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  1. Seems the last 6 months were very harsh on the gold price. I have not purchased since January when Gold was in the $1600's. What are your thoughts? Are you buying back in on these prices? Are you waiting? Im kinda expecting to see gold in the $900's. I think its gonna hit a bottom. So im holding off. Opinions? On another note, does anyone know why this forum wont let me sign in on internet explorer but it does on firefox?
  2. I found an interesting article some of you may find interesting. It talks about the cost of gold mining. It says most gold mines are paying on average $1000 dollars to mine an ounce of gold. If true, this basically means the price cannot go too much lower or mining companies will have to close down creating shorter supply. http://goldnews.bullionvault.com/gold-mining-062820123 On another note, I also heard from a mate who knows a gold miner in Australia. He basically said that the mine costs per ounce range from $600-$1200. It varies on which area of the mine is dug. Some sections produce more gold than others. So if the gold price is too cheap then they would just stop mining the expensive side of the mine Your thoughts?
  3. Is that the end? The metals have been on a slow decline now for 2 years. The latest smackdown on the metals was harsh. What are your thoughts?
  4. Gold in May 2012 went to $1563. The price in sterling was £981. Compare that to today: $1581/£1042. Gold is not over!!
  5. There is no minimum quantity when you buy. I emailed them about quantity a few days ago.
  6. I agree. It is difficult to value things these days.
  7. lol @ ebay Yea people pay stupid prices on there. Also sellers will lose money on ebay fees too. I have no idea why? Convenience? Familiarity?
  8. I forwarded the information to his facebook and twitter. But not the link to this website though haha
  9. If I order from Guernsey will I get contacted to pay the tax or will I have to contact someone?
  10. Ye, dont buy investments off ebay.Thats my opinion.
  11. Its a beautiful sight though. There is nothing like gold.
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