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  1. I believe it's the same in Poland, from what an accountant told me. Neighbour in a Polish city has just acquired a 40K luxury car, only 1 in the family has a f/t job (wife, an estate agent)
  2. Very interesting for me, thank you Of course, good points, thank you Why did he spout off about raising rates last week (assuming he did, as reported) ? Is it for the same reason as he previously (allegedly!) ruled himself out as BofE governor and then took the job ?
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2356235/New-Bank-England-star-Mark-Carney-rocks-markets.html In the comments section there's a fair bit of joy coming from homeowners, some sarcastically (I presume) suggesting their house's price will double within 2 years. *However, unless I'm going round the bend, bond yields are
  4. 28K sounds very low for '07, but 65K sounds very aspirational or a hedonistic price as some quarters call it
  5. Not everyone has the ability, expertise or courage to do so. Would you also not agree asking savers to do forex, the ftse, pms etc, is asking them to switch from being risk averse to far more adventurous and potentially seriously loss-making activities? People who have saved a nest egg are not going to want to chuck it all on some shares or PMs, those investment or speculative vehicles are a whole different animal to the safety of seeing an above or equal inflation return from a savings bank. Yes and for the very reasons I mentioned, they aren't speculative in nature, on the whole, and the BofE is milking that big time. But ofc you're right.
  6. Apologies if this is stating the bleedin' obvious, but are you referring to this new fangled Nominal Level GDP Targeting smoke & mirrors http://www.saveoursavers.co.uk/bank-of-england/the-next-governor-of-the-bank-of-england-brought-to-you-by-loreal/
  7. Did they say who bought the house (assuming it's a true package ofc) BTLer buying it 'for me pension innit'? Or foreign buyer? UK taxpayer/saver sponsored buyer? Cash buyer fearing hyperinflation/dash for assets buyer? The flats I suppose we can guess went to BTLers largely
  8. I couldn't find the quote but it's what the rep from SoS said in the video with MK, so I would be very surprised if untrue. If he actually said that, I question why he was appointed to that role at the bank. Or maybe that's an oxymoron (and I'm a moron for thinking otherwise, yeah I know)
  9. Japan's property prices have, until perhaps recently, been dropping for 21 years. http://www.worldpropertychannel.com/asia-pacific-commercial-news/japan-ministry-of-land-japan-property-prices-j-reits-sumitomo-mitsui-trust-research-institute-co-moodys-japan-japan-land-values-6146.php What isn't clear is whether that's in nominal or real terms going back before 2005. It seems from this Japan property price graph that price changes were very closely aligned in both nominal and real terms at least going back to 2005. http://www.globalpropertyguide.com/real-estate-house-prices/J#japan Japan has 128 million people so I can understand why people would compare it to the UK, but I have some nagging doubts. For example: Did the Japanese govt introduce property price supporting schemes years ago, like our FFL/HTB etc? I know they slashed IRs. Has Japan a thriving BTL market with people buying BTL as 'my pension innit'? If it does, the comparison to the UK is valid of course. Has Japan admitted a million or so immigrants in the past 20 years? I wasn't aware that they had, if they have then the comparison to the UK holds true I guess. And does the UK have a population decline as Japan apparently does: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204712904578090774214680736.html I'd really like to keep the faith by comparing the UK with Japan. I'm just not at all sure it's looking similar, especially with the seeming divergence of nominal and real terms price fluctuations.
  10. Serious questions: Is BTL big in Japan I have resisted posting the link to the video Has Japan had a lot of immigration in those 20 years? Aren't Tokyo property and rental prices breathtaking, and the apartments really tiny?
  11. No offence but I won't be voting for any of the main parties, they can all shove it, I don't trust any of them any more Very clear
  12. "Whacking great 220bn savers' subsidy for the UK's mortgagors so far" "New Governor on said to have implied or stated that he has no sympathy with savers" Video (Save our Savers on Max Keiser show) http://www.saveoursavers.co.uk/economy/the-great-savings-swindle/
  13. See http://www.itv.com/news/2013-07-04/mark-carney-hints-interest-rate-might-not-rise-for-some-time/
  14. There are old articles from Q1, but am mentioning them now because I suspect savers are screwed unless gilts rise and QE can't be used to douse the rise. Apologies if already posted. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/interest-rates/9922941/Interest-rates-predictions-Four-more-years-of-0.5.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/interest-rates/9888611/Interest-rates-predictions-Why-Ill-keep-betting-on-low-rates.html Sibley must be smiling to himself wherever he is. For the most part, he was right, and the government indeed didn't let it happen (for London and large swathes of the British Isles, not so far at least). I can recall many of us thought the blue team would bat more fairly, but now we know it's the same old rubbish, or LabourTory, as someone else called them Actually, the Funding For Lending, which has completely smashed savers' returns, was probably just Osborne's idea. Let's be fair.
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