commission - to help EU countries. It is this sort of lie that I and so many others object to. The EU does not have any money, not a single penny (or cent)
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