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  1. Wrong A remain vote is for ever closer union, why deny it?
  2. +1 I have an ebike. It's fantastic but not so good in bad weather, especially very windy conditions. For town use, a small two seater electric car would suit me very well.
  3. All great cities rise and fall. Perhaps soon a new book, 'The Greatness that was London'
  4. The problem at the root of it all is that nothing is joined up. Take Wee Krankie for instance. She repeatedly states that Scotland welcomes immigrants. She does not give any thought at all to infra structure, and probably if challenged on where are all these people to live, would reply that that is a matter for the local authority, not her.
  5. I lived through the incompetent socialism of the late 1940s, suffered the Wilson era of 'beer and sandwiches at Number 10' where everything was blamed on '13 years of Tory misrule', put up with the Callaghan years and the utter misery of all the strikes in the 1970s and the Winter of discontent. Trade Unionists ruled the roost and rather than being true socialists who wanted to help all of society, they only wanted their members to benefit, and there was a real danger of them forming an unelected government along Stalinist lines. I welcomed Maggie who gave the unions a well deserved kicking. I suffered the idiot Blair and the fool Brown. Yet you want more of the same? Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me.
  6. Wiki However French assistance was provided to Argentina, a team of French technicians stayed in Argentina throughout the war and repaired faulty Exocet missile launchers
  7. Small bands of men in resolution, in absolute determination, giving themselves completely and saying "Europe shall live!" And they stood firm and faced the menace to Europe: its values, its civilizations, the glory of its achievement - all those things in mortal danger. And they stood firm, they faced it, they came together, and more and more ran it to their standards, and those hordes were thrown back. Again and again and again, our Europe lived in triumph because the will of Europe still endured!
  8. OK, I have never heard of PJW or the Casey Review, I shall look them up.
  9. Grizzly, I have always taken you for a reasonable and thinking person. Why you will not watch Tommy Robinsons address at Oxford baffles me. After his last appearance at the Old Bailey (where his thorough defence is astonishing if you bother to read it, the Judge wisely passed the can to the Attorney General) Tommy was a guest at the House of Lords, he has been invited to the USA and is also going to Australia. He has a world wide following, much greater than other politicians. He founded the EDL but resigned when it became invaded by racists. The circumstances of his mortgage fraud were that he borrowed money to help his brother in law and made a false declaration of what he wanted the money for. He is now well off and has wealthy American backers. He is considering suing various organisations for slander and libel. I invite you to at least reconsider your stance and apply some critical thinking to the matter. You may well find that you do not change your mind, but at the moment you are relying on third person accounts, many of them partisan lies. Otherwise, people will infer that when you criticise Robinson, you do not know what you are talking about
  10. Yes. What are you afraid of? Having your prejudices shattered?
  11. Look, you Irish nationalists wanted to be independent of the UK. Well, news for you, you are. So just go away and enjoy your independence and keep your nose out of our affairs.

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